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Re: Destiny of the Stonetear Clan (MOVED TO NEW FORUM)

Postby EvilCoatrack on Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:12 am

YoungAndBeautiful wrote:So all the player posts - and that means most of the IC conversations - will be not be transfered and therefore lost? :-?

If they're to be transferred, I'm afraid it won't be by me - there's just no way I'm going to copy over a thousand posts over to the new board (I already did 90 and will probably do 235 or so more if I decide to compile EFB and IBC:TSC).

However, I think what Keenspot generally does is not delete the forums but instead put them in their Classic Keenspot archive and lock all posts. You'll likely still be able to read the old stuff, but just not post or edit posts in it.

That's purely speculation on my part though.
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