Gone for 2 weeks

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Gone for 2 weeks

Postby Shiroi Kaze on Sun May 14, 2006 9:16 pm

Well tomorrow morning I hit a plane for Japan for 2 weeks. I'm going to be studying at the Joshibi art school in Tokyo doing a series of animation workshops... I'm even meeting the director of Pokemon.

I might be able to check in from Japan, but enjoy some flashbacks while I'm away... there's also going to be a new family member of Marceline's introduced.... we'll also have some guest strips after we hit strip number 100.

Oh and if you missed out on the God Mode sampler on Free Comic Book Day, they are on sale in the keenspot store... it features an original strip I did just for the sampler.

Ja matta ne mina!
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Postby DasPitchfork on Mon May 15, 2006 11:31 pm

I was actually wondering where in Japan you were gonna be, since I'll be in Sendai for a few weeks starting Thursday. Since you're apparently the only other webcomic person in the world who still likes 2D fighters, I was gonna say it would only be proper if you and I had an epic throwdown in a Japanese arcade. Oh wellz.
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