You don't suck, so stop complaining

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You don't suck, so stop complaining

Postby Bruce Bergman on Thu Jul 13, 2006 7:30 am

Well, you DO suck, but it's the good kind - the kind of "You Suck" that makes everyone wish they could make their best artwork efforts look better than a dashed-off "Sticky" episode.

Dyslexia is something you are NOT ALLOWED to get all bummed out about, woe is me, I'm a worthless git... Snap Out Of It!! :o It just means you have to suck it up and work a bit harder at your reading and/or writing.

And once you find work-arounds for your particular stumbling blocks, to a certain point it gets better. Ask my brother - not a lightning fast reader but he cruises right along now.

So quit complaining and get yourself a proofreader. Send the pages to someone, put them on a password-protected or hidden page, or get a friend or family member to come in and look at the stuff on the computer screen. Have that second set of eyeballs check for obvious cock-ups before you stick it up on the web for general public praise (and occasional mild ridicule).

And you must be doing something right, I only found one tiny nit in the newsbox, one that a spell-check would miss since it's a context problem - reigned, not rained. :oops: You're the one living in a monarchy, boyo... :lol:

And there's one other advantage: If you get someone else to proofread, you can follow the time-honored tradition and pass the buck - blame them for missing it. :smug:

Bruce Bergman
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Postby Cyberpawz on Mon Feb 05, 2007 9:55 pm

Bruce, I have to ask, do you have Dyslexia?

Dyslexia if severe enough can be debilitating, it can't be cured by medication, it can be only moderately corrected if it is mild. Nor is all dyslexia is based on language.

Switching numbers, or letters in a series of numbers, or words are the most common example of dyslexia, but just like epilepsy it isn't the only variation.

I myself have Dyslexia, and I'm also Epileptic, I am probably one of the most intelligent people you will ever meet in person, with a 6th grade math level, I have a 165 IQ... if I had where I should, I'd be closer to 200... but it doesn't mean squat to me, nor should it matter to anyone else.

The fact is that my form of Dyslexia actually is two fold, comprehension and numerical. I have a hard time understanding concepts that normal people take for granted, and my math skills are atrocious. I may not let it bother me sometimes, but trust me there are days I wonder where I would be if I wasn't the way I am. I'd probably be a pilot for NASA, or over in Iraq right now flight a fighter jet, or on the ground being a leatherneck...

Because of my Dyslexia I am held back, not because of my will, but because of my disability, I attempt to do things, but because of it, I can't do it as well, or as fast as someone who isn't Dyslexic can. Trust me, my failures aren't due to the lack of trying either... when it comes to it, there are times I just have to realize, there are some things in this world I can't do, or wasn't meant to... so I either sulk, or get over it.

Dyslexia can be frustrating... So let Allen rant, trust me unless you've been in his or my shoes you really don't know what its like, and sometimes letting people rant is good for the soul.
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Postby Reuven on Tue Feb 06, 2007 4:25 am

I like how the opposing team is named AssHat1, AssHat2, etc. :D
Um, err.. yeah.
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