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Postby thePOTS on Thu Oct 27, 2005 5:22 pm


I'd been talking with Chris Crosby about it already, but Owen brought it into the forum. I'm currently looking for an artist for the second story arc of LANDIS.

I'm sure whomever is picked we'd be able to get you on the keenspotter's pay scale, and although I'd love to format it more for a daily/3X weekly standard comic strip, Landis has always been the kind of story that flows better as a book.

Here's what I'm looking for personally. Someone who can draw in a comic book style with good proportion, a good eye for females and of course, someone who can draw action without losing emotion.

If you are interested, either post me a link to your current site with samples, send them to my email address ( or I don't mind if you post art directly to here.

As a person who always wants to see their work in print, as well as in color, I'm not asking that someone that colors there work is a must, but it is definitely preferred.

Finally, if the artist chosen requires a page rate (that can be negotiated), my only thing there is that I would like them to relinquish original art, since it will be work for hire, and I am a collector of such.

Anyway, again, if you are interested, or know someone that you believe would be interested, have them get in touch with me.

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