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PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2001 5:10 am
by Quattro
Was wondering, who'd wanna have a party at D&B one night during the convention weekend? Someone mentioned it in the other CNAnime thread, and I think it'd be kinda cool, as I live right down the street <IMG SRC=""> and my cousin is a bartender there <IMG SRC=""> and I found a play card with over $50 on it already <IMG SRC=""><P>Let me know if you're interested. I could pick some people up on the subway line if they don't have a car (ie Josh and Coldacid) but I only drive a Civic, so I can only fit 4 other people. Then again, I 'could' take my crappy 13 year old van, which suppose to fit 6 others, but I once got 14 in there <IMG SRC=""><P>So, if you wanna party at D&B, let me know.<P>Quattro<P><P>------------------
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