Sounds like Sd'A

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Sounds like Sd'A

Postby Marcos on Tue Mar 14, 2006 10:32 pm

Here's a 30-second excerpt from some music I found online. Sure sounds like something from Sd'A, doesn't it?
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Postby Nick 101 on Wed Mar 15, 2006 3:21 am

Lovely piano music.
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Postby K A H on Wed Mar 15, 2006 2:39 pm

Rather nice if I may say so. It is not, I'm somewhat pleased to say, actually from Sd'A (I'd hate to think I'd been plagiarised, but then who in their right mind would plagiarise Sd'A? The music makes little sense out of context for a start), although it's not too far removed from the tone, so to speak, of some of the sketches I've been working on since the original hiatus.

I wonder what the title and composer of this piece actually are?

Sd'A is still progressing bit by bit. Not unlike "Avalon" itself. :)
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Postby Fool on Fri Mar 17, 2006 6:45 am

If someone did plagiarise Sd'A, would that be a com-poseur?
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