AAR 91: "Love And War, Part 2" Week 2: 2:221-225

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AAR 91: "Love And War, Part 2" Week 2: 2:221-225

Postby jeffk on Fri Apr 08, 2005 8:37 pm

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The Shadows of the Past, Part 3

Which sorta makes this the 1937 "Riddles in the Dark", even if Ryan can't blame evil rings for getting the story wrong :-)

.1:Ryan's ready to kick some backside, until Phoebe says something he didn't expect.

.2: Or recognize, at first. She kept his note?!?

.3: Phoebe takes her glasses off--first time she's done that in the strip with classmates around (outside flashbacks). Her guard's about to follow.


.1: First, a recap of Ryan's version of the story, which Phoebe quickly corrects.

On one level, this confirms Joe's most recent version of the story--he asked for something more, and she said no. But underneath the fighting, they both feel responsible for what happened.

Joe: "I guess it was hormones... I told her that I wanted something more. I scared her away. And she went running right into the arms of that rat bastard, Todd."

Phoebe: "Joe wanted...more than a simple friendship. I was confused...I told him no, and it broke his heart."

And now that we know the ending, I'm really curious about Phoebe's choice of words here. Was she confused about her feelings for Joe, or was she beginning to notice she didn't have the feelings she "ought" to have for boys?

.3: Another interesting choice of words here: "I felt like I didn't really mean anything to him anymore." In the end-of-school argument with Joe, she plainly didn't believe Joe was all that serious about her, but now she admits the possibility (or hope) that she might have misjudged him.

.4: More guilt over stupid decisions. And now it looks like we know the order of events: (a) Joe wanted "more" but Phoebe said no, then (b) Joe tried (but not very hard) to get Helene, then (c) Todd asked Phoebe out.


.1: Joe shouldn't have pushed Todd down the steps. He should have propelled the two-legged rectal passage down the stairs with a flippin' baseball bat.

Phoebe finally opens up about her mistake as the "camera" pulls back to the other side of her room to give her some space.

.2: And she finally opens up to Ryan about how she really felt about his advances (if that's the right word). He's plainly encouraged that she seems to be taking her first steps out of the pit, but he doesn't realize that he's a special exception--she trusts him (more than the others, anyway). She realizes it--finally--and the embarrassed smile on her face shows that she realizes she made another mistake by not realizing it sooner.

.3: Feebs admits that the bottom fell out when Ryan stopped coming. And unintentionally admits that she's not completely out of it yet.

.1: Ryan's not satisfied with her last answer, judging from his pose, but for the moment, it's hard to tell why.

"I figured as much": Sounds like she understood Ryan's reaction to Iain's "not gettin' any" question.

.2: Again, Phoebe shows that she understands that Ryan cares, while unintentionally demonstrating that she's still too depressed to see that anyone else cares. Ryan likes this answer even less...

.3: And finally snaps. No more Mr. Nice Guy; it's time to get her attention with a 2x4. Or her yearbook. (Apparently Operation Cheer-Up-Phoebe's no longer top secret, if even Ryan knows about it.)


.1: Ryan opens up...well, not exactly the can of whoop-ass he seemed to wield when he left Deirdre's room, but certainly a can of clue.

.2: Ryan leaves in disgust--and probably in search of Deeds--and Phoebe tries to stop him but finds herself speechless.

I don't blame her. Remember when Ryan told Ceilidh that she might be the person who could pull Phoebe out of her trouble because she wasn't around back then? Or when he told Deirdre that he just wanted her to be happy again? What if someone told him he would eventually help Phoebe pull out of her depression? And not by being gentle, but by reading her the Riot Act? After she interrupted PMHP between her older sister and him?

.3: Oooh, oooh, oooh, what's it gonna say?

.4: "Oh my God"?!? "Oh my God" what?!? (Borrowing from one of Aiere's posts.) Is she shocked that so many people wrote? Is she shocked over what people wrote? Is she shocked about what Joe wrote? Are we shocked that Josh is leaving us hanging for an entire weekend again?

Drakonius GAS: I liked the first strip the best because of her reaction to her "most likely" nomination...although I'm curious who "won" the others :-)

Forum Dive time, and I'm really surprised that the forum wasn't more active. The Keenspot boards seemed to be more stable this week AFAIK, and we were getting a lot of information about Grade 9 and Phoebe. Topic numbers w/ major discussion in italics, as before.

9479: Message from Jen Aside to negZ.
9480: Be glad you're not the "reload" button on a Lyncher's web browser. Especially now.
9481: 2:221 (and maybe 2:222?): Sertrel praises Josh. Even though he should really be asleep.
9482: Lots of discussion from people trying to figure out Casa Bradley and its occupants. What is Phoebe up to? Is Mrs. B that bad, or are we only hearing one side of the story? We know Mr. B's a recovering alcoholic...but is he a non-recovering adulterer as well? After watching him with Gar, one has to wonder.... Is Phoebe's depression affected by the family problems? Why did Ryan ask Phoebe out in the first place? What does Phoebe think about Deirdre? "It is a fundamentally human trait to be rational about everything - except ones own views and actions." Klaus Petersen follows up that observation with a concise but complete overview of Phoebe's relationship-related demons. Should Ryan try to step into this mess, or were his earlier attempts to reach Phoebe far more effective than he realized at the time?
9483: Wapiko loses track of the order of events in their Grade 9 year. FWIW, I think it looks like this--have I covered everything?
  • Time indeterminate:
    • Mr. Page splits for Seattle, leaving Gar and Joe to fend for themselves.
  • Some time before Deirdre's pregnancy:
    • Deirdre and Patrick start going out. PMHP ensues.
    • Deirdre helped her dad get help for his drinking problem. (Had to be before she got pregnant because he owed her a favor.)
    • The Joe/Phoebe/Helene/Alan/Todd mess, probably in this order, assuming Phoebe's account has the most accurate timeline:
      • Joe wanted "more", Phoebe said no.
      • Alan pursued Helene, Joe pursued Helene (not that anyone noticed), Alan caught Helene, Helene's been pursuing Alan ever since.
      • Phoebe started dating Todd, discovers what an abusive bastard he is. (I've opted not to call him a "rat bastard" out of respect for rats everywhere.)
  • Later in the year, probably post-Deirdre-help, probably still pre-pregnancy (but not necessarily)
    • Joe notices what Todd's doing to Phoebe, asks Deirdre for her special kind of help. She refuses because she's about to graduate.
    • Todd's "accident" on the stairs.
  • After (probably) all of the above:
    • Deirdre and Patrick discovers she's pregnant; Patrick bails out.
    • Deirdre's dad arranges to get her into Guelph.
    • Deirdre miscarries. (Don't know if this was before or after...)
    • Deirdre's mom finds out about pregnancy and Guelph arrangements. All Hell breaks loose at the Bradley household.
9484: saturn asks for feedback on NoRTH; gets two pages' worth. The NoRTH site is down, so I can't follow along, I'm afraid. But feel free to enjoy the gratuitous Sean Connery impersonations and anime sex analysis.
9485: Confusion over OAC. The advantages of OAC.
9486: Off-topic raving over GBS. (Although GBS and hockey are both honorary on-topic topics here.)
9487: Survey: How did you find Avalon?
  • Ugly school uniforms and 56k modems.
  • References to the 200th Strip Gala.
  • Browser's history file.
  • Wondered "why this one girl was asking this other girl on a camping trip", got sucked into the archive.

9488: So big?
9489: 2:223: Why did Phoebe keep quiet about being abused by Todd? Was she just "taking it like a man"...or taking it like most women in abusive situations? Or more accurately, like most people in abusive situations?
9490: 2:223: Is it a Bad Thing that Phoebe appears to be confessing that she liked being able to beat up on Ryan, so to speak? Or is it a Good Thing that Phoebe appears to be confessing something--anything at all? Steveha calls Thursday's strip, and Winkie calls Friday's strip (although not the aftermath). LtPowers is also curious about Phoebe's choice of words ("confused"?). And the glasses--although I'm surprised no one else noticed that. On the limits of audience manipulation, and the most financially satisfactory direction in which to manipulate international audiences.
9491: How does one learn how to draw? Lots of suggestions.
9492: 2:223: One poster wants to make sure he's reading it right, since English isn't his first language. The board proves itself immune to Godwin's Law--which in this case is a Good Thing, as it allows one poster to explain why he reacts so harshly to Phoebe (painful personal experience), and as several Knights of Jubal try to work out the most chivalric approach to Phoebe's situation. Should we worry about anyone else walking in now?
9493: Renimar: "Rush + Avalon at 3am == no sleep". And fanart (with working link!)
9494: CNAnime pics--links broken.
9495: Josh asks what people think about a Avalonian look-alike contest.
9496: 2:224: Ryan snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. And bunnyThor snatches a really interesting visual image from...well, I'm not sure I want to know where. Why hasn't Phoebe read the yearbook yet? One poster has a pretty good idea why. Several theme songs are proposed for the past couple of story arcs.
9497: 2:224: What happens next, and what sort of twistiness will be involved? Does The Yearbook still exist? What did Joe write? Is it likely to be negated by The C&J Bedroom Incident (or vice versa)? (Not to be confused by the R&DD Bedroom Incident Phoebe stumbled into.)
9498: Anyone want to post anything, as long as we're here? Text-based video games: the latest in low-tech high-tech. Multi-lingual Carroll.
9499: 2:224: Holy cow, someone called it! Although steveha is modest enough to point out that he didn't call it 100%. Coldacid figures out Josh's secret. Or not.
9500: A newbie steps forward with thoughts on recent Bedroom Incidents, plus an expert analysis of Joe's brain during the C&J Bedroom Incident.
9501: 2:225: Phoebe Reads The Yearbook. Be careful--can't tell what Josh will hit.
9502: 2:225: Aeire falls victim to another Friday Cliffhanger ("'Oh my god' WHAT??!?!?!") Along with everyone else.
9503: I...don't know. Maybe we're missing some posts?
9504: Boardies realize with trepidation (and other big words) that the last year of Avalon is starting.
9505: Topic-free topics.
9506: Josh asks for suggestions on better message board software (compared to UBB, which Keenspot was using at the time).
9507: Rush trivia.
9508: Upcoming UTARPA meeting.
9509: Question about 2:222: When did Ryan know Joe was chasing Helene? Unofficially, Josh admitted he goofed; officially, we can assume Deirdre knew about it, and told Ryan about it later.
9510: Josh asks if pure comedy can maintain a story arc. Readers kick a number of ideas around.
9511: Request for webcomic partner.
9512: Reactions to rereading this week's strips.
9513: Countdown to Year 3, combined with Babylon 5 and The Holy Grail.
9514: Predictions for the last year. Let's see. What happens to Mr. and Mrs. B: check. Dryer sheet gag: check. Hand lotion: Never disclosed, thank goodness. Different attitude in Alison: check, in spades. Everything else: completely off-base, in standard Avalonian fashion.
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Postby Mcfarlane Salsa on Sat Apr 09, 2005 3:40 am

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Postby JHU Battousai on Sat Apr 09, 2005 7:41 pm

I'm pretty bad at analysis, too, so I'll just note that McF S's colorings are now in the Vault, giving us a total of 285 out of 596 colored comics, for 47.8% of the archives being in color.
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