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Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 9:18 pm
by ArdentSilver
For decades, the Spiritscale Clan, had been prospering in relative obscurity. Their small village was isolated, with neither the mineral resources, nor plentiful timber to make encroaching on their territory a profitable, pursuit. And without anything worse than the local wildlife to worry about, the small clan thrived.

But goblin history is not sown from smiles and full bellies, but forcefully thieved from gnashing teeth and blood. And this tale is no exception. Perhaps by some karmic retribution from Lady Fate herself, the goblins of the Spiritscale Clan came face to face with a scourge the clan had avoided for years...



Though they may have avoided conflict for many years, one does not live in a goblin clan without picking up some middling amount of fighting skill. When the two fiends were identified approaching the Clan's Village, the chief, the teller, and five of the clan's best warriors rose up to meet them. The two groups met on the outskirts of the village.


Though the goblins had naught but copper weapons against the Fighter's steel armaments, and their teller could never match the Wizard spell-for-spell, the goblins did not fear. They had the advantage of numbers, and with the aura of courage exuding from their chief, that would be enough. They were strong! They were many! Even the Fighter seemed unnerved at the very sight of them.

"So, uh. Wiz - I don't mean to be a bother, but perhaps we should regroup with the rest of the party and come back for these goblins in the morning."

"Relax. I got this. That moderately-locked chest is as good-as ours."

The Chief and his warriors stood tall! They were not dazed by the Wizard's dazzling lights. The chief let out a war cry, and was halfway through commanding the charge when they heard four collective gasps behind him.


With a sickening flare of color and sound, the Wizard's spell was revealed for what it truly was -- not some piddly, low-level illusion spell, but a high level conjuration instead!


"Dude! You just took out seven goblins at once!"
"Pretty neat trick, ain't it? Now let's grab our rightfully-earned loot and call it a day!"


In less than a round, all of the Spiritscale warriors had been mercilessly plucked from their home entirely. The seven luckless goblins knew nothing for several agonizing...seconds? Minutes? Hours? With naught but the unrelenting whorl of colors, lights, sounds, and sensations, even time itself seemed irrelevant.


Suffice it to say that, eventually, they... arrived. Ejected wholesale into an alien desert of orange sands and screeching winds. The Chief was out of his element. Even the teller was out of their element. For though their teller had viewed many visions in their time, they had never before seen...

Goblins in Hell

The Spiritscale goblins were frightened, the Teller most of all, but it is the Teller's job to give direction, and it is never seemly for a Teller to show hesitation or fear. Though they were just as confused and disturbed as the rest of them, the Teller did their best to handle the questions presented.


"What were those bright lights?"
"It felt like my insides were on the outside!"
"Are we dead?"
"What did that human do?"
"Is the village safe?"
"What happened to our weapons?"

And the question, repeated louder and more often than any other:

"Where are we, Teller?"

"Kinsmen, please!" (The sheer amount of willpower it took for the teller to manage without stuttering, we shall never know) "We are clearly out of our element here. We are far from home, without food or supplies, and very probably in grave danger. There is only one sensible option to do."


"We pray to the ancestor spirits that watch over us, that they may enter our bodies and guide us in overcoming this obstacle of fate."

Alone, stranded, lost.

This is the story, of the Goblins in Hell.

Re: Goblins in [Redacted]

PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 9:19 pm
by ArdentSilver
Rules Post!

Make sure to read up; though Goblins in Hell is similar to games run by LoneStarNorth, EvilCoatrack, and Ratha, it does have some differences.


Each goblin begins play with the following statistics.

Attack: 1
Armor: none
Defense: 0
Hit Points: 5/5

Savagery: 0
Karma: Variable

Combat is simple -- Defense is subtracted from Attack, and the remainder is subtracted from Hit Points. Depending on the armor type (Heavy, Light, or Mageward) your defense can be better or worse against a specific attack -- Heavy armor protects better against sword blows, for instance, but makes it harder to dodge dragon breath due to its cumbersome weight.

Goblins reduced to 0 hp are disabled, and immediately fall prone, unable to act. Disabled goblins can be killed if they are subject to further attacks.

There are additionally two non combat related statistics, Savagery and Karma. The abyss is a fearsome place, and savagery is a measure of a goblin's reputation and ruthlessness. Low savagery means you are prey; high savagery makes you a predator.

Karma is a hidden statistic that keeps track of a character's general luck and past actions. It exists for comparative purposes only. Negative karma indicates a string of bad luck. Positive karma indicates a string of happy coincidences or good luck. For the most part, your karma shouldn't matter (and indeed, you may not even be able to ever discover your current karma in the first place.


Each goblin has three actions each turn. A Major, a Move, and a Minor. Below is a non-comprehensive list of some possible actions:


- Engage in combat
- Enter an unexplored hex or room
- Pull levers, open hatches, or loot a chest


- Move into a previously explored room or hex.
- Navigate an obstacle within the current room.
- help a team member navigate an obstacle within the current room.


- Use certain abilities
- Use certain items
- examine something closely
- Pick up an item
- retrieve an item from hammerspace
- store an item in hammerspace.
- give an item to a friendly recipient
- take an item from a willing giver

additionally, there are some free actions which can be done any number of times each turn.

- Talking
- Drop a held item

Overworld and other mechanics
The game is made up of many Hexes, each of which corresponds to one area on the overworld. Each hex may contain creatures, dungeons, or other items of interest. Hexes count as rooms for the purpose of major and move actions.

The chief can designate one of the Overworld Hexes as "Home Base". Each goblin can opt to return here at the end of each in-game day, which is equal to 14 turns. Excepting magic abilities or other discovered mechanics, the only way for a goblin to regain health is to have a meal at day's end. Simply sleeping through the night, regardless of location, will not allow more than 1 HP of natural healing -- to succeed in the Abyss, to survive, one must keep one's strength up. While starvation is not an issue, meals certainly help accelerate the goblin metabolism, and allow goblins to recuperate more of their total health.

There may be other mechanics at play, that will either be brought up when relevant, or continue to work behind the scenes, unknown to you players. Never let up your guard!

Other Denizens of the Abyss
The goblins may be alone for the moment, but that is a situation that is unlikely to continue. There are other creatures inhabiting this layer of hell -- some are enemies, some may be friendly, and still others may remain neutral. Find foes or allies in this darkest of places!

The Spiritscale Clan has mastered utilization of the fabled "Hammerspace". This means that, while what any given goblin can wear at any time is obviously limited, they can store an unlimited number of items that they aren't using.

Items can be accessed from the inventory via minor actions.

Clan ESP
Like most goblin clans, the Spiritscale Clan possesses a limited form of ESP that lets them communicate with each other and be visually aware of each other, even over long distances.

In terms of gameplay, this means that metagaming, acting on knowledge your character alone wouldn't or shouldn't know, is actively encouraged between the players. If y'all don't have each other's backs, no one else will!

Post formatting off due to Keenspot forum crash! Please do not post in this thread. Questions/Comments should be directed here instead!

Re: Goblins in [Redacted]

PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 9:20 pm
by ArdentSilver
Log Post!

Here's a link to the first turn: clicky!

Here is a list of the current players, and their goblins.

Finds Where the Rainbow Ends -- Kide

Weathers the Storm -- ThinksLogically

Short on Time -- Kelvara

Fist of the Moon -- Ratha

KnowsTheTruth -- m0rtimer

Cracks-His-Knuckles -- KnuckleKraken

Up-for-a-challenge -- NotImportant

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 8:45 pm
by knucklekraken
Cracks-His-Knuckles has spent his entire life trying to live up to his macho-sounding name and put the lie to his effeminate coloration. His favorite activities include workin' out, punchin' stuff, and impressin' the ladyfolk. He sadly perished whilst defending his warcamp from a marauding party of adventurers, one of whom was a goblin himself. This so incensed Knuckles that he charged from hiding prematurely and was focused down by the party, but not before snapping the neck of the traitorous rogue.

Oh, and i'll restate that, if I can't vote for myself, I'll vote for M0rt and Kelvara.

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 9:52 pm
by m0rtimer

Who sadly didn't die with a bang but a splortch.

Hehe. No, seriously now though:

learned about an terrible secret not far after reaching maturity. Eventually, it would be the knowing of this secret that caused his own demise, though never did he tell anyone it, for he never wanted to burden someone else with the truth.

And if I can't vote on myself, I'll also vote for KK and, hmmm... Kide.

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 10:18 pm
by Ratha
Fist of the Moon (#0080FF) was a goblin who immigrated to the Spiritscale clan from a far off clan on a distant island. Not much is known of his past before joining the spiritscales, except that he had decided to travel far in wide, hoping to explore and see great things, and that he had gotten tired of it after only a year.

Once a member of the clan, he was known as a mediocre fighter, but an excellent builder. He personally oversaw the building of three of the spiritscale village's huts, and one and a half of their warcamps. He eventually married Falls for a Foreigner, and was a staunch friend of Spits on Fate, the teller during his time.

He never revealed the name of the clan he came from, and openly admitted that Fist of the Moon was not the name the teller gave him, though what it might have been he has never told anyone. He died during the construction of the second warcamp he was overseeing, when a tree fell on him, crushing him flat.

And... I'm going to vote for Kelvara for teller, and KnuckleKraken for chief. Votes subject to change as people make arguements over why it should be them... right up until the point that an chief and teller are selected.

Edit: And since we're picking eye colour as well... (#008000)

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 10:26 pm
by Kelvara
Yes! I shall be in all the games, mwahaha!

Oh, and holy crap, Knuckle, I just got your forum name, I must be really slow. :o

Short on Time, color #6f00af.

Short lived a pretty good life for a goblin child, her clan resided in the mountains in relative safety, and rarely did any adventurers venture anywhere nearby. Short spent her days playing with friends in the forest surrounding the camp, then one day she heard a strange noise coming from a cave far from the camp, she went in to investigate but did not return. Her friends went to get help and when they explored the cave they found Short's body, dead for no apparent reason.

I vote for Knuckle for chief, and myself for teller if possible.

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 1:43 am
by thinkslogically
Awesome, my first ever game! Looking forward to this :)

My goblin shall be Weathers the Storm (#4000BF), a middle-aged goblin of the Spiritscale clan who spent much of his life as a hunter and scout when not assigned guard duty (more often than not with his friend Left out in the Rain). Always a rather patient goblin, he is not known for hasty actions. Unfortunately, during an ordinary scouting mission into one of the nearby forests he was caught in a storm, and preferring to trust in his name than common sense continued onwards rather than taking shelter. His body was found 3 days later next to the smouldering remains of a large tree, both of which having been thoroughly struck by lightning.

These days, he's constantly surrounded by a faint electrical hum and appears particularly prone to static shocks.

I'll keep my teller / chief votes until everyone's posted.

(If my colour's too close to anyone else's I'm happy to change)

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 4:07 am
by Kide
Hmmh.... Well not going to take the lilac color, as so many already have the blue or puprlish color scheme... Going to take the same that I have in another game I suppose, no one lese does not have green yet, and at least that's easy to remember for me. So color is this: color=#40BF80

I have to think what votes I wish to make for teller and the chief. Knuckle might be the chief, though I will see if I would like to vote for someone else first, he is kind of a chief in the escape from brassmoon (even if he does not have his clan...) so... I would possibly like to give someone who hasen't had that kind of a role a change, though I think most of us haven't had those roles, so I will think if I will factor that into my decision making or not. I think levara was a captain in the goblin defence, or do I remember wrong?

I suppose I will hold my votes, until everyone have posted. But as said, I do not wish to be the chief that's for sure, but it would be nice to be a teller.

I will have to go to the shop now, so will edit this post later, and add a name for my charachter and a backround, just wanted to post the color now as I want to have the green color now then. =)

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 6:08 am
by ArdentSilver
By the way -- I forgot this, but feel free to pick an eye color too, if it suits your fancy. By default, I will just go with a slightly lighter/darker version of your skin color.

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 6:16 am
by m0rtimer
Well, I would be fine with KK being chief, he'd make an just as good chief as me.

However, I'd like to be an chief just as much, so I fear I will have to blackmail him.

Behold! Shocking pictures of his goose!

Honestly though, vote for who you'd think to be the best leader. (And admitedly, "king of the rats" does not sound as somebody who makes for a good leader, hehe.)

And I would prefer red eyes Ardent :) FF0000

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 6:21 am
by knucklekraken
Oh, yeah, give Knuckles blue eyes, I guess. Feel free to pick any old shade.

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 7:01 am
by thinkslogically
I'll go with electric blue eyes, 00ffff

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PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 7:31 am
by RandomMerc
WOOT! A Spot still left! Hope its still here after Im done!
SPOILERS:Wait... was it because of Keenspot eating.... Schme

My goblin will be Hates Sunlight, a six year old goblin who is more of an indoor person (he hates getting hot and loves to be freezing cold), usually held up all his time reading about wizards and the magic they have done, and not really paying much attention to the outdoor life of other goblins. As such, people think he is not good at being social, but that is the opposite of what he is. He has a very happy and carefree personality, and has fun asking the other goblins how their day or life is going, if the rumors around the camp are true, or just talking about whatever they want to. He has a trial and error sense of humor, in which he thinks of something and just blurts it out without thinking first, and although he hates the sun he is often described as having a smile and countenance like it.

He doesn't know much about weapons except for which way to hold them and how to whack at the enemy like an idiot, but he guesses that most of the other people in camp didn't know much else than that either. He is a big fan of armor, preferring to be safe and sound behind a shield, be it a buckler or a goblin, than at the front lines. However, this may change with time....

Welp, never mind... can't believe I am so stupid... see everyone!

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 11:18 am
by Kide
I am truly exhausted after this week, so sorry that I haven't posted a name to my charachter yet. (At least I got the second best score on one writing thingy, so quite happy now) So.... I shall be... Finds where the rainbow ends, and the color was this: color=#40BF80 The eye color can be this one: color=#FFFF40

Finds where the rainbow ends, or by short name Finds. She was a special goblin already from her birth as she had a distinct golden color in her eyes. From that day her parent's knew that she was destined for great things. She was a diligent goblin, who always pondered life and tried to find answers to things that the goblins did not yet know of, she was young, but was wiser than her years would led on. She was not always succesfull with trying to find out new things, but she was sure that she would one day find where the rainbow ends and bring it's glory to her tribe. She was proud of her clan, and always tried to help anyone who needed her help. She was still quite young when she unfortunatly died, though when she died she found where the rainbow ended and that is where the tribe had lived for a long time after that incident. She was somehow absord by the rainbow, or that is what it looked like to the other goblins when she dissapiered into the sky, though the truth is, that at that place a very big bird grapped her and flew high into the sky with her. The bird let her go in mid air far from the rainbow, and the fall felt like an eternity, until she passed to the other realm. The place where the clan placed their new clan, did bring them prosperity though, and it did for many years to come.

Will see if I will write a bit more later on.

Hmm.... I suppose I will vote for KK as chief at the moment... and if I can't vote myself for the teller.... maybe thinkslogically could be a teller then. But possibly changing my votes later on. =)

Edited my backround.

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 12:01 pm
by Kelvara
Thinks, your color is really close to mine, would you mind changing it?

And for eye color I'll go with gold, #ffe400

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 12:37 pm
by ArdentSilver
Kelvara wrote:Thinks, your color is really close to mine, would you mind changing it?

And for eye color I'll go with gold, #ffe400

You two really don't look that similar.


Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 1:23 pm
by Kelvara
Oh wow, ok, it looks much different in text I guess (or I'm color blind?).

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 1:40 pm
by ArdentSilver
Kelvara wrote:Oh wow, ok, it looks much different in text I guess (or I'm color blind?).

No, I agree with you that the text color is quite similar. But with the sprites, there is more space to work with, so it shows off the differences better.

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 3:28 pm
by notimportant
Up-for-a-challenge was a feisty goblin who died before his time, when a friend dared him to climb a steep cliff. Maybe he would have gotten less reckless with age and experience, but he never got that chance. Until now.
Up has green eyes.

Votes: I think it would be interesting to get away from the stereotypical "brawny warrior Chief" and "aloof spiritual Teller". Therefore, I'll vote m0rt for Chief and knuckle for Teller.

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 4:57 pm
by BurnsBees
*wonders if there is a space open*

Spaz (skin colour) (would be yellow, but frankly I hate how it looks on the forums) (will be posting in eye colour though)
Eye colour

"Hi, I'm Spaz. I am a gob- What the hell is wrong with your shirt? Is something wrong? Can you hear me? Hellooooo? ...What was that noise? Oh, it was nothing. Where was I again?"

Spaz was the one that always seemed to get in trouble, he can't remember simple things and some how ends up bringing trouble to the clan by trying to get something interesting. He needs constant coaxing in order to do what is told, and even then he somehow gains trouble. He can't quite stay still at any given time, which gave goblin troubles when they were trying to hide from humans.

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 5:05 pm
by ArdentSilver
Well, Kide, it looks like your votes won't end up changing the outcomes.

The Chief is possessed by the ancestor spirit of Cracks-His-Knuckles

The Teller is possessed by the ancestor spirit of Short on Time.

Update incoming.

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 7:10 pm
by ArdentSilver
It takes only a moment before the Ancestor Spirits of the Spiritscale respond to the teller's call. Before any have a chance to realize what is happening, the seven strongest spirits (or perhaps, simply, the luckiest) manifest into this bleak and barren hellscape.

The Ancestor Spirits waste no time, each picking one of their descendants to possess. The spirit of Cracks-His-Knuckles
strongarms his way into the chief's body, while the spirit known as Short on Time enters the Teller.

The other spirits don't waste time dithering either, and in seconds, the ritual is complete. Now guided by their ancestors, the goblins stand tall, fully confidant they can conquer...Er, maybe it's better to say: fully confidant they can survive in... wait. No, that isn't quite right either. To go boldly where no goblin has gone before? That will have to do.

A lurid orange sun glares down on the seven goblins, blasting them with an abyssal heat. Well, wherever they are, it looks like they'll be here a while. They'll need to find food, shelter, and equipment if they want any hope of surviving here.

As the goblins stand around, still a shade uncertain what they should do first, Short on Time's ears perk up. "Wait! I have an Idea!" she cries. The others gather 'round as she passes out small green runes. "These are Back-to-Your-Fireplace-Runes! Take them with you, they'll help you get back to us if we get separated; they can help me bring you back to wherever I place this keystone!" she holds up a matching red rune.

"Hey, isn't that the same stone you placed on the village hearth?"

"Yes! I can only summon one of you back at once, but I'm sure I could bring all seven of us back in the time between sunset and the night proper!"

The goblins oblige their teller, and each pick up a rock.


Above, the portal fizzles, sputters, but does not vanish. It remains, small and innocuous, slowly spinning.
Between the heat and the glare, it is hard to make anything out in the distance. There appears to be some sort of structure in the next hex east, and mountains off in the distance to both the northeast and northwest.


Current Map:

Ability Unlocked: Teller's Astral Recall
Major Action: Return to the clan's campsite, or, when at campsite, return a willing ally holding a Back-to-Your-Fireplace-Rune to the campsite.
Minor Action: Brand Keystone -- Declares an area as the clan's campsite, until this ability is used again.

Ability Unlocked: Chief's Aura of Bravery
Passive: In any combat involving the Chief, if the chief is at full health, all other allied goblins receive +1 to their Defense

SPOILERS:Strike the Earth!

Day 1, Turn 1

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 7:22 pm
by knucklekraken
Knuckles directs everyone to the structure, intent on claiming it in the name of the clan. Shelter is important.

Re: Goblins in Hell

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 7:32 pm
by Ratha
Fist of the Moon talks to Knuckles "Eh, chief? Are you certain you want all of us to head that way immediately? Maybe we should split into groups for now, so we can cover more ground. After all, there's six directions, and seven of us. We could establish a fine perimeter. Heck, even pairing up we could explore the perimeter in half the time. Three go east, two go northwest, two go southwest... and then we circle around the camp to get an idea of what's in the area. Just a suggestion mind."

If the chief agrees, Fist heads off to the west with one other goblin. If the chief refuses, he'll go east with the rest of them.

Move: Explore west