AAR 100: Stress: 3:36-40

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AAR 100: Stress: 3:36-40

Postby jeffk on Fri Jan 06, 2006 8:09 pm

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Happy New Year! Hope everyone's holidays went well.

This week, Ceilidh and Joe are forced to Ponder Their Future.

3:36: Wonderful facial expressions in this one, as Ceilidh goes from stressed to full rant to full freak-out. Not to mention Joe's expression as he shows Ceilidh the book (or hides behind it, I'm not sure which).

3:37: Ceilidh's got plans for her future. Joe, not so much. (Well, there are plans for Joe's future; he just doesn't quite have them to himself. But we don't know that yet.)

I'm having problems parsing Ceilidh's smart remark in .3. Does she mean "as opposed to 'any place as long as it's not Avalon, the farther the better'", or "as opposed to 'any place as long as I can party hard on my mom's money'"? I'm guessing the former, unless there's yet another way to read it.

3:38: Payback for Ceilidh's "hockey" comment.

.1: Ceilidh brings up the Real Question--well, from her perspective, anyway. Which was probably a reasonable thing to do, since Joe did bring up the subject of university applications.
.2: Joe dodges Ceilidh's Real Question....
.3: ...and if he doesn't clarify real soon, that's not the only thing he's gonna have to dodge.

3:40: Ceilidh backs down, and Joe gives his version of the Real Question, which manages to be even tricker than Ceilidh's. In a roundabout way, he also explains why he wanted to work on applications with her--moral support, not necessarily schedule synchronization.

Silly Non-Canadian Question: Is it possible (or was it possible at the time) to do some more high school? Would this be another OAC year, or something to that effect?

Silly General Question: Why would anyone want to do some more high school?

Forum Dive:

9855: 3:36: Why is Joe so excited about university applications? Anh Minh guesses correctly (misery loves company), KAH guesses correctly (Alan's Helene-dodging scheme), and everyone bemoans the mental and financial strain of application time.
9856: Fire in Queens.
9857: Coota announces that Burning Moon is publishing again.
9858: 3:37: More discussion of university application processes around the world.
9859: Symok tries his hand at strip coloring, starting with 3:35. Link broken, but it's in the Lynch Vault.
9860: Foust finishes his first archive dive, and goes through withdrawal. Pros and cons of guest strips.
9861: 3:38: Which department has the World Domination classes?
9862: Is it hard to switch majors in Canadian universities?
9863: Unfairly Subjective Avalon Quiz (link broken).
9864: OT: Anyone know how to create your own language? (Amazingly, yes.)
9865: Perpetual Newbie (Skaught) introduces himself with a couple of nice drawings. Links in forum broken, Ceilidh pic broken on Packy's art site, but it's still on Skaught's site. Deirdre/Tess available from either Packy or Skaught.
9866: "Shoot Me Now" sales pitch.
9867: Searching for human-anatomy book.
9868: Continuation of the 458th Strip Gala thread, which had become too large to view painlessly under the old board. No in-line graphics, but checking out any Gala thread at work is probably contraindicated. Following the links, even more so. (The unbroken ones, anyway--and there's more unbroken links than I expected.)
9869: 3:38a: Proving once again that we don't actually need a strip to comment on it. Pleasing plot twists only DW can see.
9870: John selflessly rescues cloudhibiki's bank account from the Avalon art auction.
9871: Art auction time warps? Josh discovers that RHPS is impervious to nuclear weapons.
9872: 3:39: Looks like Joe's reading Ceilidh better than Ceilidh's reading Joe. Although frankly, we're all doing a better job of reading Ceilidh, since we can't figure out why Joe's not doing a better job of handling Ceilidh right now (although theories abound).
9873: 3:39: Is Joe going to university? How academically motivated is Joe?
9874: Jen Aside's looking for animation stills.
9875: Fan-art from Hyung Sun Kim, inspired by DW's recent Alison guest strip. Link's broken, but let me follow the web site link in the sig...oooh... socks.
9876: Ucchan discovers the Powerpuff Girls Portrait Studio.
9877: 3:40: Ah, so that's why Joe is so stressed! It's good to see them talk through the problem. (Or did they?) In fact, it seems like most of the cast has gotten better about talking through problems this year. (Or have they?) What's the ideal college class schedule:
  • 12 hours of Underwater Basket Weaving,
  • A good mix between "Solving the World's Problems 101" classes and "Underwater Basket Weaving" classes, or
  • Anything as long as it's not before 11 AM or after Thursday afternoon?

9878: Ollie's Avalon fan-fic dream, or "What if they gave a movie, but Soul Train was on?"
9879: Why limit weirdness to just one language?
9880: Leonid meteor shower sightings.
9881: Josh asks for help in getting motivated, so it'll be easier to juggle the job, Avalon, and sleep. Lots of suggestions ranging from schedule control to simplifications to workspace to cutting back.
9882: School paper comic.
9883: New Degrassi = early Avalon?
9884: (Missing) guest strip.
9885: Damonk taunts Josh over a typo on Asha's fan-art page.
9886: The Black Narwal and Crazyfurries thank Josh for posting their guest strip.
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Re: AAR 100: Stress: 3:36-40

Postby Marcos on Fri Jan 06, 2006 9:34 pm

jeffk wrote:Silly General Question: Why would anyone want to do some more high school?

High school is familiar. University is new and scary.
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