Thoughts and Prayers

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Thoughts and Prayers

Postby thePOTS on Wed Nov 30, 2005 7:29 am

I thought this was a better place to post these comments, since they were attached to my blog, and they are there for Chris.

I hope Chris and his family are safe, since I have a famiilar experience from a couple years ago when my town was without power for three weeks due to a snow and ice storm in NC, and it was totally NOT fun.

Here are two responses from my blog, so Chris can see that others care about him as well...

Dr. Falter Noir said...
Sorethumbs is static as well. Maybe someone should try and reach Chris?
I've been readng Sore Thumbs for a couple of years now, and this is the first that he's missed an update.
Hope all is well. Darn that turkey.

7:41 AM

WarriorHuntress said...
Hi, this is from a person that has just become a member and has been reading your online comics for a while now. I have just turned on my computer and saw the statment about you and your mom's. I hope that everything is okay with you guys. I pray nothing happens to you and your mom's. Goodnight and sweet dreams.


5:38 PM

Thanks for listening.
Take Care,

Rob Potchak
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