best typo ever!

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best typo ever!

Postby webkilla on Wed Jun 13, 2007 11:29 pm

lo' thar - long time comic reader, first time un-stalker... something

anyway - today's comic...

I can hardly even begin to imagine the horrors of PUBIC RIOTS! hahahaa!

oh Al, how do you come up with this?
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Postby Tom Radigan on Thu Jun 14, 2007 4:03 am

Even better: at a college computer database class I had a decade ago, the professor wrote the phrase "PUBIC DOMAIN" on the blackboard. I pointed out that fact just after she wrote it down, to the amusement of her and my classmates. :)
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Postby Alan Foreman on Thu Jun 14, 2007 11:55 pm

Being dyslexic means I see what SHOULD be there. If it's the right shape I won't notice the typo so I'm at the mercy of the spell checker.

Laugh it up chuckles. I'd like to see how well you write without the ability to spell.
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Postby alphamule on Sun Jun 24, 2007 1:18 pm

Try spelling without the ability to write! lol Imagine speaking words all your life and not knowing how to read and write. Spelling would not even be on your radar.

I'm glad that I can type, as I'm often too LAZY to write anything by hand.
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