So why is everyone so buff?

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So why is everyone so buff?

Postby Jorpho on Fri Nov 03, 2006 9:01 pm

Greetings. I thought I would stop in since I do find myself checking out this comic on occasion, but find myself constantly posing the same question...

Would it be unreasonable to say that one would typically not expect a group of game reviewers to, ah, have such a high level of physical fitness? At the very least, it is not something typically seen in webcomics of this nature.

Yea, Barrett and Kraig were shown lifting weights in the October 20 comic. One might thus ask in addition: is this not an activity that seems unusual for game reviewers to indulge in?

But then, to accuse this comic of deviating from realism is to make a superfluous accusation indeed. So if it's a stylistic choice, then, is it purposely done to merely be distinctive from other gaming-related comics? Or is it an actual backlash against the popular perception of game reviewers (or game players) in general? Or is it simply that Mr. Kerns prefers to draw physically fit characters?

Such are the mysteries that this comic leads me to ponder.
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Postby Shiroi Kaze on Fri Nov 03, 2006 11:50 pm

Nah it's a fair question... and it's actually funny if you look at Barrett, his neckline, shoulders, and just general build have grown since the comic started. The muscles on Kraig were always planned though since he's the good looking but often dim-witted character. Broderick has remained pretty puny though... even if he is a robot, but he was definitely scripted from the start to be a rather wimpy guy.

So yeah the body types are for the most part intentional, but it really does have a lot to do with my background artistically. I grew up on Marvel comics and Jim Lee... in fact if you check the thread about the "botched joke" that got cut today you'll see a style that's pretty close to how I drew as a kid... but then as more anime and games with distinct Japanese styled characters like Ninja Gaiden and Street Fighter started to influence me... my style changed... but I still had those fundamentals in superhero anatomy.

Before God Mode the comics I did were very much action oriented... the little arcs that I've done of Marceline's battle with her dad are kind of a nod to that. Of course most male characters in games have a pretty buff physique anyway so I guess it is an advantage to know how to draw those types of characters.

So to really answer your question... the characters aren't intended to represent a general gamer or game reviewer physically... they were designed purely to be eye catching. I do occassionally throw in more out of shape gamers though, like Dieter the fat German kid or just background characters and such.
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Postby Jorpho on Sat Nov 04, 2006 7:11 am

I see. No upcoming backstory about Marceline's secret stash of steroids, then?

At least the deathly pallors seems to fall within expectations. :lol:
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