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AAR 97: Lessons on Advice #2: 3:26-30

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:40 am
by jeffk
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Dr. Page, your next appointment is here to see you...

3:26: Gar tries to talk Alison into an attitude adjustment; unfortunately, the cosmos refuses to cooperate. Or the customers.

Hey, when did my secret-twistiness detector break? I could have sworn it was working last week...must have taken a surge or something.

.2: Gar's reaction provoked all sorts of unfortunately-timed speculation--was she expecting James to show up?
.4: I think we can scratch "Never too late to start" off the "Top Ten Pick-Up Lines" list :-)

3:28: After two panels of verbal tap-dancing, Phil finally gets to the point.

.1: Looks like things are looking up for the Bradley sisters. Good to get additional verification that Phoebe's on the mend.
.2: Not good.
.3: I hate to deny Gar the opportunity of a smart remark, but didn't Phil already know about James bailing out?

.2: Here endeth the lesson.
.3: And a clarification unto the lesson.
.4: Which was missed by the person who needed it most.

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9773: Confusion over a strip. Confusion over confusion over a strip. Not sure which strip, because I'm confused, too.
9774: 3:27: who's James? Gar's ex, maybe? And was Phil just kidding about staying away from his kids, or has something else blown up at the Bradley residence?
9775: Ahn Minh opens his own playroom, since he didn't think it would be right to take over Fool's. Fool reassures him that his playroom's open to all.
9776: 3:27: Josh confirms that the "stay away from my kids" line was a joke. But will Gar take it that way? Sarcasm does seem pretty common (see Ceilidh and Joe). But which way will lead to maximal twistiness? Convincing arguments presented either way.
9777: Fan-art from Brian--link broken. (This one, maybe?)
9778: "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" guest strip: Wonder if the sign's supposed to refer to something specific? Alison throwing her youth away via her psych books, or Gar throwing her money away via the cafe?
9779: Fan-art: lots of nzero goodness. Links are broken, but judging from the descriptions and the original files, it looks like the Avalon web site has "sometimes...",, "don't cry now...", and [url=[/url]"let go..."[/url]. I don't know about "everything's going to be alright", though; none of the other pictures seem to fit the context. (Can anyone out there help?) The file was originally called "morning_glory.jpg", so maybe this one? :-)
9780: "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi": fanfic from RJ Shep. After seeing Tae's guest pic, this just sorta happened...
9781: Fan-art-hungry CRFH fans threaten Mzacher with various foods.
9782: Asha fan-art--probably this one.
9783: One poster laments the mighty fan-art skills of the board, and the poster's own lack thereof.
9784: Real-life (well, real chess game) lateral thinking: Why couldn't the pawn be promoted? ASCII chessboard art.
9785: More plotting by fan-art-hungry CRFH fans.
9786: Halloween--bah humb...whoops, sorry, wrong holiday.
9787: Looking for nzero.
9788: "Apology Art" licensing deal? (Which pics were those--does anyone know?)
9789: Japanese lessons requested. Potato-chip talk.
9790: GAS: So is Cecil responsible for the delays too? People fall down on "falling back". (And RJ Shep's absolutely right about sunshine. You know you live in AZ when you wear SPF 45 sunblock everywhere, including Circle K runs :-) )
9791: Where's #avalon?
9792: 3:28: Did we switch scenes too quickly? ("At least we're not leaving behind female nudity, this time.")
9793: Josh tidied up the HTML on the archive pages, in preparation for a 2nd-anniversary Art section update. Web-page geek talk.
9794: #avalon connection problems.
9795: Taking orders again for the book!
9796: What's a pant, if you don't have a pair of pants? At least one poster replies w/ Allan Sherman's definition (although w/out the cite).
9797: Iain sighting?
9798: More #avalon connection problems.
9799: 3:29: Josh is pleased w/ the way his drawings of Gar (in .1) and Phil (in .2) came out. Yes, Gar did tell Phil about James walking out on him; OTOH, Phil's pretty distracted with his own imploding marriage.
9800: One million pageviews in October!
9801: CTRL-A meeting announcement.
9802: Windows XP: good (or not so bad) or bad? "I'd rather have Ceilidh show up every time I turn on the computer rather than the boring ol' XP logo."
9803: Wapiko thanks Jen Aside for the lateral thinking puzzles.
9804: KAH finishes "Souvenirs d'Avalon", and he rejoices mightily. He explains the background and influences behind the pieces.