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Fire Pro Wrestling

PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2007 2:19 am
by Kroggin
Hello there readers, I love the comic god Marceline is one of my favorite Characters, she is brutal, sexy, and well she looks hot when she is smoking.. But thats besides the point. I noticed that you guys do allot of games that are imports. But the few that i have come to love where never mentioned. So i thought hey why not post the games here. The games are as follow: Namco X Capcom, Super Robot Wars (there are a few of them), But one of my favorite imported games finally made it to the states.. Now yes it does not have the best graphics but the game play is awesome its called Fire ProWrestling. Which of course is so much better then the smack down series, Now i am not going to try and bash the serious its just Fire Pro is better. If you have the time and the 20 or so bucks to get it do so. You might be surprised what old school graphics and great game play can do.