AAR 103-104: New Year's Revelations: 3:51-3:55

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AAR 103-104: New Year's Revelations: 3:51-3:55

Postby jeffk on Wed Mar 29, 2006 9:10 pm

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Here comes Insanity Clause, here comes Insanity Clause, right down Insanity Clause Lane....

Previous week's GAS from Sylvan Migdal:
.2: In which Joe proves himself even less clueful than usual.
.3: And this is unusual how?

For most Avalonians?

And most interpretations of "lucky"?

3:51: Ciaran's home for the holidays. Proper sibling protocol must be followed.

3:52: On the surface, the sibling protocol picks up where it left off, with some particularly good cheap shots in the third panel.

But Ciaran knows what buttons to push. And we know her "social outcast" button still works really well, despite her new friends and, er, boyfriend.

3:53: Ceilidh and Ciaran are going to be in a heap of trouble when Cecil takes over the world. Not to mention a heap of wrapping paper.

3:54: I take back what I said about Avalonians not getting lucky at Christmas. It's New Year's when Josh always cranks up the Evil Machine O' Twistiness, not Christmas.

.2: We haven't heard from Alison, but we can hear the Evil Machine spooling up.

And Phoebe is way more relaxed than we've seen in a long time.

<looks around>
<turns laptop upside down for a few seconds>
<turns laptop right-side up>

.4: Sheesh, show up in a slinky red dress just once, and you hear about it the rest of your life.

.1: "Oh, hi Ceilidh"? What sort of mushy sweet nothing is that? ;-}

.2: Um, Ceilidh. Joe's a guy. The only way it would have struck him as odd is if Alison had hit him with the telephone.

.3: But fear not, Joe knows you can't have New Year's twistiness without a New Year's party.

Avalord of the Rings GAS: Ceilidh's last line is wonderful. Joe's last line is even better.

Forum Dive:

9951: 3:51: Posters relive sibling-infested Christmases past, while taking notes. Zippthorn provides additional two-column help.
9952: Christmas (and Solstice) time is here.
9953: Pronouncing Ciaran's name. Pronouncing Ciaran's name with multiple browser windows. Pronouncing Ciaran's name with multiple browser windows on ancient machines. Taking time out from pronouncing Ciaran's name to gloat about outdated computers with multiple browser windows.
9954: Ucchan's Internet service is back up.
9955: ISO TH mugs. Not ISO posters in rubber suits.
9956: How did Ceilidh become Scottish?
9957: 3:52: Is Ceilidh supposed to sound that childish? (I'd say yes.) Is Ciaran supposed to be shorter than Ceilidh? (Josh says no. Behold the power of Ceilidh Hair.)
9958: 3:53/3:54: Poor Cecil. Poor boardies, giving themselves whiplash enjoying the sight of upside-down Phoebe. Should we start worrying about poor party-free Alison, or can we stop worrying about poor carpet-cleaning Alison? Shampoo tasting. Josh is cryptic about the Meaning of Upside-Down Phoebe.
9959: Helene and mistletoe: art by NegZero, colors by Mzacher. Good stuff, as always.
9960: Lateral thinking from Fool: Importing shoes.
9961: How old are Ceilidh's parents? Josh's answer is a bit more interesting than he intended.
9962: Fan-art from Asha (link broken--not on either fan-art site, based on the dates)
9963: 3:55: Joe's hosting the party...what's the dress code? What's the music? And where's the sacrificial carpet? DW threatens to spread full-color PSL.
9964: Fighting fan-art and kimono-Phoebe fan-art from dDave.
9965: Sleeping-Ceilidh fan-art from Tae.
9966: Ceilidh fan-art, Vasquez style, from Caster. Link broken; but it's on his web site (scroll to bottom). Several people suggest similar treatments for the Bradley sisters and Helene.
9967: Done and done. Mzacher colors all three (links broken).
9968: GAS from dacut: Whaddya mean they don't have PSL for Phoebe?!? (And be careful about following links. Apparently Noelle wasn't.)
9969: Newbie poking/whacking/hockey-team taunting. Mostly the latter.
9970: dDave fan-art: Love Avalon (naughty bits strategically covered, but probably not quite work-safe).
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Postby GrassyNoel on Wed Mar 29, 2006 10:53 pm

Me against my brother.
Me and my brother against the cat.
Me, my brother and our cat against the world.

3:54: Alison misses Iain and doesn't feel like partying. That's sad, but we Lynchers get compensation by way of the view of Phoebe in panel 2.
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