Biggest Week yet...

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Biggest Week yet...

Postby thePOTS on Sat Dec 03, 2005 7:24 pm


This week will undoubtedly mark the first week (without any main page advertisements) that LANDIS will go over the 9000 person mark. This is AWESOME!

If the comic goes over 10,000 "unique" hits, meaning your IP address can only register once per day for updates, I will give away something special...I will give away an autographed copy of LANDIS' first appearance to one lucky fan of the site. (Scorn: HEATWAVE #1, circa 1997)

Here's the main rule for it. After you've "hit" the site, you will need to post into the forum under a post that everyone will be able to reply into. I don't care if the response is, "I went, too..." I just want to get your Keenspot name and such, and I'll send a private message to the winner.

If we get 15000 unique viewers, I'll Handdraw a headshot of your favorite character from the story AND give someone else the copy of the Scorn Comic.

If you get your friends to come on and say you referred them onto the site and make a reply to the post, it'll DOUBLE your chances of winning the contest...

This contest is NOT endorsed by Keenspot, but I will try to get the winner's name posted on the Website as the "FIRST LANDIS CONTEST WINNER..."

So get cracking everyone. Starts MONDAY at 12am PST...and you can make the REPLY to THIS message, or I'll probably start another post entitled: LANDIS CONTEST REPLIES...
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