6/2/07: Two days til vacation and I wanna blog...

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6/2/07: Two days til vacation and I wanna blog...

Postby thePOTS on Sat Jun 02, 2007 5:19 pm

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Alright, so I've now decided that I'll be posting this blog on the Keenspot Forum for LANDIS and THE ARDY VANSTARR ADVENTURES...why? Why the hell not? I am the moderator for the blog, so why not give my opinions and such in yet another forum...I mean, shit, I'm only posting it four places now, right? That's still less sites than are posting fake Paris Hilton naked videos (and some real ones, too...that girl doesn't seem to mind showing them little titties to anyone).

Alright, enough with being a guy, now its time to write...

So I know this person, calling them a friend would be a kick to the nuts for all my real friends (or a bite of the ass for the female ones), who seems to have a really high personal opinion of themselves, even though its so obvious this has only been inflated by his mother grabbing his cheek and telling him he's a handsome little man. My question is this...where in the blue hell do these people seem to think this from? I mean, we all know someone like this person, and hell, some of you have even met the one I'm talking about, and I don't want to sour him at all, so I'll call him Rayner. Anyone who can catch the comic reference, buy yourselves a cookie!

So I got into a conversation with him one time, and it went something like this. "So, Kevin and I were having this conversation, and we agree with Hugh Laurie from HOUSE when he said, '5's date 5's, 7's date 7's, and so forth...' The only obstruction to the rule is typically Money." (At least, that's when you don't have the sparkling cider based personality that I've got)... So anyway, he actually says, "Whoa, buddy...don't go lumping me in with you here..." To which I just look at him and state, "You shit, I've got a hot wife, so what does that tell you?"

He was left for a second without a response, and then stated, "Yeah, we're still not sure what you gave her to keep her around that long..." And then was like, "But dude, I'm a hot guy. I'm a sexy man..."

I looked back, with Dane Cook comments going through my scatterbrain and what came out was none to pleasing to anyone's ego..."Just because your mom tells you when you get home, doesn't mean its true..."

Sick Burn. Knockout...I believe I hear the bell.

I have to hand it to the guy, though...thinking he is "hot stuff" enough to have the balls to ask a girl out is not something everyone has. Hell, I didn't have it until like 11th grade, and even after that, when I knew I was out of my league, I had to bring a friend with the first name Crown last name Royal with me to the bash just to muster up the words. But you know what?

I've never claimed to be a sexy man. I'm my own worst critic. "No one can hurt me as long as I make the harshest jokes about me, " right? Truth is, I know I'm not a bad looking guy, but I also know that I have one of those personalities that place me at the front of the line of other 6's and 7's (depends on if I've cleaned myself up, heh).

Anyway, Rayner just makes me laugh sometimes. However, one thing you begin to learn is that you can state your lack of desperation, only to have the truth shine through by your actions.

None of us know the answer as to why Christy loves me...I mean, sure I'm a charmer, and we both love to bust balls, but that's a blog from her unto itself, I'm sure.

So my trip starts on Monday at about 3:30, (sweetheart, don't stick around the bar, get home ASAP, we want to miss Washington traffic if we can), I get to bust out the EZ Pass and the GPS, and go up to Atlantic City, where I hope to be by 1pm at the latest. For the first time, I'm not really in a rush to get up there, I just don't want to fall asleep on the drive. I'll probably be up til about 11:30 the night before anyway, so I'll be on maybe 4 hours of sleep...that's if I do everything I have to before we leave (pack, shower, etc).

I love trips like this, and I hate them at the same time. Its a little rough, since its a 7 hour (+) drive both ways, and I have to be back at work on Friday.

Derek actually didn't get mad at my inspirational statements in our gamebook (our bible), since I only want them to call me with performance numbers, but remember to get EVERYTHING done, because the LAST thing anyone wants when they get back from vacation is when you have to catch up on all the work since you were the only one DOING ANY work before you left.

I think he understands what needs to be done, but I told him I needed his I-9 form already, and he's still yet to give it to me. Geez...do you want to get paid?! Heh.

Anyway, you folks MAY NOT hear from me for a couple days while I'm up there, unless I can figure out how to use my phone as a modem, since the hotels/casino typically charge I think $8 per 24hrs to use the internet, and unfortunately, I'd probably only be posting a blog of how much I've lost, so it isn't worth even more money to do so...don't fret, though, any interesting winnings I see I'll be sure to attempt a snapshot, though no guarantees, since I guess I can technically be tossed out for it...and we don't want that.

Oh, and I got the COOLEST case for my Nintendo DS...its made by NERF and is an official product from Nintendo...it's just awesome...you have got to find one if you have a nintendo DS...
Take Care,

Rob Potchak
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Postby ShardZ on Sun Jun 03, 2007 6:19 pm

I must say, the new art style is really something! :D Sort of cartoonish (as I suppose Ardy would be) but still with that noir "old school private eye" look. (No, I hadn't checked it out until the recent ad. I guess I just kept checking the Landis site, where not much news seemed to be posted.)

Best of luck with the new endeavor! And increasing exposure to the comic(s), of course.
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