AAR 96: Lessons on Advice: 3:21-25

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AAR 96: Lessons on Advice: 3:21-25

Postby jeffk on Fri Oct 07, 2005 11:05 am

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It's been a while since the last AAR update...two office projects from heck, followed by a classroom project from heck. I'm doing this update as a break before I dive into the next classroom PFH.

And speaking of projects from heck, what is Alison doing?

3:21: Dang...either Alison's getting too much caffeine through the ventilation system, or not enough.

.2: Alison hedges on the question of school...maybe she hasn't been working on schoolwork like Gar thinks?

Out of curiosity, what kind of psychology classes does A.H.S. have? Maybe my hometown was too small for that sort of thing, but I can't picture psych classes in a high school curriculum.

.3: Twenty psych texts? There's research, and then there's overkill...

And Roman seems to spend a lot more time at Gar's than the cast regulars (other than Alison and Gar, of course). Then again, we already know they're not into coffee.

.4: Classic Alison come-back...except she's being serious.

3:23: And the cheer just keeps on coming. :roll:

.3: I know when I'm trying hard to work on a project, I can be pretty oblivious to what's going on. Unless I'm actually interrupted, in which case I can be pretty cranky. Sounds like Alison--cranky about her customers, and oblivious to the fact that they're not sharing their life story--they're just making conversation (and/or hitting on her).

.4: So oblivious, she doesn't know when she's setting herself up. :-)

3:25: Alison's obviously given up on trying to be inoffensive and accomodating to others. Gar reaches for her clue stick.

Forum Dive time: More lateral thinking, a fan-fic or two, and increasing levels of Foolishness. BTW, I'm assuming the forum URL will return to normal eventually; if not, just fix the first word in the URL (I think).

9685: 3:21: Who's the new guy? Roman is finally identified, but not until the usual wild speculation and Cecil-related conspiracy theories.
9686: 3:21.4: Alison's cute when she's sarcastic. The thread avoids jumping into the gutter, and heads for the potato chip aisle instead. (Chipofthemonth.com?!?)
9687: Lateral Thinking: Third Place (and for once I knew the answer, but I'd heard the story before)
9688: Lateral Thinking: Arm in the mail.
9689: Where's the cast page? That question gets resolved quickly, leaving the other 3 1/2 pages for Deirdre pirate fantasies and Foolish talk.
9690: Trivia questions.
9691: PSL query (definition and origins).
9692: Quattro digs out from school/work/etc. long enough to say hi.
9693: Avalateralon: Jen Aside's lateral-thinking comics w/ the Avalon cast. I guessed #4 right off the bat, but I've done the same thing *way* too often. I guessed correctly on #6...didn't know that about Feebs.
9694: Different Rules game. This entry follows this Rule; however, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to discuss this week's strips without breaking this Rule due to the people involved.
9695: 3:22: What's with all the psych books? Is this part of Alison's World Domination Master Plan? (Or at least Avalonian Domination?)
9696: More speculation on Roman's (secret?) identity.
9697: Cartoon crossovers, or "Oooh, what does that do?"
9698: Posters report on their close ("clothes"?) encounters of the Ceilidh kind.
9699: 3:23: DW sees himself, and gets excited.
9700: 3:23: Sheesh, Alison doesn't need to go looking for potential boyfriends; apparently, they come to her!
9701: Another newbie checks in. Kaos show-and-tell (links broken, so they're all impersonating a red-X box).
9702: MSN still has links to ceilidh.dhs.org. Josh asks for details, and asks, "Could somebody please be more vague?" Aeire obliges.
9703: "All I ever needed to know in life, I learned by reading 'Avalon'".
9704: Rules game #3.
9705: 3:24: Looks like the books aren't doing much good....
9706: Another post, another Rule.
9707: Terra checks in for the usual poking and whacking.
9708: School grades and grading: posters compare and contrast.
9709: Josh sets up a thread where Fool and Asha (and everyone else) can run amok. Which they do. This Space Reserved for the U-Sisters Shrine.
9710: The Lynch Vault moves again. Would it be possible to archive a few of the board threads?
9711: SoBe Zen Blend Tea: "sort of like a smurfberry. Only not." Potent aphrodesiacs.
9712: Inklink, or "why you probably shouldn't play Pictionary with DW".
9713: Lateral thinking: "Death At Sea".
9714: A new Rule game.
9715: WaryrMaid delurks. (So what does a lurking device sound like when it's disengaging?)
9716: New converts to GBS.
9717: Lateral thinking hits the small screen.
9718: Newbie Arc asks for Halloween costume ideas.
9719: TMBG fan thread.
9720: Missing fan art from Psiogen. (Still missing--link broken.)
9721: Fan art from Sara Lynn, colors from mzacher.
9722: Damonk checks in, worried about the hockey standings.
9723: Another Rule.
9724: More cheers for the Sara Lynn fan art. Drawing styles.
9725: Live action anime, and hammerspace in action.
9726: Lateral thinking: striking children in public.
9727: Lateral thinking: glasses of water, and discharging firearms in a bar.
9728: Fan song for Phoebe.
9729: Offers you can't [refuse|understand].
9730: Fan art--link broken (but it's probably this one.)
9731: Lateral thinking--the Smiths.
9732: Lateral thinking--accidental repeat.
9733: Lateral thinking--Dublin bars.
9734: Fan rendering of the stepladder(?)--links broken.
9735: 3:25: Imparting wisdom--how? MMR implementations.
9736: Lateral thinking: post-test shooting.
9737: Home sweet high-speed-Internet.
9738: Psiogen tries a new style for drawing Joe.
9739: Link problems?
9740: Another Rule.
9741: Reactions to JenAside's guest strips (starting here).
9742: Luis Gonzales finds a way to get into the line waiting for Alison--draw it yourself.
9743: Somewhere near the end of this thread, someone accidentally makes sense.
9744: In search of Neg Zero.
9745: OAC year, and the benefits of Tim Horton's.
9746: New Rule.
9747: OT: PowerPuff Girl anime--links broken, but probably something like this.
9748: Josh asks folks to keep the on-topic threads on-topic.
9749: Six-word posts.
9750: Designated Foolish Thread.
9751: Arrogant Worms fan thread.
9752: Anyone up for a Lovecraftian Avalon fanfic? Plotting begins for Necronovalon.
9753: Josh hair.
9754: Necronovalon tech thread.
9755: Necronovalon. Really, really weird...but what else would you expect for a Lovecraftian Avalon fanfic? "The Master drew the thick black cloak, and left for the donut shop." :-)
9756: Survey: what you going to do this weekend?
9757: When will orders reopen for the Avalon book?
9758: New on-line game--any Lyncher's Consortium members interested?
9759: Ethical question: what would you tell the next recipient of your Monkey's Paw?
9760: Avalonian haiku, revisited. Quote pyramids, revisited. Avalonian haiku quote pyramid with math jokes and LOTR jokes, revis....on second thought, I don't think I've seen that before. Or hockey-joke haiku, or Aussie-rules haiku (now there's an interested mental image), or bowling haiku, or bowling/dieting haiku.
9761: Was that a bona fide Josh picture?
9762: Hockey/TMBG (broken) link in Rolling Stones.
9763: JenAside posts lateral-thinking solutions.
9764: "Avalon Days"--fan art from mzacher. The big-size pic's even better than the small-size pic.
9765: Dead computer, and sacrificial techniques for reviving same.
9766: North relaunches.
9767: Admiring the Aurora Borealis.
9768: Comments about a strip...guest strip, I guess?
9769: Fan-art from Asha.
9770: KAH posts on his progress on the SdA "Ballade". Anyone up for drawing CD-cover art?
9771: "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi": fan-art from Tae Jensen.
9772: The Never-Ending Story: an experiment in fan-fics on parallel universes (or parallel message boards, which is pretty much the same thing). With a special guest appearance by Linus. And James Polk.
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Postby Marcos on Fri Oct 07, 2005 8:38 pm

I don't know about AHS, but the high school I went to (student body of 1500) had one psychology class, a basic intro-type course geared towards average-to-slow high school students.
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Postby Volkai on Sun Oct 09, 2005 2:46 pm

Unfortunately, due to the Keen Forum Shift none of the links are good anymore.
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Postby jeffk on Sun Oct 09, 2005 7:19 pm

Volkai wrote:Unfortunately, due to the Keen Forum Shift none of the links are good anymore.

I know...I debated w/ myself if I should use the old or new URL. I stuck w/ the old URL for now, but you only have to edit one word to get the new URL. The thread and post numbers didn't change, thank goodness.
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Postby jeffk on Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:50 am

The links in this post point to the new address now--I went ahead and fixed the links when I added the "next" pointer.
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Postby GrassyNoel on Tue Oct 18, 2005 7:06 am


I think Alison's 'maybe' meant this: It is to help her at school, but it's not for a class.
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Postby Fool on Tue Nov 01, 2005 6:01 am

Hee... I forgot about some of the Foolishness from those threads.

These days, I Fool smaller groups of people.
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