AAR 92: "First Days" 3:1-5

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AAR 92: "First Days" 3:1-5

Postby jeffk on Tue May 03, 2005 7:23 pm

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Another year, another twist.

.1 and .2: Ceilidh: A Woman On A Mission.

.3 and .4: Flashback to the previous summer, and the infamous Grade 9 Photo.

.5 and .6: She finds the photo...but why does she need it now?

.7: Flashback to a few weeks (days? hours? minutes?) ago, when Joe caught a clue about "this imperfect image" under extreme nekkidness...er, extreme conditions. "You're always sad because you were lonely, and no one cared about you..."

.8: "...but that was then." And Ceilidh does something way more effective than standing on tables.

I was kidding somewhat about days, hours and minutes, but I am curious when Ceilidh tore up the photo. I think it's safe to assume this didn't take place immediately after The Bedroom Incident, since she's, you know, dry and fully clothed and all that. :-)

But she does look like A Woman On A Mission, and it looks like she completed her mission promptly once she found the picture. Somehow, she decided that Joe was right about being stuck with an imperfect image of herself, and she decided to get rid of that image, right then and there. I wonder if she immediately agreed with Joe--as soon as she got dry and fully clothed and all that--or if she mulled it over for days before deciding to take action, or if something else happened that pushed her to take action.

First day of school, and now it's Phoebe's turn to be A Woman On A Mission.


.1: The old aggressive Phoebe isn't back yet, and she's not quite sure what to say.

.2: Fortunately, Ceilidh doesn't have that problem...and although she doesn't realize it yet, she makes it easier for Phoebe to figure out what to say.

.3: Although Phoebe wants to be sure. After months of convincing herself no one cared, it's not easy to get used to the notion that maybe someone does care.

Hmm...one tends to find alternative readings to this panel in light of the conclusion. And it didn't help that my iTunes queued up "Why Don't We Get Drunk" while I was working on this panel. <cough>

.4: She's sure now. And Ceilidh's shocked. Phoebe? Hugging? Who secretly replaced her with Folger's Crystals?

.1: With the ice broken, Phoebe knows it's safe to open up and apologize for her behavior the previous few months.

.2: Operation Cheer-Up-Phoebe was a success after all, albeit a slightly delayed one. At face value, it seems like the hokey, far-fetched get-everyone-to-sign-the-yearbook plan actually worked. But hold that thought a week or so.

.3: Ceilidh apologizes for being too busy to notice the depths of Phoebe's depression earlier.

.4: Time for Ceilidh to drop her own little bombshell.


.1: Ceilidh gets to float on air for a bit.

I once read that one difference between men and women is that men are more prone to brag about sexual activities--particularly ones they haven't really performed--while women are much more blunt, and much more honest.

Exhibit A: Phoebe. :o

Even after backing down from the PMHP question, Phoebe's next question is more blunt than she probably intended.


Phoebe sees...something. I'm not sure what yet--although I've got two or three theories--but she knows something's not right.

And thanks to her questions, Ceilidh's beginning to see something, too.

BTW, in Joshian fashion, I think the "friggin' can of pop" question was "ha ha only serious". More on that next week.

Joe's beginning to see something too. His life flashing before his eyes, probably.

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