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If Out There Were A Cartoon...

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:29 pm
...How do you think the characters would sound like? :D I'll take a stab on some. I can't envision a current character at the moment to compare to any of them, but feel free to do so:

Miriam: A slightly sultry, even gravelly voice to match her looks, sprinkled with a light playfulness and even mild amusement.

Sherry: More of a "regular", light voice, laced with common sense and reason.

John: Definitely low-key, level-headed, and boring sounding, yet like Sherry has common sense and reason.

Chuck: Boring sounding like John, but "okay".

James: "Hip", "cool" voice, laid-back.

Clayton: I see him as having a amusement in his tone, like Miriam, but with a medium baritone--when he isn't soused.

Araceli: Actually firm, and a tad strong for a female, but nevertheless feminine.

Rod: Could sound snobbish (lawyer, after all), just short of sounding British, but distinctly American.

Martha: Far more gravelly than her daughter.

Wally: Envision an athlete who says, "you know" every other sentence while giving a casual interview about his play, and there you have it. Use you imagination. :)

Rebecca: Actually, annoying and whiny in spurts.

Steven: One of two possibilities: Think TRUE British accent. (Cockney sounding) Or, a REALLY laid back, monotone, American accent.

Meh. Speculate. :D :rootbeer:

Re: If Out There Were A Cartoon...

PostPosted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 2:15 pm
by LadyGrinningSoul
I think you've got Miriam and Martha down.

Ari I think would have more of a little-girl voice than you're giving her; with a lovely Latina accent of course.

I hear Chuck with a very strong, sophisticated-sounding diction.

Definitely don't hear Steven with a British accent. Mid-western maybe.