the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!! *updated*

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the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!! *updated*

Postby kylealdrete on Sun Jan 30, 2011 5:50 pm

the completed rod of chaos!!! *may have bugs, first draft*

just a few rules.

please dont claim this as yours, it took me over a month to make this. *hours a day*

second. i did get permission from thunt directly to use Noe, and such.

thirdly, this is an in game rule "if the effect has no apparent effect to the characters, in a way they can percieve it anyway. please dont tell them what it does. it makes it more terrifying.

ok here we go!!!

*EDITED* --------------------- i have UPDATED THE ROD OF CHAOS-------------------------
some of the edits are obvious. most are simple clarifications, i got rid of all the duplicates i could find also, i had two *you gain a level in monk* and such.
i also came up with 2 rules.

"if you do not have a target for the rod, *such as if it was accidentally pressed and isnt pointing at anyone* if their is NOONE in the way of the rod for 1000 feet then the person pressing the button is the target

"if the rod is accidentally used like being thrown, or bumped or anything, the person CLOSEST to the rod is the user, and the previous rule is also in effect"

the rod is not the user unless it says it is using itself

ok lets get it onnnnn

1. You become a hemophiliac and bleed profusely from any damage, you will bleed the same amount as the original damage that was sustained every turn until you are magically healed by the amount dealt, (for every 1 in healing done this way you will take 1 less bleed damage.)

2. You become colorblind. (-5 to perspective checks, survival checks to find edible plants, disguise checks, and you can no longer tell the difference in aura colors if using spells such as detect alignment)

3. Your name changes to Shirley. Everyone who knows you will call you that name.

4. The world is flipped on its axis, changing night to day and day to night. This may have adverse effects on the planet.

5. Yourself as a baby appears, if any harm comes to the baby it is as if you were damaged in that way as well. (they have half your total hp, but your hp is connected to theirs, so if they take 5 damage, you are harmed by 10. If they lose a limb. Yours falls off and has a scar as if it was always cut off, if they die, YOU die, this does not work in reverse, healing the baby of damage only restores damage sustained from the baby being hurt, and you being harmed does not harm the baby, you can die and the baby will survive just fine.)

6. If you have any natural abilities that come from an appendage like wings, claws, fangs, you lose them. A restore spell is required to bring them back.

7. You are now on fire. (this is natural fire, and can easily be put out)

8. You are deaf, although you are under a mind altering effect that makes you believe you can hear everything perfectly, you make up anything you want to hear and are unable to “believe” you cant hear without a remove curse spell cast on you. Only after that can you regain your hearing. (the remove curse spell only fixes the mind altering effect, you must then have a restore spell cast to regain your hearing)

9. You become obsessed with the idea that your just inside a game, being controlled by someone with no care of who you are, that you don’t even exist except in their mind. (you may accept this, or fight against it, use dead pool as an example if you are chaotic neutral)

10. You gain “explosive - melee” and “explosive - ranged” enchantment effect to all your attacks. You cannot remove it.

11. You gain a manabomb. A fragile glass bottle that appears to be a cure potion, that when broken explodes with a blast that levels everything within 1 square mile leaving a crater behind. The artifact however is intact afterwards and it is reusable. The only way to destroy this artifact is to open the bottle, and drink its contents. Whoever does so must do it willingly for this purpose, and with the knowledge that they die. Otherwise it is an empty bottle when they open it.

12. You become a political leader, you are the mayor of whatever city you are closest to.

13. You lose all sense of right or wrong, you are not evil. Your alignment simply goes to pure neutral.

14. You become very lazy, you must make a will check to do something strenuous, tedious, or something you don’t want to do. You can break this with a “remove curse” spell. are now a cannibal, you must eat members of your own species to survive, otherwise you starve to death. (if you do not eat, you THINK you must eat your own species, and try to do so when given the opportunity)

16. You become very holy, you have a powerful aura of divine, and your attacks are divine for overcoming damage reduction. You are hurt by unholy effects normally (much like a vampire is hurt by holy water). You lose this aura if you do any nongood action that befit’s an alignment check. *you automatically lose it, no check is made*

17. You randomly become another species. Any with an intelligence higher then 3. Your alignment stays the same unless the creature you get cannot have that alignment. If that is the case, take the next closest step towards the alignment that is valid.

18. You die. You are dead. Stick a fork in it, done. *and the person next to you gets a rash*

19. You become pregnant. The father is whoever is closest to you, if you are a male, your gender changes to female for the duration of the pregnancy. If the closest person to you is female, THEIR gender switches to male for the duration of the pregnancy. Animals count for the purpose of determining closest person. You know who the father is.

20. You gain a magical item capable of painting beautiful pictures. It is a paintbrush, and it adds a 15 to checks made to paint pictures. You can only paint pictures with a value of over 100 gold with it however, a valuable canvas AND paint is required, you can sell the paintings only for more then 100 gold, no less. are subject to terrible pain, you take a -2 to all attacks and armor class as long as you do not have temporary hp given by magic. To remove this effect you must personally cut off one limb from your body *you can later put it back on with magic* (use the effects from “symbol of pain” -4 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks.)

22. You automatically fail all fortitude, reflex, and will checks for 24 hours.

23. You stop aging, you never have to eat, drink, or breath, if you die your body disappears and you are never able to be revived again. (wish spells cannot bring you back)

24. You are teleported to your birthplace, your life will flash before your eyes and you must battle the greatest fear you have ever had in your life. (if your greatest fear is something intangible, give the player something either lovecraftian, or if its falling, burning to death, or generally some way they fear death, then put them into a situation where that is the case *up on a mountain, or being surrounded by fire ect*

25. You are given a glimpse of how you will die. (this may be difficult, but the more vague you are the better, unless you are really good, in that case go nuts)

26. A squire of your alignment and purely loyal to you appears, he will do any request you give till his dying breath with the greatest ability he can, he is level 1, has 5 hp and 10 skill points *maximum 3 on any* you may build him when he is made.

27. For 1000 years you are tormented by demons of the worst kind, you are given every ailment, and you must watch everyone you love, and everything you care about die in the worst ways possible. You will be forever remembered as “he who has played a game of chance and lost”. Roll a new character.

28. You are teleported directly to your greatest desire, whether it be, a love, a treasure, a place, or an event. (time is not altered if your desire is in the past or future)

29. Your size category goes up 2 permanently *normal to huge, small to big ect* your strength goes up 8 and your dex goes down 4 (if you are inside an area that does not allow this…guess your taking some serious squishing damage, sorry)

30. Your intelligence and wisdom are reversed with your strength and constitution, this effect is permanent. (if your hp drops below 0 the minimum hp you can have is -9 and you are stable)

31. You become a slave to a harsh master, he is 5 levels above you and has a magical item that prevents escape or directly attacking him, you may still try to get out of this situation through intelligent ideas. (your allies can also help free you as well)

32. Your body becomes incredibly resilient to the elements, you gain damage reduction energy 5, and your body does not get harmed from even the most BRUTAL natural temperatures and elements, such as lava, freezing blizzards, or natural lightning or acid, monster abilities and magic still harm you however *with the dr in effect* (extreme things like lava still are uncomfortable, they just do no physical harm)

33. You fuse with your equipment, you cannot remove any of your items without surgery to physically remove it from your body, you take 1d6 damage every time an item is removed this way with a heal check 30, if the check fails you take the maximum damage and the item is not removed. (magical healing does not work) (also depending on what you have on you, your charisma and dexterity may be effected)

34. You desire to only eat the finest meals and wear the most expensive clothing, no matter how impractical it is. Armor and weapons are only accepted if they are magical and exquisitely crafted by artisans. Any item you purchase must be from a master with at least a +1 enchantment already on it and the cost must be above 5000 gp. Armor must be worth more then 6000gp. Food you eat must cost at least 1gp per meal and only from a fine dining establishment. The dc to break this mind effecting enchantment is a 35 will check you get once every week. (you may also use break enchantment but the caster must be level 15 or higher)

35. Your body starts to grow foliage. This is permanent and you gain a weakness to fire (damage is now 1.5x) but no longer have to eat if you are out in direct sunlight for at least 3 hours a day

36. You gain an aura power, but at the cost of something great, your eyes may glow brightly, and you have drow sight *with its blindness* your capable of throwing some of your aura, *2d6 damage* but your minor hand withers away. Your dm chooses what kind of power you gain and what the negative effect is.

37. You become part demon or angel depending on your alignment, if you are neutral you become an everyman. If you are good you become part angel and gain damage reduction 5 evil, detect evil *always on* and a strong good aura* if you become part demon you gain damage reduction 5 holy detect good always on and a strong evil aura* if you become an everyman you get a plus 10 to disguise checks to look like anyone. And if your alignment changes you lose these bonus’s. *dm can determine if you grow wings or any other special abilities*

38. You lose a feat, you can select the one you want to lose.

39. You are dominated by the rod and must spread chaos as best as you can *normally by using the rod or trying to get others to use it* only a break enchantment can free you.

40. You become haunted, random haunts spread from you to locations you visit, and the undead are drawn to you

41. Every bone in your body is broken, your hp is not lowered but you take massive negatives to any action *your dm decides how much*

42. Confetti shoots out of the rod, no special effects but its pretty.

43. You become infertile. will you can become a formless blob, you can move through cracks and in this form can pull in any creatures a size category smaller to suffocate them, you cannot attack while in this form and gain immunity to piercing and slashing weapons. If you become solid with a living creature inside of you they are forced out of you with 20 damage to you.

45. You try your best to seduce the closest creature to you, you are no better at it then normal and your alignment reflects your methods. Your obsession with the creature lasts for 24 hours. (if you succeed in seducing the character, the obsession moves on to the next closest creature)

46. You gain power over insects, you gain a dominance aura over any insects within your square and they can be gathered into a swarm over time, they will follow your orders as long as they are within 100 feet of you until they die or are farther then 100 feet from you.

47. You become the target of 5 level 10 assassins. If you defeat all of them you will gain the trust of the guild of assassins and they will listen to anything you want (they can attack at anytime, anywhere, and you may find your food randomly poisoned…don’t tell the character this one)

48. All the meat on your bones falls to the ground, your organs cease functioning and your body dies, but you are now a skeleton! You are now undead. *mental state is the same*, you now have the skeleton template. (this will scare the SNOT out of the entire party, including the person it just happened to)

49. You are given insight into the workings of creatures anatomy you gain sneak attack +2d6 and if you are already a rogue or any class with sneak attack already, you can foregoe the 2d6 bonus for an automatic hit *no roll to hit*

50. Luck has been warped for you, rolling a natural 2 is counted as a 1 *doubling the odds of getting a 1* and rolling 19’s count as rolling 20’s *doubling the odds you roll a 20* criticals and fumbles are effected greatly by this.

51. Pick an element, either a force of nature, some kind of substance *ie metal, rubber, glue* or an extraordinary ability *flight, swordsmanship, polymerization* the dm deems HOW this element will transform your body, but you choose when to use it after the dm decides how it works.

52. You grow eyes in the back of your head if applicable.

53. You become diabetic.

54. When rolling initiative you are immediately struck with either haste, or slow. Flip a coin to determin what. (the choice if its permanent *or reflipped every combat* is up to the dm, the effect ends when combat is over)

55. You become level 1. (your exp goes down to 0 and you lose all special abilities and feats associated with it)

56. Your land speed is doubled.

57. You sink in water *automatically fail swim checks*

58. You are polymorphed to gain characteristics of the closest non humanoid creature near you *or humanoid if you are not humanoid* (things like, fangs, claws, wings, fur, horns, extra limbs, ect, bugs count also)

59. Once a day you can reverse gravity at will.(this is like the spell) *the spell reverse gravity as a spell like ability*

60. Your eyes glow different colors depending on your mood.

61. You are given the belt of useful items. It is like a robe of useful items except you may replace the items for storage and the items are all reusable up to 3 times a day, it includes a grappling hook, smoke bombs, 3 different weapons of your choice, and 5 other nonmagical items you choose when you get this. (you may also use it like a handy haversack with 3 compartments just like the item)

62. You grow a beard of such manliness that it can be used to grapple opponents in combat. *still works if you are female* it cannot be shaved off.

63. You gain a ring of force, *it can be used once a minute you can create any physical object your size or smaller in force and as long as you maintain concentration it will remain solid.*

64. You become deathly afraid of gnomes (dc 25 will check to not be panicked)

65. You have the certainty you can fly *this does not give you the ability you can fly*

66. You become addicted to sugar.

67. You are compelled to always tell knock knock jokes to people you meet, if they do not laugh you are also compelled to explain the joke.

68. Nothing. (dm, play up the fact that they don’t FEEL any effect, but don’t say nothing happens “you don’t notice anything”)

69. All metal rusts at your touch. (like a rust monster)

70. Anything you touch dies for 24 hours (undead creatures rot, and metal tarnishes, food also disintegrates) (this can be really really bad)

71. You learn summon monster 5 *or 1 level higher then what you already know* and you gain +2 to all base stats of any creatures you summon.

72. You absorb magic, if you are a spell caster you can turn this on and off. Any spells cast near you when active will be directed towards you and you gain temporary HP. Spell level X5 . Or you may choose to regain one used spell up to that level from your day. 

73. Your voice shatters glass. Whenever you speak above a whisper it is like the shout spell. If you scream it is like the greater shout spell. (the caster level is your hd)

74. You change color permanently to either pink, black, blue, or green. 

75. You are given an incredibly large perfectly cut ruby worth 0 gold. You THNK its worth 10,000 gold. The dc to realize it is NOT a real ruby is 25. You are given 1 check every time you appraise the value of the gem, and so does anyone you try to sell it to.

76. You learn haiduken. (a maximized disintegrate spell that hits like lightning bolt or fireball) you may use it once a week. You are exhausted afterwards.

77. It rains fish for 1 week wherever you are.

78. You are given the holy hand grenade (100 gallons of holy water in a dust of dryness)

79. You get a flying warhorse.

80. You become obsessed to clean any mess you find.

81. You learn to yodel.

82. Your mood towards people is reversed, if you hate them, you love them and vice versa.

83. You gain heightened senses. You can disern the exact DC of any given skill check if you have time to study the situation. (such as swimming across the river)

84. Once a week you can use God strike. Roll 1d20 to determine how many d6’s you roll for damage. The area of the attack is 20 square feet, and you do not roll to hit. You just pick anywhere within 100 feet of you. Its considered holy damage for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction.

85. You become content with what you have.

86. You become permanently bonded to the rod of chaos. You cannot sell it, or give it away, if it is brought 100 feet away from you, it teleports back into your hand. If you die or someone else tries to use the rod, it explodes like an artifact would *really really big*

87. The rod of chaos becomes animated and intelligent, it will use the powers of chaos to do whatever it wants. Consider it a CR 30 encounter if you want to fight it. Artifact with very powerful magic. *though it may self destruct at anytime* (I will be stating an animated artifact someday)

88. Noone knows who you are anymore. Your name, your legend, your personality, nothing.

89. You are destined to die horribly. (be creative)

90. You think you are a cat.

91. You age 1 year.

92. You un-age into adolescence (the process takes 24 hours)

93. Have the player choose “gain 1 intelligence and strength, or lose 1 intelligence and strength” after they choose, they do not get it, any opponent they fight does though.

94. You gain dimensional step 100 feet a day you may use this in 5 foot increments, however if you do a teleport with this ability it leaves behind a 10 foot explosion around you both where you leave and where you appear doing 3d6 to everything within 10 feet of you *not you*

95. You are compelled to bake *all freetime is spent baking*.

96 You gain an animal companion

97 Any animal companion you may have turns human at ½ your level. (if you do not have an animal companion to bad)

98 all your equipment becomes +5 and masterwork (this removes all other enchantments and only works on the equipment you have equipped currently)

99 you get a song stuck in your head.

100 you gain the feat “weapon focus: furniture”

101 Your Escape artist goes up by 5

102 you grow extra limbs, 2 extra legs and arms.

103 you gain one level in cleric (if you do not have a patron diety, you can make one up.)

104 For 10 minutes any nonliving nonmagical thing the rod touches turns to solid gold 50% or chocolate 50%. This is a per touch chance. This includes cloth, and metals, the value of the gold is per weight of the item and is permanently changed. gold is normally heavier then other elements and if not careful may crush objects or people underneath. The rod does not work on already gold or chocolate items *including that changed by the rod already*

105 a large geyser of water sprouts from the rod like a fire hose, roll a strength check DC20 to hold on (medium creatures or smaller add +5 DC for each size less then large) or it will randomly move at 20 feet a turn for 10 turns. Otherwise it can be used as a weapon that does 1d6 damage to anything it points at for a turn, no check necessary due to it being a constant aimable stream. (to clarify, the smaller you are the harder it is to hold and not be beaten up from it.)

106 you become enraptured by the next person you see, even yourself if looking in a mirror. Consider this an infatuation curse, it can be broken with a remove curse.

107 you become living water, you gain the water element template.

108 you always succeed acrobatics checks (that are possible to succeed)

109 you are effectively blind unless you wear specially made glasses that take up an item slot.

110 a band of goblins appear in front of you, one holds a powerful artifact, and several others have powerful magical equipment, they are not aggressive but will defend themselves if you show any sign of hostility.

111 Your Sense motive goes down by 5

112 You become allergic to silver, even carrying anything made of it gives you a terrible reaction that causes 1d6 damage an hour.

113 The person you love most dies. *it may be you if you are narcissistic 

114 You gain a spell book with 1000 pages *it weighs 10 pounds* and inside of the book is every spell up to level 9. Any wizard who reads it can easily understand each spell with no check required to copy or use the spell. Copying the spells out of the book forever erases it from the book.

115 You are given 5 fruits *dc 30 knowledge nature to determine they are power fruit, eating one will raise your level by 1 but you will only gain 1/3 of your hp roll *rounded down, minimum 0*

116 You lose the ability to talk whenever you say someone’s name or job class *this lasts for 24 hours each time you say it* this is permanent.

117 You take 6d6 damage

118 The rod of chaos disappears forever

119 your constitution goes 2

120 You gain 1 copper (it lands on your head)

121 Your lifespan is halved *this may cause you to reach the next stage of life or die*

122 your charisma goes down 2

123 giant hamsters fall from the sky.

124 you become a lesser deity, you have the powers of the gods, but limited due to your mortal background, you are bound by the rules of the gods and may be punished by them as well. (this can ruin games…most can but this one especially I suggest having them roll a new character)

125 on any natural roll of 1 *for any reason* you explode. You are not damaged by the explosion but anything nearby is destroyed *creatures take 6d6 damage within 20 square feet*

126 Your Survival goes up by 10

127 your face is forever contorted into a sneer.

128 you always portray the opposite emotion as to how you feel. If you are happy you cry, if you are sad you laugh, ect. (you get a +20 to the dc of people using sense motive on you)

129 water shoots out of your mouth like a fountain whenever you try to talk, this effect lasts for 1 week.

130 the target of the rod of chaos believes they are pregnant, they actually arent but they will always believe they are.

131 touching any building gives you the history of it. How old it is, and who lived in it

132 a fireball shoots forth from the rod 100 feet forward *or until an object is hit* and does 10d6 damage as the spell.

133 the next person you meet believes you are an incredibly famouse bard and becomes your # 1 fan and stalker.

134 the rod of chaos grows incredibly hot. *this causes it to be a flaming weapon that also effects the wielder 1d6 fire damage every turn*

135 your family appears and attempts to take you home and retire your adventuring.

136 trade character sheets with the person to your left.

137 you gain DR 5-

138 someone somewhere in the world, catches on fire. *this happens every day*

139 you can succeed on any 1 knowledge arcane check a day

140 everything for 1000 feet in front of the rod explodes and takes 130 damage

141 your dexterity goes up 2

142 your spit becomes sovereign glue. After 1 round out of your mouth it solidifies, after this you must use universal solvent to open your mouth again.

143Your bab goes down by 3

144 You can talk to plants.

145 You forget how to use a sword. this results in the same negative as using an exotic weapon you are untrained in.

146 Any food you make tastes terrible to all creatures

147 You grow claws

148 a swarm of moths try to eat your clothing.

149 Your Swim goes up by 5

150 You snore loudly when you sleep

151 Your skin turns red, your eyes turn yellow, and you grow horns, other then that nothing changes about you.

152 Your mouth fills with blood (other then that nothing)

153 your intelligence goes up 2

154 you are given a helm of brilliance.

155 a group of neutral paladins appear they declare anyone who uses magic must be destroyed.

156 any human within 100 miles of your group is possessed by demons. *your group is not*

157 Your Knowledge nobility goes down by 10

158 you believe you have sprouted wings and can fly, you will attempt to MAKE wings if you find out you don’t have them, you are compelled to test your wings by jumping off high things

159 your appearance changes to that of the nearest person. You look exactly like them in every way.

160 you may use any sized weapon without attack penalty *a gargantuan sword may be hard to carry or bring through doors though* (you must still be able to lift the weapon)

161 you are teleported into a pocket dimension, you no longer have to breath, eat, sleep and you don’t age, you are in this dimension for 100 years and are then brought back to where you were originally, time has only gone by for 1 second however! So people may not even notice you were gone. (this may cause you to go insane, or if the player does it right, may give you time to study spells, or practice fighting, thus gaining positives) (if this would hit me, I would tell the dm…I start doing pushups…for the entire time)

162 every monster within 500 miles of you is alerted of your presence.

163 you gain one level in ranger.

164 anything you try to drink turns to ogre piss (you can still survive from the water in it, you just have to drink more of it)

165 all food you are carrying is transformed back into its original animal.

166 all light sources magical and mundane are snuffed out for 1 day and suppressed.

167 the target of the rod becomes disoriented and is afflicted much like if they were drugged.

168 the rod summons a massive treasure chest in front of you. (is it full of treasure? Flip a coin, if heads, it IS but massively trapped, if tails, its still massively trapped, but empty)(the chest itself is worth 1000 gold, but don’t tell them that)

169 the target of the rod becomes an angel.

170 you become drunk

171 cookies fall from the sky

172 Your Climb goes down by 5

173 a dragon orb appears in your hand. (yes you just touched a dragon orb)

174 your clothes become very very tight and encumber movement

175 you can make any item holy by blessing it as a free action.

176 you start to bleed profusely. (5 bleed damage a turn)

177 when using magic any visible effects change to pink bunnies and rainbows

178 Your Knowledge history goes down by 10

179 Roll for the rod of chaos 5 times and pick one of the rolls to activate

180 your reflex saves go up 2

181 You grow an ugly hairy mole on your face (-1 charisma)

182 You become extremely fertile

183 you gain one level in rogue

184 the next 5 rolls you make for anything are considered natural 1’s no matter what the dice say. (if the player makes mundane rolls just to get past the effect it now lasts for 100 rolls. (this is why you don’t tell them what the rod does))

185 sunlight hurts you as if you are a vampire

186 All of your healing items become harm *ie healing potions, wands and other magical items* you are unaware of this effect.

187 You cannot sleep for a week, this will cause all the normal negatives from lack of sleep *wizards cant renew spells clerics cant pray, ect)

188 A caravan appears, all of the gear they sell is mundane.

189 you become living fire. You gain the fire elemental template

190 you gain invisibility as a spell like ability at will. 

191 You may request a boon from your god. *no this does not mean you will get one*

192 the user of the rod gets 1 wish right now.

193 you may upgrade your equipment as if you had 100,000 gold and any prerequisite to do so (the effects of the upgrade are instant and must be made on things you have currently equipped.

194 you always have feather fall on you. (this even works if you are trying to jump off a ledge)

195 you may change a single digit number on your character sheet into another single digit number. (you cannot change 10 into 90, it must be single digit as a total* enchantment #, saves, skills, ect written on your character sheet may be changed. (so level 1 to level 9, or touch armor 5 to 9 or even armor class penalty 8 to 0, be creative)

196 everyone in your party gains 10 max hp permanently.

197 elementals are attracted to you. (interpreted that how you want)

198 Your Slight of hand goes down by 5

199 you get a photographic memory.

200 your equipment now weighs 2 times its normal amount. *items you get after this effect are not changed*

201 your group is teleported 20 feet to the left.

202 dirt is attracted to you and always billows around you.

203 you gain a catch phrase.

204 you will do anything for 100 gold as a geis quest. (the effect of the quest is only 1 week however)

205 Your Ride goes down by 10

206 flying monkeys appear and try to steal your equipment.

207 everyone in your party becomes 10 years old. (you become young, but do not lose any levels or exp)

208 A caravan appears with many guards they are carrying magical gear at a decent price (consider the caravan to be a mid level city for what It could have)

209 it starts to rain

210 any poison you ingest and that you successfully save against can then be used for 24 hours as an addition to your bite and claw attacks.

211 you take -25 to any one of your skill checks. You pick what one it is. (this is permanent, and you must already have ranks in it)

212 you can tell 1 thing about any dungeon you are in as a yes no question.

213 any poison automatically affects you *you no longer get saves*

214 Food you eat always tastes like 1 week old dead direrat (you may like this if you are a gnoll or something)

215 your hair becomes edible. (and highly nutritious)

216 a group of army rangers appear and declare you to be invading their land.

217 someone you know dies. *dms choice*

218 undead are compelled to listen to things you say. *only undead that can hear you and understand are applicable*

219 your wisdom goes up 2

220 your hair turns black

221 looking at your reflection causes 1d4 damage.

222 for 24 hours water burns you like fire. 2d6 a turn if you are completely immersed in it. Less if its passing over you. Normally 1d6 per gallon.

223 when you level up you gain 1000 gold *per levelup forever*

224 elephants rain from the sky causing massive damage to everything.

225 you forget your entire life.

226 ice deals double damage to you.

227 the ground opens into a seemingly infinite hole in front of you.

228 it starts to rain soft fabric toys.

229 you gain damage resistance pierce 5.

230 the outer plains are completely destroyed. *this WILL cause problems in the world. deities live on the outer plains and they will not be happy about what happened.*

231 your pants fall down.

232 you gain the demon possessed template.

233 every time you think of your mortal enemy all of your worldly possessions teleport directly to his location *you are unaware of this effect* (if you ever find out about this effect you can then start sending him bombs and stuff if you want)

234 all of your belongings are turned yellow and smell strongly of knoll urine.

235 once a day any single action you do, can be considered a free action. (24 hours must pass before you can do this again*

236 the target of the rod gets +10 strength for 1 month

237 any spell you cast is randomly cast 1d4 times *this only counts as being used once for purposes of spell slots*

238 your hands are on fire permanently, and your hands are immune to fire.

239 you become living earth. You gain the earth elemental template.

240 a random party member loses 1d10 hp permanently.

241Your size category goes down by 1 permanently

242 every time you eat a mushroom your size category goes up by 1 until you take a wound. (this effect does not stack)

243 you become immune to diseases.

244 you gain energy resistance 5 acid.

245 you gain one level in artificer 

246 a swarm of bees attack you

247 you blink out of existence for 1d20 minutes. You materialize back in the same spot you were before *take 1d6 damage if something is now in that spot*

248 you gain the drunk template at all times.

249 healing to you is doubled. (this only works with hp increase, if positive energy hurts you, NEGATIVE energy heals you double)

250 everything within 100 feet of you becomes fire trapped. Doors, windows, your pants, everything. (as the spell)

251 everyone in your party loses all of their feats. (you will be hated forever because of this)

252 the target of the rod gets +10 charisma for 1 month

253 you are compelled to say automata peas whenever you attack. Swords go swoosh or slash, and punches can be fwap, boom, swish, ect. Misses are also categorized as duck, dodge, and miss.

254 you become a goblin.

255 cows shoot out of the rod.

256 you grow mushrooms all over you. (this is permanent but they can be picked and maybe even eaten)

257 spiders shoot from the rod of chaos. They crawl on things and generally annoy and scare things.

258 any weapon you wield IS holy, this may harm you if you cant touch holy things)

259 you become a human

260 locusts swarm the area devouring anything organic and causing massive confusion in the area, concentration is also broken.

261 the moon explodes, the resulting devastation is vast and the world may be put in danger.

262 stray animals now follow you whenever they see you

263 everyone on the planet dies except for your party, (you are unaware that after 24 hours they are all brought back with full knowledge of what you have done in the time they were dead.)

264 you become a being of pure evil. Nothing can dissuade you from doing the most horrible acts on a whim.

265 you can now only eat rats, anything else makes you vomit forcefully. 

266 lava shoots out of the tip of the rod 40 feet in front. The spray lasts for 5 rounds and does 4d6 damage. 

267 a group of clerics appear and declare a religious purge of the land starting with any who do not live by the highest orders of purity.

268 your party is teleported into a dungeon crawl.

269 you gain an ice breath attack that does d8’s equal to your hit dice. It is a 100 foot burst 

270 any item you leave unattended will be stolen *or disappear* within 1 hour.

271 someone who looks and acts like you except much older appears and tells you something about your future before disappearing. (it is all made up)

272 you become lycanthropic. The full moon changes you into a wolf beast 

273 your party is brought far into the past.

274 boulders shoot out of the rod. They are gigantic in size.

275 daylight shoots from the rod for 1d10 rounds. It has all effects of normal daylight.

276 everything you love dies.

277 you can never wear robes again.

278 you become extremely cursed.

279 the human race becomes enslaved by a powerful minority of creatures. (dragons, orcs, whatever)

280 a giant gold ball shoots out of the rod. (worth 100,000 gold it is very heavy and may be immovable or sink into the ground)

281 a group of sorcerers appear and declare all beings to be lesser then them, they attempt to enslave or kill any who oppose their rule.

282 you can never wear glasses of any kind again.

283 you break any magical non artifact item you try to use

284 you master the accordion. You are so good at it you can use the instrument like a lyre of building with no check required to create things with it! It does however cause massive discomfort and anger to anyone nearby as it is very annoying.

285 you gain the basilisk “petrifying glare” (you cant turn it off)

286 you become rat changed. 

287 the closest armor to you becomes animated *you may be wearing it* it attacks everything nearby with slam attacks.

288 the target of the rod becomes so fat that it cannot make a move action. This effect lasts until a remove curse spell is cast on them.

289 a hundred trained and armed soldiers appear before you and kneel! They are your sworn protectors and will fight for you in any way you ask. (if you are in front of a cliff or something they will all fall off and die though… so be weary)

290 all landmasses in the world are changed from land to ocean, and vice versa. Everyone in the world feels this has always been the case and will live accordingly in water or land. Your party however is unaffected by the changes and mind effect and you all now take a -10 to all local checks. You also may drowned if you are in the ocean.

291 pelicans attack you whenever you are near any large source of water. 

292 Your Perform goes up by 5

293 the rest of your day is pleasant.

294 the energy plains are completely destroyed. *this may cause problems in the world*

295 all doors you touch become trapped after you walk through them, they will go off if you go through them again, or if someone else walks in behind you.

296 you become disabled for 1 hour.

297 your balance becomes terrible. You always fail acrobatics and fall off of easy to balance things.

298 you fall over.

299 everyone in your party goes to sleep

300 the target of the rod loses all spell resistance.

301 you grow 1 foot taller.

302 any weapon you wield gains a bane of your choice.

303 a group of wizards appear and declare any nonmagic user to be worthless and idiotic, attacking any who disagree

304 you gain damage resistance magic 5

305 a giant dragon shoots out of the rod. It is mad and attacks everything.

306 you can never wear helmets again.

307 your Bluff goes up by 5

308 everyone in your team must give up their most valuable item willingly or everyone else must give up an extra item. (this may result in everyone losing all their items if 2 people are jerks)

309 skunks shoot from the tip of the rod and attack everything in sight.

310 you can never wear bracers again.

311 you gain “summon bigger fish” and believe it can solve ANY problem

312 you learn to love creatures and life.

313 swords rain from the sky and do damage if they hit you. Collecting the weapons you can sell them for decent money or use them for raw materials.

314 Your Stealth goes up by 5

315 all animals try to kill you on site, this includes bunnies, mice, dogs, and feral people

316 the target of the rods legs stop working, they cant walk for any reason

317 you become cat changed 

318 you gain one level in warrior

319 the target of the rod gets dandruff 

320 you lose the ability to whisper. (talking while in stealth removes you from being stealthed *this can be funny*)

321 Your Use magical device goes up by 5

322 if your intelligence is more then 1 higher or lower then anyone else, they are incapable of speaking with you. As well as understanding anything you say or do.

323 you can only say words starting with a specific letter *dms choice* if you successfully do so you gain 10 xp each time you do it (abuse of this power loses the player the bonus)

324 the target of the rod dies. No matter WHAT it is. Even a deity.

325 your Climb goes up by 5

326 paladin dolphins appear in front of you and judge you.

327 noe appears. He explains that speaking his name will summon him again, and he will answer any 1 question. However if you summon him more then 3 times he will attack you and try to kill you in horrible ways. *dm stats him as he feels is fair* (his name is used if any word that sounds like noe is spoken. No, know, ect) if and when he is dead he will no longer appear when you speak his name.

328 once, as an act that defies all gods and powers in the world. Once in the entire game, you can say NO, to one thing the dm decides to do. (be warned a dm may make a much more powerful or horrible decision instead)

329 your armor becomes incorporeal. (it may become completely useless to you and untouchable also)

330 your head is replaced by a watermelon. You are still alive. (Any blows to the head may kill you…)

331your character believes without a doubt that they are in fact a vampire.

332 you get gout.  (land speed lowers to 10)

333 you are compelled to dance whenever you walk, this causes a -4 to all stealth and move silently checks

334 magic cannot be cast within 50 feet of you, both for you and against you *this includes you* (this is not an anti magic field)

335 you gain spell resistance 20

336 a group of raiders appear, rogues mostly.

337 you become confused for 1 hour.

338 you can never wear boots again.

339 all opponents go to sleep (if in combat)

340 you become living wind. You gain the wind elemental template.

341 gods are never favorable to you

342 your will saves go down 2

343 a dragon soars overhead! Majestic and powerful (if you are underground or inside you can hear it far away)

344 your body can produce milk that is nutritious.

345 you get improved grapple as a feat. *if you have it already you get greater grapple*

346 5 hound archons appear in front of you ready to do battle, they seek out evil and will attack anything they find that has an evil aura (this includes people holding magical items with the aura)

347 the rod of chaos turns to chocolate. (it tastes of chaos…and chocolate) (also note, you can STILL use the rod if it is mostly their, the button still works as long as at least 51% of the rod is connected to the button)

348 you now weigh nothing, you float away if you ever have less then 50 pounds of equipment on you. This also effects how far you can jump, how long you can run, ect.

349 Your Stealth goes down by 5

350 the target of the rod is launched 1000 feet into the air.

351 the elemental plains are completely destroyed. *this may cause problems in the world*

352 your left ring finger falls off. (you can no longer wear a ring on that hand)

353 it rains money for 5 days. (totaling 1 million gold, though most of that will be stolen by commoners and such if any are around)

354 creepy people randomly ask you to date them. (this lasts forever)

355 statues around you animate and do your bidding *this lasts forever but the animated statues only last as long as they are near you*

356 kissing toads turns them into humans.

357 anything you are tied up with becomes adamantine until removed.

358 anything can fly now. (anything!!!)

359 you gain the enraged template permanently

360 you can ward away monsters at will as a mind effect. This only works on random encounters.

361 seeing attractive men gives you a nosebleed.

362 the ethereal plain is completely destroyed. *this may cause problems in the world*

363 you can never wear necklaces again.

364 you get the plague.

365 you gain one level in barbarian

366 whenever you fly for any reason a tornado appears focused on you

367 the target of the rod gets a giant countdown above their head. Every turn it goes down 1. The counter starts at 100. (nothing happens when it reaches 0 it just disappears)

368 everyone in your party except you gets a really bad rash.

369 any weapon you wield has a hardness of 1.

370 fire deals double damage to you.

371 food shoots out of the rod.

372 you can never use a shield again.

373 Your Intimidate goes down by 5

374 a master wizard decides to make you into his plaything. You randomly take magical effects for a week.

375 all paladins hate you.

376 You now have perfect teeth

377 You can only do subdual damage, even lethal spells count as subdual.

378 you gain improved steal as a feat

379 Metal cannot touch you in any way. *it goes through you*

380 You may coupe’degra as a free action

381 for 24 hours you automatically critical hit on a roll of 4, but miss on anything else.

382 You believe that anything that glitters is gold

383 A caravan appears with many guards they are carrying magical gear at a decent price *it is all horribly cursed.*

384 a witch appears and curses you! The only way to break the curse is to either kill her or convince her to do undo it. it’s a very nasty curse as well.

385 a giant countdown appears in the sky counting down from 100. It goes down once a day. The only way to stop the world from ending when the countdown hits 0 is to unite the powers of a holy AND unholy church in a ritual that lasts 5 days.

386 your skin turns to stone. You permanently have stone skin on. And your movement is lowered to 1/3rd its normal speed.

387 a staff of power falls from 6000 feet in the air, if you do not find a way to catch it it will explode on impact. If you save it you can use it.

388 you become a lich.

389 everyone decreases by 1 level.

390 Your Knowledge geography goes up by 10

391 you become light as a feather and strong as mythrel for 24 hours. Instead of taking damage you are knocked back by 5 feet for every damage you take.

392 you become very angry at the universe for messing with you.

393 you gain a fire breath attack that does d8’s equal to your hit dice. It is an 80 foot square within 200 feet of you.

394 xill really really like you.

395 the astral plain is destroyed, and everyone blames you.

396 all grass within 100 miles of you turns to damaging razors.

397 your party is teleported in a random direction 1000 miles.

398 you gain an aura of fire

399 Your Craft goes down by 5

400 a chain of infinite length appears. Its length is only limited to what you need it to be.

401 a random party member vomits violently for 1d6 rounds. they are considered staggered for this time.

402 the next spell you cast is permanently doubled in power, size, and duration *if applicable* (you don’t know this)

403 a tree sprouts into existence in a pot. If kept in good environment and taken care of will grow red fruits that give you 50 experience each. The fruits grow at a rate of 1d6 per week.

404 your next critical hit deals 0 damage.

405 you have an incredible urge to hug and kiss the person closest to you.

406 your bones are replaced by very brittle wood. Bludgeoning or falling damage may break your bones requiring healing or you face negatives.

407 a ladder leading to another plain of existence appears in front of you. You cannot move it. Or steal it.

408 your Diplomacy goes up by 5

409 monsters eat your children if you have any.

410 you become a pacifist, you try to follow a path of peace.

411 you can empower any spell once a day.

412 Your Knowledge nature goes down by 10

413 you become staggered for 1 hour

414 you become a lizard *same hp, but almost everything else is lost*

415 any wands you have use themselves until they are empty, this goes for any magical item with a specific amount of charges. (get ready for some fireworks!)

416 you gain the nocturnal template.

417 Anything you touch causes 1d6 fire damage and effects the environment *such as catching things on fire

418 you gain the iron liver trait.

419 you gain 5 hd

420 a portal to the infernal plain opens in your chest charisma becomes 5. Your armor class goes up by 5. Demons may come out if anything holy is around.

421 a giant blast of energy shoots out of your face whenever you are aggravated by anything. It deals 3d6 damage a round. You also go blind during the blast.

422 you can never wear capes again.

423 the sky turns black forever. *vampires can go out in the daytime now. Plants wither over time.

424 you believe that rubbing fat people grants wishes.

425 your Knowledge nobility goes up by 10

426 roll a d10. You gain that much in regen permanently

427 It starts to hail

428 the target of the rod is glimmered to look like a clown

429 deep darkness shoots out of the rod for 1d10 rounds. It has all the effects of deeper darkness.

430 rust monsters shoot out of the rod and try to devour anything made of metal.

431 you gain damage reduction 5 silver.

432 Your Perception goes down by 5

433 your will saves go up 2

434 you gain the killer trait.

435 your armor class goes up by 3

436 your Knowledge nature goes up by 10

437 you are given 3 magical lightning bolts. They do 10d6 damage each and are unavoidable. They do not come back when used.

438 any weapon you wield gains a hardness of 30.

439 you are given the knowledge of the inner workings of the universe. And all knowledge. However you instantly forget it right afterwards.

440 you are unable to walk anymore, you must run all the time instead.

441 you can never wear rings again.

442 beings of a good alignment don’t want to fight you anymore.

443 it rains fire for 1 week setting anything ablaze that it can.

444 your Knowledge history goes up by 10

445 you can hold your breath for up to 10 minutes before taking any negative.

446 you grow a face on the back of your head, all it does is insult you and try to get you into trouble.

447 you become aware that you are wearing a +5 vorpal helmet. You can take it off, but putting it on will kill you.

448 the rod of chaos becomes incorporeal

449 trying to heal someone kills them, *they must be consenting or unconscious* (do not tell player)

450 lying causes your nose to grow 1 inch.

451 you get a really cool hat.

452 you gain the deft dodger trait.

453 your legs become powerful legs +10 to movement speed.

454 your Linguistics goes up by 10

455 one hundred apocalyps swarms appear all over the world as a curse from the gods. They destroy everything and anything in their way. The swarms are all different kinds with different CR’s

456 when you level up you lose 1000 gold *per levelup forever.* if you do not have the gold you do not level up until you do.

457 you gain a strong aura opposite of the actual alignment you have. *neutral people gain a rainbow aura*

458 you gain a +1 vorpal swordfish. It is an intelligent item with an intelligence score of 3 and a wisdom of 5. 

459 you gain blind sense 60 feet.

460 one skill is switched with a fellow party members.

461 your Survival goes down by 10

462 a donkey appears in front of you ready to attack.

463 Your age cap for your character is doubled. If you would live to be 100, it is now 200. If it was 500, it is now 1000 years. Your age brackets are also extended, but you do not revert to a previous one if you are already in your next age group.

464 Your body becomes chiseled and powerful you gain +4 to strength and constitution. You also gain improved unarmed strike and your fists do 2d6 damage. Similar to a monk of gargantuan size. This bonus lasts for 1d4 weeks. You do not know when the effect will wear off. (or even that it will)

465 You are given a castle somewhere in the world and are a duke of the realm. You must choose where the castle will be located within one week of the effect of this ability or it will be chosen randomly, you are given the knowledge of the effect of this when it is activated.

466 You may choose ANY ability from the rod that you want. If you do you may never use the rod of chaos again and to even touch it will inflict 6d6 damage and teleport you to either the abysal plain with a holy aura and no equipment. Or to the astral plain with a mark of the abyss in full demon plate.

467 Your gender switches to the opposite of your current one. If you have no gender you randomly get one. *no save*

468 your Perception goes up by 5

469 You lose one level in your current class. You gain 2 levels in any class that is not currently your own. You may never again take levels in your original class,

470 you gain the jaded trait.

471 a volcano erupts from beneath the ground nearby.

472 you lose 5 hd. (if you would we lowered to 0 or less you die)

473 you gain the bully trait.

474 your intimidate checks radiate fear at the DC of your check as well

475 you grow 2 tentacles that can be used to grapple and attack opponents. (this may effect your charisma)

476 you require vast amounts of sugar to live.

477 you become stunned for 1 hour.

478 your Disguise goes down by 10

479 the shadow plain is completely destroyed. *this may cause problems in the world*

480 bats shoot out of the rod.

481 you gain energy resistance 5 fire.

482 you gain the fast talker trait.

483 everyone in your party gains an unusual dislike for a single creature type *dms choice*

484 you cant check for traps ever again.

485 you gain one level in wizard

486 you gain the resilient trait.

487 your Heal goes down by 5

488 you gain damage resistance slashing 5.

489 you gain the skeptic trait.

490 the target of the rod gets +10 dexterity for 1 month

491 the target of the rod disappears and reappears directly behind you with a free action

492 you become an elf.

493 you become panicked for 1 hour.

494 gold coins fall from your nose every hour. The amount is determined by your HD (1d10 x hd in coins)

495 a group of bards appear and challenge you to a contest of musical aptitude. If you decline a fight it is then!

496 any weapon you wield gains ghost touched.

497 your body becomes completely impervious to all attacks for 1d4 turns. You cannot move at all though.

498 your Linguistics goes down by 10

499 your bones are replaced with incredibly durable adamantine. You weigh 50 pounds more, and you lose 4 to all swim checks, but you gain resistance to falling and bludgeoning damage. And are immune to bones breaking.

500 a very pretty necklace appears around a random party members neck. It appears to be ticking however. *it’s a clock!*
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

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501 your left hand is permanently turned invisible. Take a -5 to lock picking skills but slight of hand goes up 5 when using that hand.

502 you are hit in the head with a boomerang. Take 1d4 damage.

503 you become nauseated for 1 hour.

504 slapping giant *or larger* dragons in the face gives you 1 wish. It must be a different dragon each time or you do not get a wish. (this effect is permanent) (you cannot use the wish immediately but must wait 5 minutes to do so)

505 everyone in your party has their wisdom tripled for 2d4 turns.

506 a wall of flame shoots out of the rod of chaos. It is permanent and 100 feet long.

507 you always look like a noblemen no matter how you dress.

508 you gain the ability to double jump. *a second acrobatics roll with whatever you rolled before subtracted from the original dc.

509 your wisdom goes down 2

510 you always make OK food. Never good, never bad. No matter what the ingredients are.

511 luck has turned its back on you. A critical will only confirm on another natural 20, and this does not result in an instant death.

512 lightning deals double damage to you.

513 all your armor starts to rust. After 24 hours any armor you have is useless.

514 the target of the rod gets +10 wisdom for 1 month

515 a picture of you appears and floats to the ground.

516 anytime anyone takes off a hat for any reason a white rabbit pops out of it. *you may eat the rabbits if you want*

517 your legs become invisible. Any gear on them becomes invisible as well. Acrobatics take a -5 but stealth checks are increased by 5.

518 any food you have on you disappears.

519 your Use magical device goes down by 5

520 snow shoots from the rod in a spray.

521 you become a drow

522 a caravan appears and offers you aid in any way they can. They have horses, wagons, food, water, and other supplies.

523 everyone in your party must use the rod of chaos or die. (using it as a weapon does not count)

524 Your size category goes up by 1 permanently

525 Your Knowledge local goes down by 10

526 Your saliva becomes extremely acidic, you are immune to your own saliva.

527 Your greatest desire becomes to ride the tarrasque.

528 All your cure spells become inflict spells, and vice versa, you are not given the knowledge that this has happened. This effect lasts until you’ve used 50 cure or inflict spells.

529 The next time you die, you are revived at full health. You are not given the knowledge that you will come back.

530 You must use the rod of chaos 2 more times in the next 10 minutes, if you do not it uses itself automatically 5 more times.

531 Your race is subtle changed, if you are an elf you become a drow, if you are a gnome you become a Halfling, ect. DM’s choice.

532 The next 3 wishes you speak are instantly granted. You do NOT know this is in effect at any time. *though you can kinda figure it out. Just don’t tell them it is*

533 You gain a religious following. They are fanatics and will do everything in their power to deify you, this may include sacrificing you depending on your current religious affiliation.

534 You lose all items you possess *magical or otherwise* any merchant you meet automatically has a hostile attitude to you and charges you double for everything. Any gold you possess for more then 24 hours turns to lead. *silver and copper are unaffected* This effect is permanent. 

535 You gain 50,000 gold and a bag of holding 5 to hold it in.

536 your voice changes when you lie, (-10 to all bluff checks) and a failed bluff check causes everyone in the room to hate you.

537 You must eat gold to survive. Every day you must eat the number of coins equal to your character level times 5 (if you cannot eat that much gold you begin to starve as if you have not eaten)

538 The rod of chaos explodes as if a staff of power had just been destroyed. The charges of the rod for purposes of damage are 30 and the damage is 30d10 for anything within 10 feet of you, and 30d6 for anything within 50 feet after that. You are subject to the 50% chance of teleporting to a random plain, or being destroyed forever *no save*

539 you gain one level in sorcerer

540 everyone in your party except you is now on fire.

541 you become a halfling

542 Your gender is removed. (if you don’t have a gender, then nothing happens)

543 You are given a bag of devouring.(all you see is that inside appears to be a bag of holding full of coins.)

544 you can repair any war-forged that you destroy at 1/4th the price of creating it

545 all weapons in the party become volatile, if struck on anything will explode doing 6d6 damage. The weapons are forever destroyed. Weapons obtained after this effect are not changed.

546 You lose your faith (clerics and paladins will be effected the most by this)

547 Your race is radically changed. dms choice *gnome to ogre, human to dragon, ect*

548 Your shoelaces are tied together. If you are not wearing shoes your feet are tied together with rope

549 you always know where you are in the world as well as all cities, and caves

550 when you die you explode violently.

551 steam shoots out of your ears.

552 you suddenly taste chicken

553 everyone in your party goes back to level 1.

554 a group of druids appear and declare all non druids to be a bane on the world attacking all who deny nature as the highest forms of life.

555 you become dog changed.

556 Your Escape artist goes down by 5

557 You soil yourself.

558 You are given 2 boxes of communication. Anything said into one of the boxes can be heard out of the other.

559 All the copper you have becomes silver, any silver you have becomes gold, any platinum you have turns to adamantine, and any gold you have becomes mud. This is ALL done at the exact same time and is fully determined by what was written on your character sheet at the time you activated the rod. 

560 Your home catches on fire (home is determined by dm)

561 You gain 1 nonmagical item of your choice.

562 you get a dire platapus as an animal companion.

563 when anyone in your party levels up they gain gold equal to your level times 1000 *per levelup forever*

564 snakes shoot from the front of the rod

565 you can maximize any spell once a day.

566 Your Handle animal goes down by 5

567 you become incredibly attractive to men

568 Your Appraise goes down by 10

569 Your bab goes up by 3

570 you are surrounded by foxfire at all times, ghost sound follows you whispering loudly as well.

571 the rod of chaos turns blue.

572 Your Fly skill goes up by 10

573 Your Knowledge engineering goes up by 10

574 Any family you have hates you.

575 50 healing potions shoot from the front of the rod.

576 if you see anything you want you must try to steal it. All the time. Kleptomania.

577 you must yell how much damage you are trying to do. example “I ATTACK YOU WITH 1d6+3 DAMAGE!” this confuses the enemies and adds 1 to future intimidation checks with those opponents.

578 your identity is stolen.

579 everyone in your party receives an artificial limb. (players choose what limb to lose) the limb acts as your normal limb except with increased abilities and the obvious negatives to having a limb that is not natural.

580 the next item type you put down can never be picked up again. (if you put a sword down you can never pick up another sword. If you put down money, you can never pick money up again.)

581you gain one level in bard

582 you become a ghost.

583 the sky becomes clear and the temperature is humid and nice for humans.

584 damage to the wielder is doubled. For 1 month

585 goblins shoot out of the rod

586 you become unconscious for 1 hour.

587 nails shoot from the rod at high velocity.

588 when anyone in your party levels up you gain a magical item worth up to 5000 gold.*per level. this lasts forever*

589 a lightning bolt shoots forth from the rod 200 feet *or until it hits something impassable* and does 10d6 damage as the spell

590 a giant beast manifests right in front of you, it is on fire and has an intelligence that far surpasses its beastly shape. It attacks you. Beware, if you kill it, the summoner who had befriended the eidolon will not be kind to you.

591 the rod uses itself every turn FOREVER (or until it is destroyed)

592 a group of monks appear and challenge you to a sparring match, these monks spar till their partners are dead however

593 any intimidate check gives your opponent bravery as a level 10 fighter (+5 to will saves) (don’t tell player)

594 any weapon you wield gains +2 enchantment

595 your constitution goes down 2

596 your nose triples in length.

597 when on any mount you are instantly raised 2 size categories *this may effectively crush most mounts and you return to normal size*

598 you gain the crystal creature template.

599 Your spell craft goes up by 5

600 you gain tremor sense 100 feet.

601 acid deals double damage to you.

602 the astral plain is completely destroyed. *this may cause problems in the world*

603 your soul is transplanted into a teddy bears, your body is now that of the teddy bear and you can do many of the same things as before you were changed.

604 the target of the rod is compelled to dance uncontrollably whenever they hear music

605 enervation effects such as level drain instead give you temporary hit points exactly as if you are an undead creature.

606 your Bluff goes up by 5

607 glass shoots from the front of the rod.

608 all the ground for 1 mile around you becomes 5 feet of thick ice *and becomes difficult terrain

609 your tongue falls out. *you can regrow it with a restore spell*

610 the target of the rod can only see backwards as in away from the direction you are facing. You take a -4 to all attack rolls with any melee weapon, and a -8 with a bow. You cannot however be sneak attacked by anyone who dosnt know you have this ability.

611 Your Sense motive goes up by 5

612 A caravan appears with some guards, they sell very well crafted masterwork gear.

613 you gain an aura of ice

614 your party is launched 1000 feet into the air.

615 the target of the rod sees locusts attacking everything, there are no locusts it is all an illusion.

616 you can identify any naturally occurring plant, animal, and gain druidic as a language

617 anytime you vomit it is rainbow colored.

618 your ac goes down by 3

619 Your spell craft goes down by 5

620 all diseases you contract gain +5 DC to not getting them.

621 You may not touch any material object, you are subject to a long lasting passwall spell, you don’t sink through the ground but anything you try to grab onto or use *Besides what you had on you when this took effect* passes through you. You gain the incorporeal effect until you slay a creature that shares the incorporeal template. you cant eat in this form.

622 You become undead. You keep all other stats and abilities *even the ability to cast magic* fire does 1.5 times normal damage, and you no longer have to eat, drink or sleep. You are subject to rebuking and turning undead as well as the damaging effects of cure magic. *inflict spells cure you* you can regain your life by voluntarily eating the brains of 100 of your natural species.

623 You become charming, your charisma score is boosted by 10, you even shine a bit when you are talking. Everyone wants to listen to you as by a suggestion spell and anyone in your presence is also subject to a charm monster spell *DC 30* every minute they listen to you talk. This lasts until you are disfigured in some way

624 You gain the attract metal spell permanently on you. Any metal not held by something within 10 feet of you will fly at you and do damage as if it had fallen on you from a height of 100 feet. If held or worn the DC for it to not fly from their hand DC20 or pull them bodily into you DC25 the checks are strength based

625 You fly into a rage, attacking everything around you. The duration is 1 day, but killing any creature adds 1 day to the duration for each one. Even a mouse will add another day.

626 You no longer eat, sleep, or drink. Every morning wizards may study their spell books and clerics may pray to regain lost spells normally. The effect ends if you ever get cursed with a nourishment increasing effect

627 Any weapon you wield gains the disintegrate ability on a successful strike. there is a 50% chance the weapon is also destroyed if your opponent succeeds their fortitude save. DC is your level + base attack bonus. This effect cannot be turned off. (the rod of chaos is immune to the destroying itself effect)

628 you gain a level in druid

629 you are given a powerful aura visible to everyone except you. *at all times*

630 anything you make is cursed. even if it is nonmagical.

631 if you ever see a dwarf you are compelled to play with his or her beard.

632 you become immovable at will. Nothing can physically move you unless you want to be.

633 you gain improved bullrush as a feat *if you have it already you get greater bullrush*

634 you get an urn of earth.

635 diamonds shoot from the front of the rod *the value is determined by the dm*

636 you smell really good.

637A large meteor hit’s the nearest landmark causing catastrophic damage to whatever it is.

638 All of dragon kind hates you.

639 you become incredibly attractive to women

640 your Craft goes up by 5

641 All metal you have becomes adamantine *you may be crushed if this happens*

642 You grow gills, you cannot breath with them *you are unaware of this*

643 anything you check for nature is considered edible and medicinal *this is not always the case*

644 you gain an acidbreath attack that does d8’s equal to your hit dice. it’s a 40 foot cone shape

645 the target of the rod becomes a demon

646 you think everyone is a legendary hero. *dm describes anyone you meet as one*

647 randomly a plain of existence fuses with the material plain. This causes massive changes in the environment as well as pockets of destruction where the plains are strongly connected.

648 you forget all languages and only know druidic

649 pick 2 stats. The first becomes 1. And the other is increased by the amount the first was lowered by. If your int is lowered to 1 you lose all ability to talk and understand any language. Please act according to your new stats.

650 pick a craft skill - you create items 10 times faster then normal but you may never take another craft.

651 You gain alter self as a spell like ability once a day

652 you may cast grease as a spell like ability *at will*

653 Your Knowledge dungeoneering goes up by 10

654 you grow wings, and wind is no longer a factor for fly checks

655 An animal is summoned from the tip of the rod (roll 1d100 to see what is summoned,1 is a benevolent and permanent kitten that can speak common. 2-20 is a mouse 21-40 is a lion 41-60 is a rhino 61-80 is a medium dragon 81-99 is a large dragon and 100 is a benevolent and permanent huge dragon. Both the kitten and dragon knew they were summoned from the rod and will not serve, but will be courteous to the holder at the time of summoning. Any other creature lasts for 1 hour.

656 an exotic meal appears on a gold table with crystal plates and platinum silverwear. The tablecloth is fine silk and the food is the finest found in the world. The meal stays fresh for 1 hour and if consumed grants a +5 moral bonus for 7 full days after eating. The table and all other valuables disappear if taken or after 1 hour.

657 everyone in your party must fight! The last surviving member gets 100,000 gold, a magical item, and 2 levelups. All other members of the group are revived afterwards and everyone is at full health *no negatives are had* (do not tell the members about the revival of each other) (you are encased in a special pocket dimension that Is free of time so noone outside of your group knows what happened and cant Interfere)

658 plants spring from the ground and try to ensnare and attack everything nearby.

659 the target of the rod is encases in 10 square feet *+10 per size category above medium* of unmelting ice. The dc to break it is that of adamantine.

660 you think you are an assassin and become convinced that the closest person to you is your target for assassination

661 you cannot accept any loot or items from anyone, (even if you purchase them) for 1 month

662 anything someone hands you, you throw it on the ground and stomp on it. You also sing a song about it if you are a bard.

663 whoever you point the rod of chaos at when this effect goes off, gets a duplicate of the rod of chaos. (It dosnt work though)

664 an alchemist shows up and offers you one of 2 potions, one is good, one is very bad. If you kill the alchemist you can get both.

665 Your Bluff goes down by 5

666 everyone in your party dies (sorry, you will be hated for this)

667 any weapon you wield gains tentacle

668 your reflex saves go down 2

669 your land speed is multiplied by 10, this causes movement to become difficult because you literally walk 10 times faster then normal.

670 the target of the rod gets a rod of chaos with all the powers yours has.

671 everyone in your parties hp is pooled. If the hp reaches -10 for any reason all of you die. (this can be bad if one person is hit with disintegrate or falls off a massive cliff)

672 the target of the rod is petrified.

673 you gain one level in monk

674 a ball of light springs into existence, it has all the properties of the sun, even appearing if held in the palm as being the sun in the sky in size, its light is warm to the skin, and damages any creature subject to sunlight damage. The ball weighs 1 pound and can be covered as a move action not burning you but warming whatever covers it. The light extends for 1 square mile around the ball if unblocked.

675 your eyes, mouth and ears fall off, the effect is similar to a transmutation spell, they all function normally, but are no longer connected to your face *if you have a face* and you gain the knowledge that after 1 hour the spell will reverse as long as whatever was removed is still intact and close to where they were originally on your body.

676 you grow incredibly old, your stats all drop 10 points *minimum 5* and you are under a permanent confusion spell until you are subject to a remove curse , wish, miracle, or a restoration spell. 

677 the rod of chaos becomes a +5 flaming icy thundering bastard sword with the same weight as the rod, you are automatically proficient with the sword as long as you hold it, and the rod stays this way until you kill 10 foes with it, or you use the rods power again. 

678 you are given incredible insight! You are subject to a compulsion to buy certain ingredients and materials and if not hindered *and capable of purchasing the materials* will create a powerful magical item. The rod counts as inserting any spells you require to make the item, and up to 10,000 gold as well. The compulsion lasts for 1 month, or until you create the item. *item is chosen randomly*

679 everyone within 1 mile of where the rod is, is immune to death for 24 hours. Dying creatures are stabilized and every creature is given 1 temporary hitpoint that is immune to damage, healthy creatures are given a +4 to strength and dexterity. Any creature dieing of old age, or a crippling disease or wound is granted 1 day as if they were in their prime free of any pain and at full capabilities of mind and body. After 24 hours each creature loses the 1 temporary health point normally. Everyone within the effect knows when it ends.

680 a single flower blooms in front of you, *dc 30 knowledge nature check to determine its properties if you make a DC strength check of 20 you may pick the flower, its stem can be made into a powerful whip if used as a material component, its counted as a masterwork item with added paralysis with damage. DC 20 fortitude)

681 everyone in your party takes 6d6 damage.

682 You gain the ability to use any 1 spell once. The spell has the same cost as normal

683 You gain 1 very powerful magical item with a charge, when you use the item it disappears. (you cannot make a ring of 1 wish)

684 you can enlarge any spell once a day.

685 your feet swell to 3 times their normal size. This lowers your land speed by 10 *minimum 5*

686 the target of the rod becomes distracted very easily. *permanent effect*

687 Anything you touch causes 1d6 lightning damage and effects the environment *1.5 damage to metal creatures*

688 Your Handle animal goes up by 5

689 Your Knowledge arcane goes down by 10

690 your fortitude saves go up 2

691 Your Knowledge planes goes down by 10

692 you always have speak with animals on, and any wild animal is always “friendly” to you

693 your party is brought far into the future.

694 your touch stops all bleeding, and on any heal check they are raised to exactly 0 hp if negative

695 you become immune to all poisons.

696 You are filled with courage, you gain a +5 to attack rolls and suffer a -5 to AC because no attack should be able to fall such a powerful and capable combatant such as you. If you have any armor you take it off, and you will desire to use the weakest weapon in your inventory as well to prove you’re the best

697 The next 10 critical threats on you are automatically confirmed, as are the next 10 you threaten as well

698 You gain 1d10 negative levels instantly, (no save) however you cannot die from them, your health is a minimum of one as are all your stats. You can regain the negative levels if you are subject to a remove curse spell, or succeed on your fortitude saves after 24 hours. DC 15

699 Your Fly goes down by 10

700 you turn into a fully animated living tree you still look as your normal self except made of new materials, you gain the plant template. 

701 You turn into a fully metal living creature, you still look as your normal self except made of new materials, you gain the war forged template, 

702 You may ask any god one question as with the spell contact other plain spell, except there is no wisdom check or chance of failure, asking a god a stupid question however still can result in consequent actions. The knowledge that you are contacting a god is given to you by the rod.

703 You gain one supernatural ability randomly, flying, breathing under water, an increase to your strength and constitution of +4 or the ability to sense if anyone you focus on for a full round wants to harm you. You are informed of your new power at the time you get it.

704 Your Knowledge arcane goes up by 10

705 You are given a gun that has a range of 200 feet, and does 5d10 damage, however when you fire the gun you are automatically petrified *no save* creatures that are immune to petrify are unable to fire the weapon. *ammo costs 500 gold per bullet*

706 You can open any door, if you attempt to open a door that is locked it is simply not locked to you, you are never told about this effect. Traps still go off if present.

707 Anyone trying to scry on you or who is trying to tell your fortune in any way will scream and run in terror.

708 An orb of annihilation appears in front of you.

709 you become clumsy subtract 15 to the NATURAL roll of the dice when doing acrobatics checks. (no minimum)

710 Your carrying capacity doubles.

711 you always think everything is 10 times what it normally is when you appraise something (dm do not tell the player this)

712 You lose all of your feats

713 Holy items, objects, and places hurt you as if you were an unholy being.

714 Your Knowledge dungeoneering goes down by 10

715 you become 1 foot shorter.

716 you gain one level in paladin (if you are evil you become an anti-paladin, if you are neutral flip a coin to pick)

717 during the day your strength and constitution are increased by 6, but at night your strength and constitution are reduced by 6 *minimum 1* you can die because of this*

718 You get a really bad rash.

719 Any plantlife within 100 feet of the holder of the rod dies, any plant creature must make a fortitude save DC 25 or die. If a save is successful they take 6d6 damage anyway.

720 Any limb you may have lost is regrown! If you have no limbs that are missing, all your limbs fall off and regrow on your body over a period of 24 hours.

721 You are singled out by your god and a herald of them appears before you to send you on a quest. Fulfilling the quest, may result in a boon. Failing the quest, will probably result in bad karma, and refusing the quest, will probably incur its wrath. Attacking the herald, is a bad idea.

722 You forget the last week of your life.

723 You gain an aura of stench, you yourself cant smell it and become immune to others stench ability

724 All of your clothes are removed and for a full week you are unable to touch anything you try to use to cover yourself. If it is something larger then you *like a table or a tree* you are effected by a repel creature spell *no save* and are pushed away from whatever it is you try to cover yourself with. If you cannot be pushed away you are instead dimensional doored directly towards the closest humanoid creature. You cannot wear armor either.

725 You are subject to incredible sensitivity to heat and cold. Anything ranging between 90 degrees, and 50 degrees is fine, but out of that you must make fortitude saves as if you are in extreme temperatures. To remove this curse you must make 5 consecutive fortitude saves or survive extreme temperatures for 1 full day.

726 You become incredibly delicious, any creature that uses a successful bite attack on you, or somehow tastes you through some action, gains a compulsion to eat you. You are not immune to this effect either, but may be dissuaded due to the pain of eating yourself. 

727 You become a walking factory. Your hair can be threaded to be as strong as rope, your nails are strong enough to be used as tools and cutting utensils, and your waste is even industrial in that solid matter hardens into bricks, and liquid can be used as a powerful solvent or even glue *DC20 alchemy skill to transform it into either* any part of your body can be used to build like a tool, though you cannot fight with any of these powers. 

728 You lose all abilities associated with the rod of chaos. Using it does nothing, though wielding it still counts as it being a +1 mace. You are also immune to any effects by the rod. And any abilities you did have are negated and removed.

729 The threat range of any weapon you wield doubles, the multiplier for the damage done by a critical also increases by +1 (this means that you can do x4 with a bow, or x5 with a pickaxe ext). you gain a +4 to all rolls to confirm a critical. (all these stack with feats and keen edge)

730 You gain insight into the immediate future, for a full 24 hours you are given the ability of true strike for all attack rolls. 

731 Watermelons fall from the sky, everyone takes 5d6 damage, and must make a fortitude save or be knocked unconscious for 1d4 minutes

732 the target of the rod turns into solid gold

733 the target of the rod is duplicated into 4 people all with the same alignment and motivation and even equipment *minus artifacts*

734 You acquire a new feat! Pick any one that you have the prerequisites for.

735 You are launched 1,000 feet into the air

736 out of nowhere chickens and pigs attack you. They are immortal hasted and berserked.

737 your feet are turned into lead. *this slowly poisons you and slows your movement as well as increasing weight.

738 you can quicken any spell once a day.

739 Anything you touch causes 1d6 ice damage and effects the environment *such as freezing water*

740 Your most valuable item breaks and is unfixable. *artifacts and magic items may explode* (the value of the rod of chaos is 1 copper)

741 Everyone in the world knows enough about you to determine your alignment

742 You become allergic to wood, even carrying anything made of it gives you a terrible reaction that causes 1d6 damage an hour.

743 to you everyone in the world looks exactly the same

744 any damage you do to a creature is also dealt to you *for the next week*

745 you become a demigod, an incredibly powerful being. (this is not the same as a god, you are mortal just with great powers you are not held by the rules of the gods)

746 the holder of the rod gains a countdown above their head. It starts at 10 and counts down 1 a round. They DIE when the counter hits 0 unless hit with a remove curse in time.

747 you gain an aura of poison. You can pick any poison that exists but you cannot turn your aura off and it radiates 10 feet around you at all times* *the dc to resist the poison is -2*

748 Your Acrobatics goes down by 5

749 You become allergic to gold, even carrying anything made of it gives you a terrible reaction that causes 1d6 damage an hour.

750 all your teeth fall out.

751 coffins shoot out of the rod.

752 you gain one level in assassin *no prerequisite needed*

753 the total amount of xp you have above your previous levelup is transferred directly into gold coins. You LOSE the xp you have bringing you down to exactly what it was to reach your previous level.

754 anything you make is extremely delicious, It is however also poisonous to all creatures in the world.

755 Your Diplomacy goes down by 5

756 all of your parties genders switch.

757 you get a really ugly hat.

758 you become an ogre.

759 it starts to snow.

760 you become a cobalt.

761 any physical action you take you must do a second time. If you attack once you must attack again on your second turn, even if it makes no sense *ie the enemy is dead* if you jump over a gorge you must jump forward again. (you must also activate the rod again) after the second time you do not have an urge to do it again, but redoing the action (a third time) will cause the urge to come back.

762 you gain energy resistance 5 ice.

763 you become a rust monster *with all your normal mental stats and abilities*

764 an octopus lands on your head.

765 you become extreme in your views. If you are evil you may become horribly sadistic, if you are a paladin you may kill people who do minor offences in your eyes.

766 any nemesis you have, you cannot kill purposely, in fact you will do anything in your power to prevent them from dieing *though you may still beat them senseless*

767 you receive a letter from your home by caravan. You have been drafted into the army to fight the invading countries. Ignoring to do so can have dire consequences.

768 the demiplains are completely destroyed. *this may cause problems in the world*

769 everyone in your party gains a feat. (let the praising commence)

770 for 1 year every time you lose consciousness you are possessed by a balor with all of the powers of one, and wreak havoc. You are unaware of your activities when you are possessed and you no longer have to sleep, though you are not informed of this and still habitually sleep if you decide to do so. 

771 when your hp is reduced to negative you negate the last attack you sustained and the next attack you make successfully deals maximum damage. This effect only works once an encounter.

772 every month you must sacrifice a soul to a demon to live. If you do not you die.

773 roll a d% for every piece of equipment you have. For 1-19 your item is cursed. For 20-79 your items are unchanged. And for 80-100 your item is enchanted.

774 if you are familiar with your mount, add 20 to your ride checks.

775 You fear magical items

776 You gain an anymug *it can create any nonmagical liquid* but if you create anything very hot or cold the anymug breaks, it is also susceptible to acids.

777 You learn the secrets of the dwarves special drink named mountain brew, a bubbling green liquid coveted by all adventurers for its delicious taste and supposed magical powers.

778 You get a bag of turnips that is always full (Infinite food)

779 the next time you cast a spell a portal to the abyssal plain opens and glowing bunnies ride out on flaming chipmunks.

780 you gain the ability to see what god people worship

781 You are given 1 secret by the dm.

782 You gain a dimensional space somewhere on your body like a bag of holding*it must take up a space for equipment*

783 you gain scent, dark vision and improved hearing

784 seeing pretty girls gives you a nosebleed.

785 the target of the rod becomes terrified of the holder

786 your strength goes up 2

787 your equipment now weighs half its normal amount *any new equipment afterwards is not under this effect*

788 birds shoot from the rod attacking everything.

789 you become a being of pure good. Nothing can dissuade you from doing everything in your power to right even the smallest wrong.

790 your digestive organs fall out. If left unfixed will probably kill you.

791 you believe one of the items in your possession is a holy relic and must be both protected and shown to everyone.

792 any bladed weapon you wield gains vorpal.

793 Your Perform goes down by 5

794 everyone in your party looses all items they own. possessions, homes you may own, magical items, storage, everything.

795 Several dozen sharks fall from the sky! but 5 of them can fly!

796 Your Intimidate goes up by 5

797 you gain improved unarmed strike as a feat. If you have it already you now do one damage category higher with your unarmed damage.

798 all interdimensional space is destroyed, all bags of holdings and pocket dimensions cease to function and are now normal space. (anything in them has a 50% chance to come out, or be lost forever flip a coin)

799 anything you check in a dungeon is considered “safe” (but its just you failing your roll)

800 you become a centaur.

801 your lick paralyzes opponents on a DC 25 fortitude save.

802 your Knowledge local goes up by 10

803 you become convinced you are in fact a fallen deity and your greatest desire is to regain your lost powers (you are not a fallen diety)

804 your skin becomes invisible (your inner parts are visible) (charisma goes WAY down)

805 all water within 200 feet of you becomes saltwater. *this includes all your drinking water*

806 you become a giant.

807 the target of the rod falls in love with you.

808 the target of the rod is erased from history completely. They never existed *this may change past events*

809 You jump and fall as though you were at half gravity, everything is doubled for you for distance.

810 As an insanity effect you can hear everything the dm says.

811 You become aroused *for younger players just say they get excited about something.

812 DM’s choice

813 an elder wyrms cry can be heard somewhere in the distance. (no wyrm is summoned, but it can seem that way)

814 Your Ride goes up by 10

815 your fortitude saves go down 2

816 5 xill appear in front of you ready to fight anything nearby starting with you.

817 any weapon you wield gains banishing

818 the target of the rod now wants the rod very much and is willing to do anything to acquire it

819 roll 5 times, the target of the rod chooses 1 effect.

820 your weapon of choice becomes unbreakable.

821 war forged creatures appear and appear to be mad! They attack everything in sight.

822 All the hair on your body falls out.

823 Your voice carries a suggest spell at all time

824 you may only talk in the 3rd person

825 You love the taste of fish it becomes your favorite food.

826 you become a chibi version of your character. Size goes down by ½ and str goes down by 4 and your charisma goes up by 4

827 the target of the rod is fully healed

828 The tarrasque is summoned and wants to kill you, good luck.

829 you are addicted to water and must drink it whenever you see it.

830 You believe potions are suppositories. 

831 you believe you have a rock of destruction, it is in fact a rock…

832 You gain the ability to use the most powerful spells in the world, but have no inclination to use them.

833 You may at any time sacrifice yourself to kill any nondeity.

834 you always/never win initiative forever. *flip a coin to decide*

835 you can silent spell once a day.

836 You cant swear ever again, if you do you take 6d6 damage instantly (this goes for out of game also)

837 you may climb any surface as if you had spider climb *no roll needed*

838 your Acrobatics goes up 5

839 Music is always playing around you.

840 you always succeed appraise checks

841 Your body colors are inverted, and you see the world inverted as well. So you see yourself as normal while the world is wrong. This hurts spot checks, survival checks and such due to your bad visual sense.

842 Your Knowledge religion goes up by 10

843 Your mother shows up to nag you about never visiting

844 You become allergic to platinum, even carrying anything made of it gives you a terrible reaction that causes 1d6 damage an hour.

845 your skin becomes gluelike sticking anything you touch to you. pulling things off you causes damage.

846 you gain an aura of lightning

847 everyone in your party gains a level.

848 your intelligence goes down 2

849 you crave seafood.

850 You see random objects as your deity.

851 One event in your past is changed, you pick the event, dm changes how it went.

852 your Knowledge engineering goes down 10 points

853 You lose the ability to read and write.

854 any attack you do leaves a colorful rainbow behind it.

855 your hair turns white

856 you can shape change like a druid, if you are a druid you can shape change 1 extra time a day.

857 the pitch of your voice changes drastically

858 your hair grows VERY fast for 1 day. It can grow to nearly a mile if you don’t cut it.

859 you feel cold all the time, even in heavy clothing in summer.

860 You cannot respond to one persons existence ever. (dms choice)

861 Anything you say for a week is the opposite of what you meant to say

862 you always dream of really nice things.

863 you believe you are the most beautiful person on earth.

864 You take everything personally. And literally as well.

865 Your body is covered completely in tatoos!

866 You have a stalker who is an incubus or succubus who will follow you around but never help you fight, they are much stronger then you.

867 Your character develops a fear that the rod is going to do something horrible and sinister when they least expect it

868 A resilient sphear with a diamater 20 feet and hp of 400 appears around you and lasts until its destroyed. It has a hardness of 30. 

869 your Disguise goes up by 10

870 When trying to use diplomacy you bluff (lying about something unnecessary)

871 a marry sue character joins your party and tries to make it all about her unless you kill her or banish her to another plane

872 you can only say your name, (like a pokemon.)

873 you are changed just enough to need nonhuman gear, unless you are non human then you CAN use human gear.

874 You must pray every day for 4 hours to your patron deity, or a bolt of lightning strikes you randomly that day doing 50 damage *no save* the only way to stop this is to convince your deity to stop attacking you. (usually with a contact other plain spell)

875 the target of the rod gets 10,000 platinum

876 the rod of chaos fuses with the player, if the player ever points at someone the rod is used again, as if the player was using the rod towards whatever he is pointing at.

877 your dexterity goes down 2

878 you sparkle in sunlight.

879 You gain habits like a dog scratching behind ear, howling at mood, chasing carts ect.

880 You want to ride your mount everywhere. Even into dungeon crawls. (if you don’t have a mount you want to ride another player)

881 your eyeballs become huge granting you a +4 perception. ( and -4 charisma)

882 You gain the urge to toss anyone smaller then you.

883 Your head is detached from your body permanently but you do not die. (anything you eat goes to your stomach normally)

884 Clothes you wear become invisible in moonlight. (you do not know this)

885 You have the urge to open every door you see, if its already open you close it and open it again.

886 You become afraid of trees.

887 you split into 10 versions of yourself all with 1/10th hp and you control them via hive mind. (if they die they are gone forever)

888 A whale falls from the sky from several miles in the air

889 the target of the rod becomes a tree.

890 your charisma goes up 2

891 all magical items in your party cease functioning for 24 hours this includes cursed items as well.

892 you gain an electric breath attack that does d8’s equal to your hit dice. Its area is a 130 foot line. 

893 you become full as if you have just eaten a very filling meal.

894 your Appraise goes up by 10

895 you become a dragon changed.

896 you can still spell once a day.

897 Everyone you hate is given 1000 gold and gains a +1 attack bonus against you forever. If you ever touch the gold it turns to ash.

898 Your weight doubles, or halves. Your size category does not change.

899 You are branded as a traitor to every god and demon. If an evil or good creature comes in contact with you they will attack you.

900 You are transported to a random plain, if you use the rod of chaos again you are automatically transported to another plain, roll a d100, if you roll either a 1 or 100 you are brought back to your original plain of existence. You may only use the rod once every 24 hours when in another plain due to this effect. (you choose wether or not you want to teleport again or use the rod normally, if you choose to use the rod normally you cannot use it to teleport again)

901 You gain immunity to one form of energy damage, you also radiate that damage around you like a fire shield doing 1d6 of that damage to anything you touch or that touches you. You may turn this power off each day, otherwise it is permanently on. *the choice is made each morning* (so if you don’t want the aura you can choose to keep it off but that is ALL DAY you cant change your decision until the next day)

902 An exact clone of you is created like the clone spell, except this person is alive with your mind, except its alignment is completely opposite of yours. Its only goal is to completely destroy you.

903 You learn to speak every language and can take 20 on any knowledge check, this ability can be used once per year and lasts for 24 hours

904 You take 1d4 constitution damage for 10 rounds, if you die a giant wyrm bursts from your corpse and goes berserk, if you survive you spit out a tiny wyrm its growth stunted by your bodies resilience and it becomes your animal companion.

905 the target of the rod becomes a deity 

906 one of your arms and legs falls off and are replaced with a hook and a peg leg.

907 the target of the rod becomes aroused. *for younger players just say they get excited about something*

908 any friendly construct you touch breaks

909 every day before you go to sleep, you die in a horrible horrible way only to be revived in the morning with no negatives. (dieing normally is still permanent)

910 you are given a robe of the arch magi black in color.

911 when trying to determine a magical property, the conclusion is always “its magic”

912 your strength goes down 2

913 you always think north is UP (automatic fails for trying to find direction)

914 you may curse anyone as a free action.

915 You grow a tail

916 Somewhere on your person a map appears and your location plus the location of anything you are trying to track or travel to is also marked, the duration of the maps existence is 100 hours total, but only when viewing the map is the time used, the map must be used in 1 hour increments to fully get the effects of understanding it.

917 Your alignment shifts dramatically to some other alignment and affinity. Roll 2 three sided dice for the first dice they are 1= good 2 = neutral 3 = evil. For the second dice 1 = lawful 2 =neutral and 3= chaotic. You must reroll if you get the same alignment you had before. 

918 You become invisible as the spell greater invisibility. You cannot have it dispelled by anything but its duration is only 2 weeks. 

919 you lose all ability to talk without cursing violently at the top of your voice for 1 year. A remove curse can break it. *CL 30*

920 you are immediately addicted to either gambling drinking, drugs or some other randomly decided vice by your dm. to break the addiction you must somehow be prevented from the activity for 6 months after that the compulsion is removed. 

921 You are forever insane until you get to wipe out an entire race of beings, destroy a continent, take over the largest kingdom in the world, or wipe out an army single-handedly. (an insane character is still usable by a player)

922 a wave of pies shoots forth up to 100 feet, doing no damage but dazing any creatures it hits for 1 turn *base attack +10 *the pies are edible and come in many flavors*

923 Gravity is reversed for 1 minute in a 40 sq foot area around the holder of the rod. The rod wielder is immune to this effect as long as he/she holds the rod. They move normally in the area but anything they let go (such as dropping an item) will be subject to its effect *excluding the rod*

924 the rod holder grows 2 size categories but your body shape is rounded and your legs and arms do not grow, you are not immobilized but you lose your dexterity modifier and your AC changes due to your new size

925 Your Knowledge planes goes up by 10

926 All of your money is given to the church of the platinum dragon. A religious cult bent on resurrecting the god of alchemy. Their leader is a gnome named drag, a male conjurer who is completely insane.

927 All of dragon kind respects you

928 the target of the rod becomes incredibly hungry, eating anything it deems edible at all, its stomach has in fact become subject to a temporary teleport spell, no food reaches it and any in has been removed, while no harm is done directly, the subject may spend vast amounts of money *even stealing* to try and sate its hunger. The effect lasts for 24 hours. While in effect the subject cannot starve to death.

929 a powerful illusion is performed *major image* 10 copies of you sprout into existence all around you and are under noones control, they act as if a malevolent YOU was created and try to do as much mayhem as possible, though they are intangible they last for 1 day or until struck by the rod directly.

930 touching a magical device gives you all knowledge of how it works, and what it does

931 a group of barbarians appear and attack everything.

932 your shoes disappear

933 Your Knowledge geography goes down by 10

934 the target of the rod gets +10 intelligence for 1 month

935 you become a gnome.

936 randomly bad things happen to you! Thieves will target you, holes open in your pockets and bags. Shopkeepers sell the items your looking for minutes before you go to buy them. (once a day dms choice)

937 You become allergic to copper even carrying anything made of it gives you a terrible reaction that causes 1d6 damage an hour.

938 You are petrified

939 the target of the rod gets +10 constitution for 1 month

940 Your Knowledge religion goes down by 10

941 a floating orb appears in front of you, it glows softly with an inner light…if you touch it it disappears. It has no magical properties. (but it messes with the players minds thinking it was important)

942 you can never wear armor again.

943 beings of evil alignment don’t want to attack you anymore.

944 things you look at turn pink forever! (once a minute)

945 you can never wear belts again.

946 your eyes are now different colors. *if they were different they are now the same*

947 tornados shoot out of the rod and go for several miles before dispersing. *large objects may stop them before then*

948 the target of the rod gains a feat.

949 your Swim goes down by 5

950 you grow an extra ring finger on each hand. *+2 ring slots open* and +2 for grapples and against disarms

951 you can lengthen any spell once a day.

952 you are exhausted

953 any weapon you wield gains unholy

954 you can ask any object one question and it will try to answer you. *you can ask as many different objects as you want*

955 all of your gold is transferred directly into XP. This does not include platinum silver, or copper coins. Only gold. The ratio is 1 gold, for 1 xp. (this is only once and it is right now when the effect is done, you cannot transfer gold during this)

956 Anything you touch causes 1d6 acid damage and effects the environment *such as corroding equipment and items.*

957 shovels attack you whenever you are near them. 

958 everyone within 100 feet of you except for people in your party, become vampires. With all the positive and negatives that come with it.

959 you gain damage resistance bludgeoning 5.

960 beings of neutral alignment don’t want to fight you anymore.

961 all of your items and their magical properties are fused into one travelers outfit with the same armor class and bonus’s *and negatives* as the originals of everything. (you may now have a giant super travelers outfit that has a +15 enchantment that is cursed has vorpal, acid resistance and a dozen other effects, potions and such are all one time use like before but are now a touch spell for as the wearer)

962 1d100 exploding fruits rain from the sky doing 1d6 damage to anything they land near.

963 waste matter falls from the sky coating everything in a thick smelly layer of grossness. *this is very good for plants and heals them or causes them to grow to large sizes*

964 elementals attack the world in an attempt to take over the plain as their own.

965 your deity can never hear you.

966 people you hate catch on fire when you look at them.

967 your shirt explodes off of you revealing incredibly ripped muscles and powerful arms like that of an ogre, this is all an illusion that only you can see however *your shirt does explode off though*

968 you become addicted to poison. (you are not immune to It)

969 the target of the rod becomes a gnoll

970 channeled energy dosnt work on you.

971 damaging magic dosnt work on you.

972 a giant metal bird falls from the sky and explodes nearby.

973 your home becomes incredibly trapped.

974 healing magic dosnt work on you.

975 you gain energy resistance 5 lightning.

976 you have an aura of discomfort. Anyone near you feels bad and wants to get away.

977 A caravan appears with many guards. they carry an artifact of great power and are transporting it to sell to a nearby city.

978 you can absorb an infinite amount of water into you and release it at will. *your weight does increase because of the water*

979 you find no creature attractive ever again. *even charm effects no longer work*

980 Your Slight of hand goes up by 5

981 your body is put into so much pain that you cannot do anything unless you succeed at a dc 35 will check. If you do manage to succeed the dc goes down by 1 for each success in a row. *minimum 20 dc* due to the pain you are immune to all fear, pain, torture, and other effects that pain is associated with.

982 the rest of your day is terrible.

983 fate takes an interest in you, randomly making you reroll checks. Making the dc of things drastically different then normal, and otherwise doing weird things to you.

984 the target of the rod turns into a being of light. *elemental*

985 you become a great teacher. Able to raise peoples skills by 1 for every month you spend teaching them *up to your skill level* you must spend a large portion of each day to teach them*

986 you are now wearing a dress.

987 your eyes are now made of glass and you can pull them out to look at things if you want. If they break you are forever blind.

988 you fall at double speed *all falling damage is as if you fell from double the height with double the max damage cap*

989 your spine snaps, you are paralyzed from the waist down or the waist up. You do not die and can be healed with a successful heal check 35. If the check is failed by more then 10 you die.

990 a bear trap is created inside your pants. If you sit down it goes off *you are unaware of it*

991 a group of fighters appear and challenge you to armed combat to the death.

992 you become deathly afraid of the number 7. Anytime 7 of anything is near you you take a fear effect.

993 you are given a gun that shoots lightning bolts out of the front. It causes incredibly huge explosions wherever it hits. In reality it does nothing, everything about it is an illusion *though it may scare things*

994 your hands grow to twice their normal size. You can wield weapons a size category larger then normal with no penalty, but slight of hand, and disabling traps *anything you need to use your hands for delicately* is reduced by 10.

995 you are given a ring of spell turning.

996 your character cannot participate in the next battle.

997 a baby appears in front of you. Its made of living platinum worth 100,000 gold. *killing the creature automatically turns your alignment to evil.*

998 you are now wearing full plate.

999 you can extend any spell once a day.

1000 the rod of chaos duplicates itself so everyone in your group has one.
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Jakesdad on Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:29 pm

Please, please, please....NOOONE quote this in its entirety!

I'm impressed! Very creative work! I'm sure a lot of Grey Goose was swigged in its creation! :D I scanned through it (no I didn't read every one), but this would absolutely be a blast for RPers or DMs that like to cause a little chaos in their campaigns.

One question. What happens when the rod is broken (intentionally or otherwise)? Also, does the rod have any unique qualities to its appearance, weight, etc.?
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby TanaNari on Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:31 pm

I'm at 158. You have two "believes they can fly but really can't" effects in there.

Also, two "you become sterile" effects.
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Messenger on Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:37 pm

Aren't some of these too powerful? :o That one about the Ethereal realm going *poof!* really gets me. Yes, you did note that it will cause problems, but something that works on the very nature of reality that way from a rod of chaos is really too much. :o
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby JazzDingo on Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:03 am

I hope this was just a thought exercise.
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Maxpowers on Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:41 am

Hey Kyleldrete just finished reading great job first of all!
But there are a couple doubles that i found

663 whoever you point the rod of chaos at when this effect goes off, gets a duplicate of the rod of chaos.
670 the target of the rod gets a rod of chaos with all the powers yours has.

11. You gain a manabomb. A fragile glass bottle that appears to be a cure potion, that when broken explodes with a blast that levels everything within 1 square mile leaving a crater behind. The artifact however is intact afterwards it is reusable. The only way to destroy this artifact is to open the bottle, and drink its contents. Whoever does so must do it willingly for this purpose, and they die. Otherwise it is an empty bottle when they open it.
941You are given a manabomb. An artifact that if struck against any surface will explode with such power that it will level roughly 1 square mile and is capable of destroying an entire city. The bomb itself is not damaged by the explosion and can be reused if found.

Still you have a lot of really unique effects in there thanks for sharing :D
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Calista on Mon Jan 31, 2011 6:11 am

Messenger wrote:Aren't some of these too powerful? :o That one about the Ethereal realm going *poof!* really gets me. Yes, you did note that it will cause problems, but something that works on the very nature of reality that way from a rod of chaos is really too much. :o
It's a major artifact, naturally. If you put it in your campaign, obviously the intent would be to destroy it (and destroying major artifacts is no easy thing)... but there are quite a few crazy cults that would love to get their hands on it.
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby kylealdrete on Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:42 pm

thanks guys im going to fix those!!!

and the way to destroy the rod is to use it until it blows up XD.
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby m0rtimer on Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:04 pm

Hmm, let's see what I get...

OMG... I understand. I understand it all. The inner workings of the cosmics are now like child to...

Oh, its gone. Nevermind then.

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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Calista on Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:01 am

kylealdrete wrote:thanks guys im going to fix those!!!

and the way to destroy the rod is to use it until it blows up XD.

Yeah, this is one of those sealed-chaos-in-a-can solutions, isn't it?

Either that, or get summoned creatures to go to a demiplane and use it... then you could probably spam it for a while without worrying; and the summons won't be killed, just dismissed, because they're summons (though anybody who has it available and cares about others' well-being will have a Wish ready to reverse anything bad that happens to the poor critters permanently)... The #1000 result is a problem, though; probability dictates that if you get #1000 before you get a result that destroys the rod, you'll likely never be able to destroy it at all. And there's a fifty-fifty chance that the Astral plane is gone...

Yeah, you'd need multiple Wishes with the "reverse misfortune" function. Probably take a bunch of high-level spellcasters to do it...

Would you mind if I grammar-checked this list while I read through it properly and PM'd it to you to re-post? I know that there are enough grammar nerds out there that the general D&D-playing public would appreciate it.

You should consider sticking it up on the D&D wiki for other people to use. They've got lots of homebrew stuff there and this would be interesting. Needs a disclaimer, though--something along the lines of, "If you use this, I'm not responsible for blowing up your campaign! Best used as a target for a "search and destroy" quest or in a one-shot adventure, rather than as random treasure."
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby GholaMan on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:03 pm

yeah so i read every single last one. if it breaks it explodes like a nuke. and also has a chance of removing your ability to cast magic forever cause its an artifact. My only question is since there is 1000 effects how would you determine which one goes off?
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Calista on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:26 pm

Roll three ten-sided dice, very similar to the way you do when you're rolling on a 100-item list. Designate dice for the hundreds, the tens, and the ones digits. (Works best if you simply get a different color for the hundreds and use a normal set of d100 dice.
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Jakesdad on Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:58 pm

Calista wrote:Roll three ten-sided dice, very similar to the way you do when you're rolling on a 100-item list. Designate dice for the hundreds, the tens, and the ones digits. (Works best if you simply get a different color for the hundreds and use a normal set of d100 dice.

Usually, the DM makes these rolls, but in this instance, since the player is literally taking his life into his own hands, I'd have him/her make the roll.
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby m0rtimer on Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:10 am

Since this is too awesome to just die... i'm gonna make a die roll and see what I get this time :P

... Jay for snoring loud, FOREVER.

edit: 811 and 907 seem to be the same

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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Vrieman on Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:42 pm

AW, I just rolled a 95 - I just got a class change to baker :(
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby m0rtimer on Tue Feb 08, 2011 1:10 pm

I rolled 286...

You become rat changed...

... Appropiate.

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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby TanaNari on Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:59 pm

502... oh cra! *thud* oww.... who threw that... also, why can't I see the color orange anymore?
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Messenger on Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:50 pm

I just got damage resistance to magic 5! Yipee! :D

811 and 907 are similar. The subtle difference is that 811 affects the wielder of the rod while 907 affects its target.

Suggestion: group similar effects together according to their die roll. That way, it's easier to spot actual repeated effects while making any subtle differences more noticeable.
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Mykhailo on Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:39 am

This is great work! I may use this in (order to ruin) my campaign, so thank you as well!

I gave it a couple of spins, and ended up changing into something 3 times in a row: drow-demigod-cobalt. I miss being a demigod =(
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Messenger on Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:24 pm

Jakesdad wrote:Usually, the DM makes these rolls, but in this instance, since the player is literally taking his life into his own hands, I'd have him/her make the roll.
Not a good idea for effects that should remain hidden from the user of the rod, like:

kylealdrete wrote:990 a bear trap is created inside your pants. If you sit down it goes off *you are unaware of it*
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby crosswired on Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:32 pm

Just because the player rolls it doesn't mean they get to see the table...
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby Lumenaught on Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:56 am

This needs to become a sticky somewhere else.
Please, Goblin fans unite to find a proper place for this to live forever!

Also I got 886... I am now afraid of trees... Thanks....
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Re: the 1000 effect rod of chaos!!!

Postby SGTdude on Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:26 am

307 your Bluff goes up by 5

Ha! See the results of my analysis on the comic ARE correct. You just need to accept that I am right.
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i like this

Postby randint on Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:54 pm

My first though was "this sure could cause a lot of chaos".
Then I rolled 680 (from that random int generator above)... I guess i should be happy it wasn't negative, but I kind of expected more chaotic stuff. Still like it though, and I'm amazed someone put this much work into it. Kudos.

Anyway, on another note, 65 and 158 sound very much alike.
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