June 2 2009 - What makes your teeth shatter?

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June 2 2009 - What makes your teeth shatter?

Postby VictoriahNichole on Tue Jun 02, 2009 7:36 am

Hope it is okay to post a new topic. You said to discuss it in the forum, if we are so inclined, but there wasn't a thread to do so yet when I got here.

What about questions about BOYS? I suppose in a way that might kinda fit under "body", but not really.

My family never really discussed political questions until I was like 13. Maybe kids are different today, but when I was Katie's age, politics didn't really interest me at all. Not like I could vote, anyway. When I was 14, I declared I was a Democrat just to be rebellious (like my entire school was conservative ... lol). In 1988 I wanted Dukakis to win, but by 1992 I was out of my rebellious stage and I did not want Clinton.
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