AAR 101: Stress #2: 3:41-45

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AAR 101: Stress #2: 3:41-45

Postby jeffk on Fri Jan 13, 2006 7:23 pm

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So there I was, so proud of myself for getting another AAR week out on the forum...and then Josh adds another strip to the AAR queue. :-)

The university application process continues as we see the difference between planning your future and scheming your future.

.2: Ceilidh succinctly sums up the silliness inherent in college selection. Although it would probably be more accurate to say "...to plan our entire futures, at least until we decide to change majors."

.3: And Phoebe succinctly sums up the angst inherent in Joe's college selection. Did we ever figure out if she was kidding about three degrees?

.4: Just in case we weren't sure if the old Phoebe was back.... :-)

3:42: :o A routine conversation kicks the "Whither Phoebe" speculation back into high gear.

3:43: Let's see...who suggested last week that Alan would try to pick non-Helene-able schools?

.3: I can't decide if Helene's "keep on the sunny side" personality's starting to rub off on Alan, or if he's just clueless.

Yeah, right.

3:44: Two clueless idiots debate the H&A "relationship".

I hadn't noticed the crushed can in .4 before, but I wonder if Joe always does that with his Barq's cans, or if he felt the need to work off a little tension just then.

3:45: Joe decides it's time to escalate the effort, and gets a dig in at Alan in the process.

Forum Dive: Unfortunately, "broken link" is a common theme this time around.

9887: 3:41: Why would someone with three degrees (unless Feeb's exaggerating) want to run a coffee shop? "Well, Thanks for springing that on us. There weren't enough unknown factors in the strip as it was." (You thought this was an unknown factor? Wait until the next strip....)
9888: What does the projective special linear group of 2x2 matrices with integral entries have to do with webcomics? Everything.
9889: Web comic cameo (link broken).
9890: Josh takes a week hiatus on account of work. But he can't resist taunting us with hints of events to come.
9891: Hai-Etlik colors 3:39.
9892: Rob's page stats reveal that Nancy's revenge may involve more than just The Bush.
9893: So what do we do during the hiatus? Spaceman42 suggests something, strictly for the benefit of other forumgoers, of course.
9894 and 9895: Damonk steps up with filler strips (link broken).
9896: Winter heat waves, misleadingly titled.
9897: Fuzzymoose fan-art: MacFarlane's Lantern.
9898: Random art-work (broken link).
9899: Damonk filler strip (link broken).
9900: KAH works up a "Souvenirs d'Avalon" CD cover (link broken).
9901: Waiting for Avalon book to ship.
9902: The Paco posts a little fan-filk of encouragement.
9903: OBIT: George Harrison.
9904: The hiatus might have to be extended...Josh needs a new scanner to go with his new OS.
9905: "Vampire Hunter" review.
9906: What's in Alison's head? (Yet another misleading title)
9907: Winamp skin of Ceilidh skin, courtesy of davey3000. Thread itself is work-safe, but the skin isn't :-)
9908: Darth Paradox fan-art (link broken).
9909: 3:42: End of hiatus, resumption of wild speculation. Is Phoebe removing Ceilidh's schools from her list, or adding them? Or did she manage to hang onto Ceilidh's list? (Josh says no, Ceilidh got her list back....he contemplated having Feebs turn in both forms at once, but the money would have complicated matters. "But either way, Phoebe got what she needed." Yep. Josh is back, alright.)
9910: Review of a review of (apparently a very small subsection of) Avalon (link to review broken). Leads to three-page discussion of web-comic reviewing w/ original reviewer and boardies.
9911: Could Avalon (or other web comics) be syndicated to school newspapers?
9912: Gwalla's MIA for a while...dead network card, dead ISP.
9913: Newbie poking (or does someone who's met Josh count as a newbie?)
9914: 3:43: Does Alan really think his plan's going to work? Does he really think Helene won't be able to get into those schools? And why doesn't Alan tell Helene the truth?
9915: New playroom for Fool.
9916: Art that could have been Deirdre as a blonde. Free account to the web site required. And a non-work environment <cough>.
9917: 3:44: Joe's reaction doesn't go unnoticed. (Neither does the crushed Barq's can.)
9918: Helene fan-art from mzacher (link broken).
9919: Necronovalon tech thread #2. Which nearly derailed my AAR work, thanks to the Book-A-Minute link.
9920: The Link Of The Banner. Only much, much longer, according to Josh's calculations. The link's not exactly broken, but it doesn't seem to be what it was at the time--no French puns (and no French either).
9921: Hai-Etlik colors 3:41 and 3:42 with white tights, per Josh's suggestion. (Erm, Phoebe has white tights, not Hai-Etlik.)
9922: Canada, sex, and sports.
9923: Tae's "C&J in winter" CD cover for SdA.
9924: 3:45: So what are people going to think about Joe asking girls for girlfriend-dumping advice?
9925: 3:45 (the official thread): Which expert will Joe and Alan consult, and what will happen?
9926: Another suggestion for keeping up with work, drawing Avalon, etc.
9927: OBIT: Willowbear's computer.
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