Con schedule!

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Con schedule!

Postby jameslgrant on Mon Mar 26, 2007 6:18 pm

EDIT Sept. 7th, 2007

Well, that's that! Con season for 07 is now PUT TO BED!

Next year will probably be very similar.... BUT WITH SOME NEW ADDITIONS! Stay tuned!

We shall be attending the following cons so far this year:

- Cape III!
Been in since Day 1, no sign of stopping.
We shall probably be situated, as usual, directly behind Scott Kurtz. Last year we also had James O'Barr directly across from us, which was a learning experience. Of all the cons we do, you NEED to go to this one: it's fucking FREE! Lots of free shwag. We actually attend this for two reasons:
A) the fans
B) We seriously load up on free shit.

- A-Kon 18!
Third year in a row at A-Kon! One of the biggest anime conventions in the USA, so we still have no idea how we got in. This year we shall be in a comics alley with Randy Milholland, Scott kurtz (again), Jenni Breeden, the guys from VG Cats, Jin Wicked, Mookie, Josh Lesnick (that rat bastard) and many more! Of all the cons we do, you NEED to go to this one: It's full of horny young fangirls and there are lots and lots of things to do!

- Animefest!
Tried it last year, liked it! once again, an Anime convention! Why are we invited to these things? Who gives a goddamn when you can wander around looking at hot cosplayers? Of all the cons we do, you NEED to go to this one:

...OK, I got nothing. We'll be there! That should be fucking reason enough!

As always, any one of these things will give our fans the following bonuses:
- Meet Mel and James! Get autographs! Watch in glee as James tries to bite your arm off, and Mel beats him into submission with a sack of potatoes!
- Merch! Schwag! We usually bring a free comic book and stickers to these things, but it should be noted that (especially at A-Kon) these things bleed out goddamned fast! if you're one of the few who actually brings money, we have the plush toys, shirts, comics, etc! Plus there's a chance that we'll have an afterparty. We are not responsible for any injury or death that occurs at these things. If nothing else, you can buy our stuff without having to pay for shipping!
- I randomly inject one of our fans with a near-lethal dose of PCP at every convention! Laugh in abject horror as one of our fans strips naked and picks a fight with a state trooper! If you're the lucky recipient, enjoy the life-altering ride and prepare for plenty of time behind bars!
- Did I mention the afterparties? They are legend.

So come see us! Or we'll kill your fucking dog, I swear to God!
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Postby Katballou on Mon Mar 26, 2007 6:27 pm

Don't forget to say hello to the henches when you come to the cons. We get lonely while J and Mel are doing panels :D
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