AAR 87: A New Beginning: 2:201-205

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AAR 87: A New Beginning: 2:201-205

Postby jeffk on Mon Dec 27, 2004 10:46 pm

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Summertime, and the livin's twisty. Holy Clinging Dryer Sheet, is it going to be twisty.

2:201: Joe is a wise one. Keeping a safe range, and all. So why is Ghada sitting there?

2:202: Or maybe not so wise. Kidding about Ghada's grades while within maiming range? What, Joe, you got a death wish?

2:203: And Ghada's outta there!

I guess "blowing out Joe's eardrums" qualifies, but that's got to be the lamest maiming ever.

OK, time to sit back, relax, and grab a refreshing beverage. Kick your shoes off. Take it easy for a few minutes. Enjoy life for a bit.

Because this is the last untwisty strip for the next three weeks or so.


.1: Joe shows his awesome knowledge of local geography. And Ceilidh shows her knee.

.2: Gee, where to begin?
  • We've got Ceilidh in a dress.
  • And legs.
  • And The Necklace.
  • Oh, and Ceilidh? Backpedal faster.
.3: Next, Joe shows his awesome knowledge of fashion. Sheesh, Joe....


.1: "Some things." Is Joe as scared as he should be?

.2: Maybe, but he's as confused as he should be. And as we are.

.3: :o Holy cow. Josh is good. Good enough that it took me a day to figure out what to say here.

This is one of my favorite frames in the entire series. And I'm not harbouring PSL for Ceilidh, given that she's nearly old enough to be my daughter. (I guess Ceilidh is technically old enough to be my daughter, but that would require really early fatherhood on my part. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. But I digress.)

There was a thread a long time back--I'm writing this while my Internet connection is down, so I can't look it up--on the subject of Ceilidh PSL in particular, and webcomic character PSL in general. Someone--I don't recall who--suggested that people didn't harbour PSL for Ceilidh the webcomic character, but Ceilidh as a concept--the idea of curves, and personality, and what-not. I'll have to see if I can dig up the thread if/when the circuit comes back up.

[OK, the circuit finally came back up, and I finally found the topic. Asking if Ceilidh obsessions are normal? On this forum? And Cynthia put forth the theory that people are attracted to the idea of Ceilidh rather than the drawing. Cynthia's attracted to neither--although she admits Ceilidh is sexy--since that would be incestuous :-) ]

Anyway, I've caught myself staring at 2:205.3, and it's not because I want an 18-year-old woman to kiss me like that, at my age. I propose that it's a combination of several factors. As that old thread put it, it's the concept.
  • I'm still young enough to put myself in the shoes of an 18-year-old man, and I can still imagine what it would be like for an 18-year-old woman to kiss me like that.
  • After following Joe for a couple of years, it's easy for a reader to picture Joe's complete shock after Ceilidh kissed him like that.
  • Of course, it's easy to picture all that, because Josh worked so hard to show exactly what "that" is like. Ceilidh's words are oh-so-casual: "How about tonight, after supper...meet me at the Tim Horton's? Thanks, Joe! See you then!" But combine that with her dress, her closed eyes, her hair brushing against his face, her gentle "smooch" on the cheek, and the fact that she's never done that before.... No wonder Joe's stunned.
  • I've never quite been in Joe's situation, and I was never remotely in that situation in high school. No dating (other than prom dates with friends so we wouldn't have to go solo to prom) and certainly no opportunities for kissing in high school, and not much better in college. But there was one instance in college. I had stopped by a female friend's apartment after we'd both been out, and we spent an hour or so talking. (And yes, that's all we did; wipe that smirk off your face!) I really, really, really liked her--for several months--so when I left, I worked up the nerve to kiss her on the cheek, figuring a kiss on the lips would be too daring. Imagine my shock when she returned the kiss, full on the lips. We're not talking "long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days", just a gentle smooch like Ceilidh's. But it made an impression; when I flew home for Christmas a few days later, the airplane probably wasn't necessary. :-) So come to think of it, yes, I have been in Joe's shoes, so that frame brings back a very nice memory.
BTW, no, nothing came of that kiss in the long run--neither PMHP, since neither of us were the type, nor a long term relationship with her. However, without that friendship and that kiss, I probably wouldn't have met my wife a couple of years later. (Long story.)

I just realized I've invested a boatload of verbiage on one single frame. Like I said, "Holy cow. Josh is good."

.4: Two observations here:
  • Ceilidh, now that's just mean! Smooching, then walking off and leaving us all bewildered like that! Erm, Joe. Leaving Joe all bewildered, I mean.
  • Joe's a better man than me. He's keeping quiet. When I was his age--and utterly without a social life (see above)--if a female friend of mine appeared on my front porch like that, asked me to meet her tonight to talk about some things like that, and then kissed me like that, I would have turned into a stuttering, babbling foo...er, person. Sometimes it truly is better to keep quiet and appear stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
  • Once again, Josh is good. Ceilidh's hand in the foreground, Joe standing there in total shock, with his hand over his cheek. Just right.

GAS: Enjoyed this one! Only problem is with the Wheel of Twistiness; it needed multiple pointers.

Forum diving--and I'm really surprised, only 31 topics.

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9285: "Shattered Phoebe"--artistic Phoebe nudity from NegZee, with color by Mizu. Coota mentions working on an Avalon music video, and KAH wonders if anyone would be interested in classical fan-music. (First SdA reference, I think?)
9286: Strange posts...in BED! Er, I mean, "...of DOOM!"
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9288: Songs wedged in head; assistance requested.
9289: So why the flip is Ghada perpetually stressed out over grades? And when will she finally earn that heart attack she's obviously trying to give herself?
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9301: Any Keenspot stuff @ CN Anime?
9302: KAH starts discussing his fan-music idea in earnest. Several folks are intersted, and Josh gives his blessing, figuring that Avalon's tone "sounds" more classical than pop. Several titles are discussed, with Souvenirs d'Avalon ("Memories of Avalon") eventually winning out. (Hrm...and speak of which, why isn't it playing now? [Leans over, switches iTunes over to the SdA playlist]) Disadvantages of some of the titles are discussed--mostly the fact that some of them sound like food, causing KAH to mention Bill Bryson's description of an inflatable doll's feature list. KAH also uses this thread to report on progress on the initial suite.
9303: Gwalla asks about native plants in Ontario, and Josh's beer preferences.
9304: On Samurai Jack and the presence|absence of Cartoon Network.
9305: Sertrel posts from Otakon.
9306: Gwalla reports on Sailor Nothing.
9307: IAMCANADIAN raves over Avalon.
9308: 2:205: She kissed him! Does Joe look hurt, or shocked, or is he channeling Keanu? And Tim Horton's? They aren't going to run into Deirdre and Ryan, are they? Was Alison right about Ceilidh wanting to jump his bones? And sdragoo49's option "b" is hereby nominated for Evil Mental Image of the Week.
9309: 2:205: So whaddya bet Ceilidh and Joe encounter Ryan and Deirdre at TH? And will we find out anything else (like say, what really happened w/ Patrick)? And why do attached men seem more desireable than unattached men?
9310: 2:205: "The" Tim Hortons? Isn't Avalon required to have a ka-jillion THs, like any good Canadian town? And who would go to TH for a romantic date? Another battle in the Great Krispy Kreme War. And how did we start taking about beer in a thread about donuts? And I've found another Evil Mental Image of the Week. Funny how Deirdre always seems to be involved.
9311: Ceilidh art from JPSloan--this one, I think.
9312: Fanart from newjoiseyboy.
9313: Scheduling thread between coldacid, Fool, Usa, and Uc.
9314: CN Anime thread.

[edit: fixed gratuitous Bull Durham quote]
[edit 2: added Next link; fixed Prev link]
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Re: AAR 87: A New Beginning: 2:201-205

Postby ParkRNDL on Sun Jan 02, 2005 5:20 pm

jeffk wrote:.3: :o Holy cow. Josh is good. Good enough that it took me a day to figure out what to say here.


I'm still young enough to put myself in the shoes of an 18-year-old man, and I can still imagine what it would be like for an 18-year-old woman to kiss me like that.


So come to think of it, yes, I have been in Joe's shoes, so that frame brings back a very nice memory.


I just realized I've invested a boatload of verbiage on one single frame. Like I said, "Holy cow. Josh is good."

Amen. 18 was half my life ago. Josh brought it back like it was last week. Like I said in my previous post, wow.

Oh, feel free to poke the noob... although I realize that I've long since missed the boat as far as the activity level on this board, and probably not much poking goes on any more... :wink:

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