6-10-07: Just watching lots of different stuff, today...

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6-10-07: Just watching lots of different stuff, today...

Postby thePOTS on Sun Jun 10, 2007 6:21 pm

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So I took a day off today. It was weird, I'd only worked two days since vacation, and yet felt exhausted, like I'd been running on all cylinders for weeks. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that during my trip, I probably only slept for about 7 hours the entire four days, which is alright with me, since I had a blast, but after a while the body just doesn't want to hold up, and today was one of those recharge your batteries kinda days.

Speaking of cylinders and batteries, tonight was the first time I watched PIXAR'S CARS from Disney. Now, I'll admit, it wasn't a perfect film, but it was a real cute movie. Owen Wilson and Paul Newman were great in their roles, not to mention when watching it in High Definition, you look at it and just get amazed by things like the water effects. I really enjoyed it, as it had humor and drama, and of course, that lovable "Cosby Show Ending" that every Pixar film seems to. I can TOTALLY understand why this film seems to connect with 2-5 year old boys better than most, since my nephew Drew is constantly saying, "Cars, cars, cars..." Which gets mixed in with some jibberish that apparently my sister, can understand without hesitation, but me? I feel like I'd need about 6 drinks in an hour to understand that much, heh.

I also watched 5 episodes of THE TUDORS, the story of Henry VIII and his kingship and courtship of Anne Bouline. I'm sure I spelled her name wrong, but if you have NOT watched this show, YOU NEED TO. I'm amazed at how well they keep to history, while still making it highly entertaining. It does seem a little odd that every time the king plays a sport, he loses, and yet maintains his court and leadership. A pompous ass, but yet still overly commanding, this first season has to do with his constant change in stance with whether or not he wants a treaty with Spain or France, and his introduction to Anne. It is an amazing array, and the only thing I would fix for the second season is brightening the lighting in the show. Sure, I understand that they used candle-light, but you are utilizing High Definition, so brighten it up some. All in all, though, check it out if you haven't.

On the comic end of things, we're still in search of an artist for DEAD SONJA VS. THE ARMY OF DARKNUTS, and nothing really seems to be materializing here. We would like someone kind of cartoony or maybe even manga-y, but I just want it to get made. I may revisit trying to get AP Furtado to participate, but it was just the largest stroke of luck that he found the time to do the first one, and I'd hate to have him think that I don't trust that he's too busy with his own projects, which I know he is (check out apfurtado.com when you get a chance).

I've decided when I find some time that I really need to hamper down and knock out THIEF. Eric was telling me that on his art page, that the hits for those pages EASILY are three times higher than any other project he's worked on, and that's because we both truly see the project as a first, and it really needs to see a quality end that neither of us have hit previously. Heck, even before that story is finished, I'm already being courted for a webcomic site and publishing, and we haven't got the script done yet (Though Eric is at least 2 full comics into the art, if I remember correctly).

We're about to the point in THE ARDY VANSTARR ADVENTURES where we will be introducing a new character to the story, but I'm not going to say more about it, other than you'll see a lot of him...or her...hehehe.

Finally, I'm considering where to take LANDIS next. I am actually considering finding a model, taking photos and then drawing from the photo reference. This would be a long, painstaking process, but I could only figure that the final product would be amazing...but I'd also have to figure out who to use as a model, and then find the time to snap a thousand photos to use...not to mention, I'm already thinking if I did that, I'd want to do it very Sin City -ish with the lighting, high contrast black and white. Very Specific light sourcing...which means finding a place to take those kinds of photos, as well...eh, who knows, wishful thinking right now.

Thanks to all the kind comments for the HULK piece, folks, as much as I like full color, I simply love that art style that much more.
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