AAR 98-99: Hallowe'en: 3:31-35 plus GASes

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AAR 98-99: Hallowe'en: 3:31-35 plus GASes

Postby jeffk on Wed Dec 07, 2005 11:35 am

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[edit: Added next link, fixed typo]

"GASes"? "GASs"? "GASi"? (No, scratch that last one.)

Anyway, sorry about the delay in AAR postings. I just finished a really useful class...with about two or three useful classes' worth of homework assignments. :-(

With that out of the way, Twist or Treat!

3:31: The crowd gathers, and Helene discovers a design issue.

3:32: And Ceilidh and Phoebe discover originality issues, requiring Joe's intervention. Since, y'know, he's a master of originality and all that :roll:

(Highland dancing outfit, huh? Let the speculation commence!)

.1/.2:Speaking of masters of originality, Alison debuts her Halloween "costume". But not for long.

.3/.4:You know how boys of a certain age will bug, tease and generally annoy girls as a sign of affection? (No, I'm not sure why that thought came to mind, just now.)

3:34: Yoikes, and away! More originality for Alison.

.1: Do you think the people in the van are cognizant of how jealous they are? :-)
.2: Dissenting opinion from Alan.
.3: :o And the problem with this mental image is....?

I haven't decided how to decode the look on Ceilidh's face yet. Simple observation, disgust, or "wish someone would unwrap me, hint, hint, hint..."

GAS (Sylvan Migdal): Oh, those death monkeys. Nice renditions of Joe and Ceilidh--different style from Josh, but still distinctly them. Except maybe for Joe in the last frame, but we haven't seen his skeleton in canon :-)

And as long as I'm here, I'll skip to the following week with:
GAS (Stuart Hipke): Alternative universe in which Alison finally gets an original costume that doesn't involve coffee cans, and someone other than Joe earns a Phoebe-smiting.

GAS (David Willis): In which we discover:
  • The real reason Alison has to put up with the long line of fanboys, or
  • DW harbours PSL for Alison (no, wait, we knew that already, didn't we?)

Although Alison doesn't strike me as the "hearts" type....

Forum Dive: Quite a bit of good fan-art inspired by the second anniversary and the Halloween costumes. Looks like I missed a couple of threads from last week, so I'll start there.

9805: Posters share their dreams, and other reasons to be frightened.
9806: 3:30: Josh and DW talk backgrounds. Alison and diplomacy (or lack thereof).
9807: 3:31: "Subtle factors" re: Helene's costume. Not-so-subtle fantasies re: Ceilidh's costume. Hosers 101.
9808: Josh-Art: Helene's Halloween costume.
9809: Why all the fuss over Nancy? Why is it so much fun to work her into fanfics?
9810: Alison fan-art from nzero. (This is artist's block?)
9811: Technical questions about Gala threads: Why does the timestamp change when there's nothing new? And why is it so painful to pull up? (Answer: Blame UBB.) The thread itself is work-safe, but there's one link that isn't.
9812: GAS commentary (the one that shows up on this week's page of the archive--Sylvan Migdal and 30% more death monkeys). Bad-pun commentary.
9813: Link to the Evil Overlord List. (Nancy needs to read this. The Nancy-Sheltering Bush already has. And Cecil wrote it.)
9814: Zero-san checks in after an extended absence.
9815: KAH finishes recording the "Souvenirs d'Avalon" pieces--recordings ready to go on line.
9816: Either a random e-wrestling fan, or a random e-wrestling spam. Probably the latter, but I'm cynical that way.
9817: MizuGoddess urgently requests an official ruling on Alison's eye color, and gets it.
9818: New Tim Horton's now-hiring ad: Now, With New Uniforms! Posters conjure up mental images of a much more satisfactory ad campaign, sending Deirdre PSL skyrocketing. And a much less satisfactory mental image (unless you're trying to sell bleach and steel wool). Finally a few of the mental images are translated to paper (most links broken, but not mzacher's).
9819: 3:32: Highland dancing outfit overanalysis:
  • Good to see Phoebe dressing up...
  • Or is she doing it to try to get Joe back?
  • Also good to see Phoebe sparring with Ceilidh.
  • Or is Ceilidh jealous because Phoebe fills the outfit better than she did?

Although Josh doesn't confirm this right away, GetTwisty seems to be closer to the truth. DW tries to put words in Josh's mouth, but then Josh says something twistier. Request for color art: granted.
9820: KAOVALON status.
9821: 3:32: Another Halloween, another well-earned Joe smiting.
9822: What to do for Avalon's second anniversary?
9823: Ceilidh vs. Phoebe: Who would win in a cat fight?
9824: What's in your music collection. And if you open this thread at work, don't freak when you read the title. Just take a deep breath, and read the title again. Granted, one subthread asks for preferred music while doing non-work-safe things, but the thread itself is work-safe.
9825: New Keenspace comic out...so come over and sign up to win THE MYSTERIOUS JAPANESE PRIZE PACK LUNCHBOX OF DOOM*.
9826: Kawaii warning: Helene fan-art from nzero accidentally launches attempt at world domination. Link broken, but I think it's in the Avalon art section.
9827: Josh's new print of Phoebe's Halloween costume (see 9819): Panting, drooling, and other outbursts of PSL. Also other definitions of PSL, especially when considering Phoebe's likely reaction to panting, drooling and other outbursts of (the traditional definition of) PSL. So is it healthier to harbour PSL for Ceilidh and Phoebe, or for Lara Croft?
9828: Another offering of love (and plastic) for the Phoebe print.
9829: Foot comment re: Phoebe print.
9830: "Souvenirs d'Avalon" is on-line! Lots of commentary and support. Discussions about cutting a CD, CD art, etc. KAH explains his on-line nick.
9831: Did Phoebe change her hair style? Josh: "Indeed, she has. Her entire style is changing..." Another poster hopes Phoebe has contact lenses..."or maybe that's why she dressed up like a Scottish dancer. I bet she thought she put on a Big Bird costume or something."
9832: 3:33: If Ceilidh thinks she can do better than Alison, then why didn't she do something better than a lab coat and safety glasses? Maybe she did...leading to a discussion on PSL, Halloween costumes, and how Ceilidh would look in PVC. Why didn't Alison do better in the first place? Admiration for the wings on Helene's costume. How will Joe's Helene-taunting end? Various options analyzed for maximum violence. Another instance of ABA (or in this case PBA...Pun By Accident).
9833: Kaos take over the world (or at least the thread) in an all-encompassing wave of kawaii.
9834: Is it going to be necessary to add a few weeks to Year 3? Josh confesses he actually needs filler--like this week--to cover the whole year. (Of course, I wonder if the Highland Dance Debate was really just "filler" :-) )
9835: Keenspace strip recommendations.
9836: Favorite concert composers.
9837: 3:34: Recycled costumes and stolen vehicles.
9838: Second-anniversary fan-art. And no broken links. Tristyn's drawing of Ceilidh and sword, Mizu's tartan-laden coloring of same, and lots of well-deserved babbling over both.
9839: Mzacher's second-anniversary fan-art
9840: Congrats on another year!
9841: Korivak introduces himself, gets poked.
9842: Josh thanks everyone for two years of support, conversation, fan art, and fan music. Several posters second the motion, and thank Josh in return.
9843: Star Wars Ep II trailers are out.
9844: Tick TV show.
9845: Who else shares a birthday with Avalon? Shatteredtower's siblings would have made a great lateral-thinking puzzle.
9846: Is Alison picking up Phoebe's depression?
9847: 3:35: The board happily follows Ceilidh into the gutter. (I wasn't the only person who appreciated the look on Ceilidh's face when she said that, even though there's several ways to decode it. Especially because there's several ways to decode it.) Apparently, DD and Ryan aren't the only people with mummies on the brain. Clerks quotes.
9848: Jen Aside's second-anniversary fan-art (link broken).
9849: Civ3 requirements > computer specs :-(
9850: What's Helene's cutest line--"Awww, they're hugging" or "Is not"? A couple of write-ins from "Ah, Spring" week.
9851: Jen Aside's thinking about doing a fan-animation; asks for suggestions.
9852: 3:33 in color--see the Lynch Vault.
9853: GAS (Stuart's alternative Halloween costume, DW's Alison leaving the counter): Good work on both. Wow, that's what Red #4 looks like. DW denies having PSL for his characters, with one exception. Maybe two. Hearts?
9854: 3:35.3: Another take on Ceilidh's expression.
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