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Re: The Cave Of Doom

Postby PSychotic on Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:37 pm

still missing an action for makesnewfriends, so anyone anywhere post something for the pink little goblin to do.
Shi' Arri, Decroi, Canton, Sicoh, Tig, Jack, and Mack.

The Dread Pirate Scarrrgh, Kobold Pirate ..... dead just like half his crew
Lisps, Goblin Defender ..... Feats: Improved Tackle 2, Tackle Stamina 2, Improved Dodging 1
That Nameless Guy, Undead Warrior ..... STR 5 DEX 3 CON 3 ..... HP ?/? ..... 4 Throwing Knives, Axe (+3), Heavy Leather Armor (5/5)
Shiny, Not So Dead Goblin ..... ATK 1 DEF 1 ..... HP 5/5
Jack-Of-All-Trades, Lucky Goblin ..... ATK 0 DEF 1 ..... HP 5/5 MP 5/5 ..... Spells: Buff/Debuff, Thief!, Acrobatic F@#king Pirouette!
Bringer-Of-New-Times, Goblin Teller ..... ATK 1 DEF 1 ..... HP 5/5 ..... Spells: Heal

Hosting a Cave of Doom
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Re: The Cave Of Doom

Postby knucklekraken on Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:15 pm

Makesnewfriends makes friends with the necromancer's kidney.
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Here are stats for a player race I created, compatible with 3.5 D&D. Please steal.

SPOILERS:Tasty People
+2 Charisma: Tasty People have strong natural pheromones.
-2 Wisdom: Tasty People have a racial predisposition for making bad decisions.
When faced with an encounter involving a predatory creature, a Tasty Person must make a Charisma Check. If the DC (15) is met, the creature will attack the Tasty Person to the exclusion of other targets who are not also Tasty People who have met this DC. The DC should be modified for monsters with a strong sense of smell, I leave this to your discretion as a DM. The monster is not forced to attack the Tasty Person if doing so would cause it to take an attack of opportunity.
A Tasty Person's starting class should be treated as his favored class.

Tasty People speak Common.
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Re: The Cave Of Doom

Postby kelten on Sat Nov 19, 2011 2:12 am

NOOOO! Bony boy, why? Im so sorry!

Makes new friends tries to get familiar with the necrosis's inner self. By cutting him open and pulling him out.
HP: 6/9 ATT:15 (1+13+1) DEF:29 (2+21+1) CHR: +14
Blooddrinker: +10 ATT +4 CHR, extra dmg to evil, drains life
See-all boots: +5 DEF +2 CHR a chance of noticing a trap before setting it off.
mightyoak shield, intricate greaves, +2 intricate chainmail, magic gloves, heavenly ring: allows smite evil
darkforged helmet, ring of health

In debt:
Dead, but in heaven in the game Hats

Hits to hard, training for cheff

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