AAR 102: A Day in...the Bradley Family: 3:46-3:50

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AAR 102: A Day in...the Bradley Family: 3:46-3:50

Postby jeffk on Wed Feb 22, 2006 10:42 am

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Ack...confounded 50-character title limits...

Although I shouldn't complain. Now we know this should have been been called "A Day in the Life of the Bradley Family Before Raging Hellfires Consumed Us All". Good luck making that fit.

Yyyep, just out for a walk. No big deal. This is not the disintegrating marriage you are...well, "seeking" isn't quite the right word here, in more ways than one.

3:47: Sarah without glasses when no one's around. Compare and contrast.

And here's the great thing about kids. That special knack for asking the right question without realizing how wrong it is.

.2: Deirdre decides not to go there. Because she knows Feebs will.
.4: And at the top of the fourth panel, it's Noelle's Questions 2, Innocent Bystanders 0.


.1: It's more sporting to hurl insults verbally down the hall, or something.

.2: Why, little sisters have lots of valuable uses. You can set her up to inadventently tick off the other sister, and stuff!

.4: Kitchens, knives, and Bradley women. They go together like biology labs, knives...

Notice how nonchalantly Josh sets up the Post-Party Discovery under the cover of sibling squabbling.

3:50: Yyyep, just out for a walk. No big deal.

Sheesh, he might as well try fooling her with a Jedi mind trick. Goodness know talking ain't working.

GAS from S-D: Um, gee, that is an interesting sign. OBA (Obscenity By Accident) or accidental-on-purpose eye-catcher?

Forum Dive:

9928: Is Phil starting something with Gar? Or working his way up to starting something? Or just seeking advice, like Joe last week? If so, from Gar or Alison? DW tries to start a rumor. Josh worries about people recognizing the characters, especially Sarah who hasn't been on-screen for a year.
9929: The ghost of Dave Rhodes (insert various obscenities here) rises from the dead.
9930: The son of a... I mean, the son of the ghost of Dave Rhodes. Thread retained as evidence and entertainment. To quote Dogbert, "Don't you think that for your first crime you shouldn't attach your name and address and mail it to several thousand strangers?" Except Dogbert forgot about Keenspot profiles and IP addresses. :roll:
9931: 3:47: "Don't tell the children" and other parental pipe dreams.
9932: MMF parody transmogrifies into a game of Monopoly and/or kissing cousins.
9933: DW guest strip--I don't have the link. ["edit" after reading 9935] oh, wait, yes I do.


9934: 3:48: More accurate kid-dialogue. And more plaid.
9935: Looking for the link to the DW strip.
9936: 3:48: "Squirt"? Fool and Nick Pavlovski get Foolish on film. BYOSOA (Bring Your Own Stack Of Ashas).
9937: Any hi-res Avalon logos available?
9938: MegaFlicks GAS
9939: Ceilidh redefined?
9940: Alison fan-art from Caster13 (link broken).
9941: Proposals and examples (link broken) of more Tolkienized Avalon fan-art.
9942: Discussion on Tolkienized Avalon fan-art that generated the previous thread (not sure which pic, though)
9943: 3:49 discussion. Not much discussion, though, since all this talk about Noelle's party was just random silliness. As far as we knew.
9944: 3:50: Phil still acts guilty as hell, even if he isn't. Is Phil simply trying to get advice from Gar, or something more? Would Gar allow something more? What if Sarah thinks Phil's really at a bar? Is Phil being a Good Husband by doing the laundry, or is he simply good at washing away evidence? Josh posts a New Forum Poking Policy. (But neglects to mention that successful compliance also results in increased twistiness.)
9945: Hai-Etlik colors 3:49.
9946: Polarbee emerges from the dark cave of Working On My Degree.
9947: Commentary on guest art, I think (no link).
9948: Another victim of the Internet Archive anti-productivity virus.
9949: Local bus service to Avalon.
9950: Brainstorming for an Avalon CCG.
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Re: AAR 102: A Day in...the Bradley Family: 3:46-3:50

Postby Marcos on Wed Feb 22, 2006 10:44 pm

jeffk wrote:And here's the great thing about kids. That special knack for asking the right question without realizing how wrong it is.

They do, don't they? (Warning: Link is completely work-safe, but later chapters of the comic may be decidedly values-unsafe)
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