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Ad in Keenspot

Postby Defenser on Mon Dec 19, 2005 6:22 am

Finally there is ad for Landis in Keenspot...

Congratulations, Owen and Rob :)

I had to re-register, due to forgetting password to my previous account. This is my first post to Landis-forum, though.
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Postby thePOTS on Mon Dec 19, 2005 7:43 am


This is actually the third ad we've had, but thanks for noticing...hopefully it will bring us a ton more hits than what we're used to, and today alone (it's only 10:30 on the East) we've already got well over 4000 unique hits!

It means this month we will probably DESTROY any previous month, and we should also cream our biggest week numbers, although last week's 10330 is the biggest we've had without an ad.

Again, thanks a ton for the support! Without every person showing up, the comic wouldn't be getting the hits it deserves!
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