AAR 79-80:GAS, "OpCheer-Up-Phoebe" #2: 2:166-170

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AAR 79-80:GAS, "OpCheer-Up-Phoebe" #2: 2:166-170

Postby jeffk on Mon Nov 01, 2004 10:10 am

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<Edit: Added link to Week 81 AAR, fixed title two or three times...sigh let's see, how many characters can I put in the title? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...>

I'm putting the GAS week and the next Cheer-Up-Phoebe week into one post.

Week 79 - GAS: MizunoL and Ian Ton

MizunoL: Now that we know the strip's ending, we can truly appreciate Josh's twistiness. Other than Iain's departure, not even the Shrub gets anything right!

Ian Ton: Ryan's last line is possibly my favorite GAS quote ever.

Moving on to Week 80, we return to our regularly scheduled scheming, already in progress.

And there was much rejoicing on the yearbook staff. Not to mention the Pascale fans. (Speak of which, check out the changes in Pascale's expression from frame to frame. Flexible eyebrows, indeed.)

What appears to be a simple gag strip (although you can never tell in Avalon)...

...turns into what appears to be a simple diversion from Operation Cheer-Up-Phoebe (although you can never tell in Avalon).

And here's another simple diversion: how many students are in Avalon High? No one really bothered with the receipts in my high school. OTOH, everyone recognizes everyone else in a school as small as ours. We didn't need no steenkin' badges (or receipts).

Anyway, Ceilidh innocently sets herself up for grief for no apparent reason.

Scratch "no apparent reason". OK, it's still not terribly apparent yet, but it looks like the "simple diversion" wasn't a diversion after all, although we couldn't rule out a red herring just yet.

Following up on the previous week's discussion, notice how sneaky Ceilidh becomes when she handles Phoebe's book. First time I read this first several times I read this, I thought, "Oh, Ceilidh doesn't want to be caught with the book." But until I started working on this week's AAR, I didn't realize that Ceilidh's anomynity was critical to the success of Operation Cheer-Up-Phoebe. If anyone knew that someone else was circulating Phoebe's yearbook--especially anyone who knew that Ceilidh had hatched some secret mission to cheer Phoebe up--it would be nearly impossible for that person to sign the yearbook without writing A Very Special Message. And even one Very Special Message could ruin the whole project.

It nearly fails, too...but more on that next week.

And the customer list triggers the "how many students" question again.

Back to the simple diversion. Nick mentioned the missing receipts and ID, but he never said anything about, like, identify theft. However, Our Heroine is ready for anything.

This strip was before my time...can anyone name these tunes?

GAS: Graeme Taylor (aka Kaoru)

:o I'm not sure whether to applaud this, or run and hide!

8990: 2:167: The readers get (justifiably) suspicious about Ceilidh's offer; here in the Land of Twistiness, this is exactly the sort of thing that could turn into Operation Cheer-Up-Phoebe. But how could yearbooks fit into OCUP, particularly given the restrictions Ceilidh described last week? Yearbook distribution? No, not if it's as painful as Nick describes. (And as we see in 2:169, it's even worse than Nick describes.) Mass yearbook signing? Probably not...how could Ceilidh organize something like that w/out it sounding hollow? Special friends-only yearbook signing? Maybe...but why hasn't Ceilidh given anyone warning so they can think of something suitable to write? Something in the yearbook? Doubtful...Ceilidh dreamed up OCUP after the books went to the printers. Opportunity for Josh to vent about yearbook-staff headaches? Could be... Even after 2:168, the questions keep coming. Looks like Phoebe's yearbook fits into OCUP, but how? (No idea yet.) What column did Ceilidh check next to Phoebe's name? ("RCVD" as in "Yearbook received"--confirmed by Josh.)
8991: Hockey pool update/commiseration.
8992: OT: Rob's having problems setting up a dual-boot Win98/Linux box.
8993: 2:168: So...is Ceilidh trying to get everyone to sign Phoebe's book in advance? Or does she have some sort of bigger scheme in mind? And how will it backfire (since you know it will)? And how many people bought yearbooks, for that matter? Ryan doesn't appear to be on the list, and why so few "B" names? Josh names a few of "an infinite number of possibilities", some stranger than others.
8994: Callidan comes on board.
8995: Smiling Alison art, since mzacher thought it was about time. (Based on quick sketch of the Alison lookalike in the campus library.) Link's broken, but I'm pretty sure it's in the art section. So why is she smiling? Dent suggests "she's with the person who annoys her the least--herself."
8996: Spaceman42 returns.
8997: What anime characters best match the Avalon characters? (I don't read anime, so I'm not qualified to comment on this one. Of course, I could always take Fink's approach to that problem. :-) )
8998: Sandra Pops The Question to negZero on account of Phoebe and Ceilidh. Nick Pavlovski proposes a hypothetical wedding scene, including "an almighty racket, a flash of long red hair and a Keith's shirt." Perky girls, and perky girls with guns.
8999: Any chance of an Avalon LAN party at Otacon?
9000: DVD players reviewed.
9001: Front page has "guest strip" headline, but Friday's comic--what broke?
9002: Hockey pool: CH missed the deadline.
9003: Josh borrows Saturn's Wacom tablet for a bit of doodling (link broken).
9004: Anime North report from returning attendees. Reports, pictures (links broken), and jelly cups.
9005: Anime North aftermath: recovering from massive anime DVD purchasing. Subs vs. dubs, and DVD-format fondling.
9006: Praises for Josh's cell coloring.
9007: Avalon-Doo - community fan-fic attempt. Mystery Inc. (and Damonk) arrive at a certain Tim Horton's, but that's as far as the story gets, thanks to Real Life (per the tech thread).
9008: Avalon-Doo tech thread.
9009: Advance (way advance) planning for AvalCon at the next AN.
9010: Avalon fan-fic collecting, for upcoming section of the web site.
9011: Public/private message for Ucchan. ("Public" = "out in the open", "private" = "no one knows what the message means, apparently including Ucchan".)
9012: Kaoru (aka Graeme Taylor, aka GAS author) drops his cover. Any comments on the GAS? (Based on the comments, I don't think it's the "barbed wire" strip on this week's page, and I don't think it's the news report in the art section.)
9013: On the Power of Big Hair in Avalon. Josh's comment on hair and character importance returns to haunt him. But where does that leave Cecil...or is the true formula "hair divided by size"?
9014: Apocamon. "Ooookay, that was REALLY, REALLY freaky."
9015: Jen Aside opens up Kaovalon on Keenspace. Damonk uses his authority as an English major to wield the phrase "incredible incredibleness". Assistance and suggestions offered.
9016: What is Alexander Keith's? Branches off into a comparison of (and/or cheap shots on) various beers and Canadian regions (although not at the same time).
9017: Yearbook staff flash-backs.
9018: 2:169: Sooo....why does Avalon High need steenkin' badges or receipts to distribute yearbooks? Aren't there student pictures in the yearbook? But are the student pictures and captions correct? On the pain of yearbook distribution when each class has 500+ students.
9019: Power Streak's going out; see you in a few days! (Josh announces there probably won't be any new strips until Power Streak returns.)
9020: More post-Anime North rejoicing.
9021: CNAnime info sought and found.
9022: Alison fanart from mzacher--probably this one. Someone suggests a group sketch of all the couples doing cute-couple things--like Helene's death grip on Alan--and Tae responds.
9023: Darth Avatar begs for NegZ's and mzacher's artistic ways. Damonk suggests specific things to practice, and The Incredible Hatboy suggests pacts with the Devil.
9024: Smiley wars.
9025: The Evil Beaver asks icepit visitors to sign the guestbook. His .sig leads to a discussion of .sig mass.
9026: Branching off from the earlier drawing thread, how do you draw? Josh explains what he does, and asks the other artists on the board to share their techniques. Several really good descriptions, plus some interesting hints. (Hmmm...holds forearm up to foot...well, whaddya know?) If you've ever even contemplated drawing, check this out.
9027: Sandra stumbles out of the Britney Spears Fan Paradise, babbling semi-coherently.
9028: Who made the "All Your Avalon" video? Jen Aside is blamed, er, suggested, but davey3000 steps up to accept responsibility and ask for someone to provide sound.
9029: Saddam Hussein's romantic novel...who'da thunk? The board works up a couple of romance-novel cliches, Saddam style. (By the way, I'm probably dating myself slightly, but I found the web link to the story--english.pravda.ru--even more interesting than the story. Yes, that Pravda. I couldn't read the story without thinking of Oliver Wendell Jones. At least Saddam wasn't singing, "Tractors! Turnips! Buttocks!")
9030: Dacut's heading Down Under. He makes plans to meet some of the Australian Lynchers.
9031: NegZ posts fanart. Link's broken, so I'm unable to drool, er, comment.
9032: The Patron Saint of Thieves introduces himself. The usual poking ensues, along with a discussion of the appropriateness of the usual poking.
9033: Mzacher generates dangerously high levels of cuteness with his drawing of Helene with kaos. Comments and chanting (some expected, some...er...not). The Minions of Cute go recruiting.
9034: Tae posts three drawings: Alison, Deirdre, and I think Deirdre again. Tae's description of the first Deirdre sketch's style spontaneously triggers an anti-Disney lynch mob.
9035: NegZee sets up avalonart.dhs.org (now departed) to host fan art.
9036: Lostfactor explains why he's been away, and why Electronic Transcendence was late in updating. (Very painful, Murphy-run-amok story.)
9037: Who won the Glasses Contest? (Everyone!)
9038: 2:170: Sertrel celebrates Josh's return and asks which Dido song he had in mind; someone else asks about the Big Wreck song. Those particular questions are never answered, but other folks chime in on Dido and Big Wreck, and the conversation branches into favorite bands and the evils of pop music.
9039: Through the power of Google, Sertrel discovers what happens to the Avalon cast. (Nancy, a residential psychologist?!?) Ceilidh's nowhere to be found on-line--outside Avalon sites, that is--leading to speculation on her whereabouts. (So, who ought to fight tentacle demons--Deirdre or Ceilidh?)
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Postby svenman on Fri Nov 05, 2004 3:51 am

2:166 Somehow, I'd think that it would take much longer than that to positively determine that the yearbook is, indeed, free of errors. So I'll probably have to assume that it has already been proofread before it went to the printer, and the printing errors Pascale talks about is stuff like pages in the wrong order, upside down, blurred, or entirely missing.

2:167 Nick certainly has a dim outlook, but it is probably shaped by hard experience.

2:168 And here Ceilidh's motivation to volunteer becomes clear. Is this the first time that Josh has done the "blurry background" effect?

2:169 And Ceilidh gets to experience the joys of yearbook distribution first hand. She seems quite capable of dealing with the job appropriately, though.

2:170 There's music and there's irrelevant noise. Too bad some people just can't agree on which is which...

GAS by Graeme Taylor: :o :o :o 'Nuff said.
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