6/8/07: Back from Vacation...too bad its over...

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6/8/07: Back from Vacation...too bad its over...

Postby thePOTS on Fri Jun 08, 2007 7:30 am

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Wow, can you believe its been 4 days since I left? Wow...man, I hate that. it like flew by, which is funny because at one point during the trip, my wife, Christy said to me, "Don't you hate it when days just drag on?" And I said, "Fuck no...vacation SHOULD drag on...its all those work days that need to fly by..."

We saw a lot of funny things while we were gone, but overall, it was your regular vacation... lots of drinking, gambling, forgetting where the room is, and so forth. I really enjoyed my time away from here, but really wish I had handled the money a little better...

I was playing 3 card poker on the last night with $200. I got it up to anywhere between $500 - $600, and that would have left us decent for the week, but I was so drunk during the time that A) I never counted my chips and B) when the streak of hotness ended, I didn't see it until the chips were gone.

It was too bad, as well, because I really had fun, but the $200 was the last of my gambling money for this trip, and when I say the last of the gamble money, I mean THE LAST of it.

This was the first trip where I really attempted to play table games, and when I head back up at the end of next month, I'm going to play the tables a little harder, since there are some games I really want to try out (Texas Hold'm Table, and Let It Ride, both of which on slower nights you can play for about $5 hands). I enjoyed my time, and had my winning moments, and the wife and I DID come back with some money, and lots of candy, heh.

I missed everyone here, but unlike my wife, who'll probably blog the entire trip out in detail (and I may link everyone to it), I just didn't have a lot to say about it.
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