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AAR 76: "I'd Talk To Someone, But..." 2:151-155

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 7:26 pm
by jeffk
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I doubt I'll be able to do two AAR threads every week, but I had some spare time over the weekend, so here it is:

What's with Phoebe?


.1 Rare shot of the back of Ceilidh's head, aka "whatever it is Ceilidh does with her hair". Highly satisfactory.

.2 Looking at this frame again--especially once you know what happens in .4--you realize that the dialog is just right. Ceilidh tries to be cheerful and acts as if nothing strange is going on. Phoebe's voice either has a flat, unemotional, "going through the motions" tone, or she's bracing herself for Ceilidh's reaction (although we don't quite know that yet).

.3 Ceilidh's still pretending nothing strange is going on. And failing dismally.

.4 When I first read this, I had problems picturing this because I couldn't quite get inside Phoebe's head yet. Part of me understood she's trying to change to get someone's attention, but part of me said "Red #4?"


Deirdre's on the phone, but stops just long enough to say something inappropriate. OTOH, I wasn't quite sure what Red #4 looked like until now--thanks Deeds!


A little bit of sibling rivalry in .1, a little bit of jealousy (and gratuitous Deirdre tongue) in .2, a little bit of subterfuge in .3, and a little bit of disgust or something in .4.


.1 If memory serves me correctly, we've never seen Phoebe w/out glasses (outside flashbacks) until now, have we? She's home, she's "safe", and the shields can go down. No, wait, she took them off in the previous strip so she could clean them while harassing Deeds. Either way, she's "safe".

.2 OK, I take back what I said in 2:151, I think I understand the Red #4 thing now. Over the past three years, Feebs has gone out of her way not to dress up or otherwise use her appearance to draw attention to herself. (Exhibit A: her outfit at the Y2K New Year's party.) So now she did the Cherry Kool-Aid thing. Although Aeire meant this in jest at the time, she turned out to be right. Phoebe was trying something--anything--to shake off her dark grey self in favor of something...well..brighter, like Aeire said, and she assumed people would catch on immediately. Instead, people look at her really funny.

.3/.4 These last two frames are spot-on. One leg tucked under another, arms wrapped around herself... Physically, Phoebe may be sitting down, but emotionally, she's curling up into a ball. Staring at .4, and putting myself in Phoebe's place...on second thought, I'm not going to go there. No, I wasn't even remotely in Phoebe's situation when I was in high school and college, but this former loner-geek remembers fighting a couple of those emotions way too vividly.

And I could have easily remained a loner-geek, still fighting those emotions even now, still quietly sitting/curling up on the couch alone.

But thanks to a number of "coincidences" about thirteen years ago, that didn't happen.

Deo gratia.

OK, let me collect my thoughts for a moment before moving on to:


.3 :o Ooookay, I just dropped all my thoughts again... Josh sends the strongest possible signal (short of AvaPr0n) on the state of Ryan and Deirdre's relationship. Or so it seemed at the time. Despite that, there was plenty of debate (see below) whether she really meant what she seemed to mean. Behold the power of twistiness: Deeds uses "I", "Ryan", and "shagging" in the same sentence, and we're not sure we can take that at face value.

Oh, and despite my respectable-parent present and my loner-geek past, my reaction was, "YEAH, baby!" Obviously, I took Deirdre at her word. (But then again, I still think Dilbert's tie went down because he'd finally gotten lucky; I figured Scott Adams had to cook up another explanation to sneak it past the syndicate censors. So I'm an optimist where geek romance is concerned. :roll: )

.4 More Phoebe fears...but Deirdre just chalks it up to her sister being her sister. I don't think Ryan entirely buys that story, though.

GAS: Slappy the Stick
Hmmm...interesting. Slappy has Alison harbouring PSL for him (yes, I'm an American, but "harbouring" just seems more appropriate on this board), but gives Damonk the best line. Deeds even looks interested, too.

GAS: RevSam
I'm not sure which mistranslation is my favorite.
An option only remains
if I to have to control
mine destiny.

is almost poetic, especially with the line breaks used.

Approval, shows on peoples! I recommend it I start to classify, I STRAIGHTEN NOW!

is just strange.

Before I get into the forum dive, I need to apologize in advance. My time on this board is measured in months, not years, and I wasn't around when these threads are new. So if there are times when I just don't get a thread, please forgive me.

80 threads this week. Yikes.

8780: Renimar finds a web sites that does name analysis, and feeds it a few appropriate names. Other boardies get in on the act.
8781: I_am_Setzer celebrates E3 and the book.
8782: And on to round two. And Josh offers a modest proposal [entirely sensible, IMHO] regarding anthems.
8783: 2:151: Aeire's wise in the ways of Red #4, and with good reason--but not the same reason as Feebs, as we discover a few days later. Despite that, Aeire correctly guessed the right reason, if only as a joke.
8784: Colored version of this week, courtesy of davey3000. The in-link images are broken, but you can find them in the Lynch Vault. And you really owe it to yourself to see this week in all its full Red #4 glory.
8785: Discussion thread for the colored strips in the previous thread, including general ogling, er, admiration of Red Phoebe.
8786: Dead-horse kicking, near as I can tell. Moving along.
8787: Beltane asks for feedback on his new webcomic (no longer extant).
8788: Something about mad-libs. Images are broken, so I'm not sure what.
8789: Rchanen praises Josh and awaits a response. Be careful what you wish for (or at least describe it clearly).
8790: An innocent test thread by The Paco turns into a duel with The One True [post-crash] Paco. Remember kids, it's all fun and games until somebody loses a state.
8791: Inspired by #avalon, The Scottish Play becomes the Scottish Comic, via John Campbell. Other folks report on their own Shakespeare projects (Scottish Lego Stop-Action, fun with real swords, etc). Greatest American Hero and other TV landmarks find its way into the thread somehow. Oh, and I know this is Avalon and not IW, but DAMN YOU QUASISPACE.
8792: We Are Living In An Av'lonian World. More Paco filk, by order of Phoebe (who sings quite nicely).
8793: A question about Red #4 morphs into discussions on Star Wars.
8794: Hockey Pool update.
8795: Sorta-Avalon Logo sightings. Strangeone offers his klutz-fu services to Josh since he's in Seattle, but he needs Mr. Page's name and address first.
8796: DP requests and receives PSP6 assistance.
8797: Comic Castaway. Not really Avalon related, more like "Avalon fan-art is splendid and Paco is jealous" related.
8798: The House of Page. Paco channels The Animals.
8799: Regault's waiting for Ceilidh to hire a stripper or two, since that's got to be a better depression cure than coloring one's hair. Strangeone eloquently explains why.
8800: Deja Vu.
8801: Lostfactor touches base w/ the board.
8802: The Incredible Hatboy is working up a Canadian government-sponsored pen-and-paper RPG team, and needs suggestions....
8803: ...and I_am_Setzer takes one of those suggestions and runs off with it.
8804: Hockey update. "Leafs" or "Leaves"?
8805: Justice thinks the same thing I've been thinking for the past several threads--"Yargh! No one's deconstructing things! It ain't natural!"--then asks who Deirdre was talking to. Ceramicb figures it's Ryan (or no one important to the story), then wonders out loud if the DD/R relationship will take on more adult themes, and if Ryan's reaction to Iain's wisecrack about not getting any will ever be explained. Heh, heh.
8806: Avalon Rap is suggested--not a lot of takers. (Although there's something to be said for DJ MC Hawking.)
8807: Josh is accused of using delays to mess with his readers' minds, among other things.
8808: 2:153: Aaah, much better--speculation returns in full force. What did Deeds mean by "just a friend", and what is Ryan's reaction? And what is the state of their relationship (if there is one)? Theories range from "just friends" to "one's serious, other isn't" to "full-blown PMHP." Er, make that "full PMHP." <cough> More accusations of delays as an ISB device. Most accurate prediction is Trunkster's: since this is just the Wednesday strip, "if you think THAT was the cliffhanger, what he REALLY has planned for the Friday cliffhanger is probably gonna make your mind implode."
8809: More speculation on Ryan and Deirdre. Along with an impromptu competition for the most bizarre relationship abbreviation.
8810: Damonk draws DD-Pr0n (broken links).
8811: 2:154.4 hit a lot of people hard. Several people want to reach out and hug Phoebe. Asha huggles her feebee pwushie. (Amazingly, none of the Phoebe-PSL harbourers ask where they can get a Phoebe plushie. Like I said, 2:154.4 hit a lot of people hard.) Lots of speculation as to (a) why she hasn't opened up to her friends, (b) what happens next, and (c) will Ryan and/or Deirdre be involved in (b) in any way.
8812: Joshua Phillips, or "Paco takes on Ozzy".
8813: Strangeone's eyesight, and what to do about it. ObAvalon: who wears glasses or contacts in the strip? Someone thought Ceilidh wore contacts, but misremembered the strip about her infamous Grade 9 school photo.
8814: Kaoru's "Ode to Phoebe" fanart. Broken links, I'm afraid. [Edit: Found it in the Avalon art section.]
8815: Boardies share the pain and joy (mostly pain) of high school and college.
8816: Um...remember what I said about not getting a thread?
8817: OK, I'm guessing this had something to do with earlier invasions from the Sinfest board. Unless it's not. I once read a humor book where 23rd or 24th-century archeologists dig up an old 20th-century motel, and they misinterpret it as an ancient temple/burial site. After reading threads like this, I wonder if I'm starting to sound like them. "And this is a most unexpected find--an complete order of worship for the cult of RYDRE!" :roll:
8818: Rchanen asks about the size of Parasyte.
8819: Next contest: scariest driver's license or school ID photo. Most of the links are broken, for better or for worse (probably better).
8820: The RevSam GAS inspires its admirers to sing its praises...I mean, to "cant its compliment".
8821: ChaosReactor claims to be sober. But after reading the thread...I dunno, I think I've unearthed another old motel.
8822: Asha posts fanart. The site's gone.
8823: More RevSam GAS compliment canting.
8824: Slappy the Stick GAS: Shock and enjoyment. And not damonk is pleased that Deirdre is pleased.
8825: OK, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone decides to RevSam-ify AYB. You Have Been Warned.
8826: Davie daWeird introduces himself w/ a bit of C&J fanart.
8827: This is the part of AAR research I hate the most. I see a title like "Sexy Sexy Sexy DeeDe" only to discover the link's broken.
8828: Same title, same broken link.
8829: Newer poster finds one of the parallel "perfectly attractive girl" strips.
8830: Different title, different broken links, same missing Deirdre. Why must I be tortured so? [Edit: OK, judging from the RenFaire comment, it might be this one in the Avalon art section. If it's not, there's a couple of equally distracting DeeDee pics from the same time frame on Aeire's page.]
8831: Newbie asks how to put pictures and GIFs into posts.
8832: Damonk, er, not damonk, draws more Deirdre art (link broken). [Edit: Might be this one.]
8833: Fanart from Kaoru, plus a request for writing assistance.
8834: In search of the 4/30 comic.
8835: Darth Paradox gives 2:141 the RevSam treatment, only this time from English to German to French to English. Jen Aside adds a few finishing touches to the resulting Gerfringlish text, which is possibly even more perverted than the original Portunglish version.
8836: Consul starts an anime poetry thread.
8837: It's now 9:45 Monday morning, and ChaosReactor proposes an, wait, that's Pooh Expedition to Find Josh. The expedition includes a couple of tanks (which one had the CD and leather interior?), one raft, one motorcycle, and two horses (one flying) with one rider each. The search is somewhat complicated by disagreements over who, or what, Josh actually is. Not even the 2:155 update stops the search.
8838: Compliments for both GAS (GASs? GASes?)
8839: Avalonian Rhapsody from The Paco. Feel free to use either Bohemian Rhapsody or Weird Al's Bohemian Polka as base music.
8840: Skie just finished an initial archive dive, but can't remember where Ceilidh fretted about urban sprawl. Poking ensues, along with a pointer to 2:21. Through the inspiration of davey3000's colored strips, the strip becomes Skie's first attempt at strip coloring. Link broken, but it's now in the Lynch Vault. Very nice.
8841: 2:155 is now up, and the board goes wild. Much joy over the comic being up, and all sorts of reactions over Deeds' casually-dropped little bombshell in .3. Several "I told you so"s, some surprise, and lots of suspicion that Deirdre's just exaggerating. Followed by admiration at the power that is Joshian Twistiness--a force powerful enough that we can't even trust a point-blank admission of shagging to be a point-blank admission of shagging.
8842: 2:155.3: More analysis of Deirdre's remark. Why "It's Ryan, with whom I have secretly been shagging" instead of "It's Ryan, who I've been secretly shagging"? When is the hentai coming? Is Deeds being sarcastic? Would Ryan let that statement go so casually if they weren't shagging? Is R&DD PMHP even legal? (The answer is "yes" BTW.) Would Ryan rush that far, that fast? Can anything ever be that simple in Avalon? Someone calls Deeds a "skank-ho", causing the Lynchers to turn their attention, torches, and pitch-forks away from Josh for a bit.
8843: 2:155.3: Analysis is replaced with perverse speculation on DD&R's love life. First there', well, and then someone then...umm, just read it for yourself. Don't mind me; nope, I'm not blushing, not at all.
8844: 2:155.3: The "skank-ho" comment from 8841 gets its own thread. But not much support.
8845: 2:155.3: Ckern asks Josh point-blank if we can really take DD's comment at face value (no answer), and admires R&DD for their directness, as opposed to constant dancing around issues <cough>Joe and Ceilidh<cough>. Chuckg suggests that maybe Deeds pounced on Ryan precisely because he is so open and honest--maybe her ex-boyfriend was neither?
8846: Imperator Shamus signs onto the board for the usual round of poking. The propriety of poking sausages is questioned.
8847: Lostfactor announces an update.
8848: Spaceman42 returns to the board after losing net.access for a week.
8849: The Paco posts I Would Walk To Tim Horton's Store. 'Scuse me while I cue up the Proclaimers on iTunes....
8850: Lostfactor tries his hand at filk with It's The End Of Avalon As We Know It.
8851: With an arc title like "I'd Talk To Someone, But...", we know this is Feeb's arc, and we know things aren't looking good for her. Should we be worried about suicide or attempted suicide? Would that be a realistic turn of events in a webcomic like this? We're probably safe within this particular webcomic--Strangeone pointed out that Josh once said that subject was too dark for Avalon--but this becomes an extremely serious thread about an extremely serious topic, with a lot of personal experience. But would this be realistic? From the "good vs. bad storytelling" perspective, the answer's probably "it could go either way; it depends on how it's written, and whether the author can avoid the usual cliches." From the "could this happen in RL" perspective, the answer is "probably yes" given the number of boardies who have either been in Phoebe's shoes, or knows someone in Phoebe's shoes.
8852: The Incredible Hatboy throws in his own celebratory thread over 2:155.3.
8853: 2:155.3: Podspud casts a vote for "No, Deirdre's being sarcastic, R&DD are really good friends, but Not Like That...but 'don't get me wrong...I wouldn't mind seeing the home videos'". And the debate continues. Mzacher suggests reading the panel "in whichever way confuses your preconceptions"; unfortunately, MizunoL reports they all do. BunnyThor wants to know what else is needed for confirmation, and suggests something about doughnut grease <ahem>. Pauline Hewitt makes her entrance with a particularly diabolical strip hack, to the general approval of the board. Zombified posts a theory that 2:136 illustrates that (a) Ryan's nervous about the subject of sex, but more importantly, (b) Phoebe already knows why Ryan's so nervous. Theory: Maybe that's why she's acting so strangely lately?
8854: Monk Burn posts his fan-fic proposal for adding more VI-O-LENCE to Avalon.
8855: Whole lotta bunny-poking going on.
8856: 2:155.4: Never mind .3, what does Deirdre mean, "[Phoebe] gets upset over the littlest things"? Surely she knows about Phoebe's problems...right? She's not trying to keep Ryan to she? (Maybe, maybe not, maybe she doesn't know how far Phoebe's gone, maybe she thinks Feebs will be able to work her way out of her problems.)
8857: Something OT, but I'm not sure sure what.
8858: Josh asks if he should retain the Avalon Weekly Poll since he's been having problems coming up with weekly poll topics. Looking for something that will reduce overall workload.
8859: Does Phoebe (and/or the rest of the Bradley family) know about Ryan and Deirdre? Should Ryan run?

[Edit 1: Thread title got truncated; fixed it. I think.]
[Edit 2: Added prev/next week links, plus links to fan-art I found after the fact.]

Re: AAR 76: "I'd Talk To Someone, But..." 2:151-1

PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2004 2:35 pm
by Q99
Ah, Red #4 dye job.

I'd guess that some people would like it, but big sisters... :lol:

PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2004 4:24 am
by svenman
Been on holidays for a while, sorry for the late contribution...

2:151 Phoebe at last got off her ass to change something about herself but obviously feels insecure about it. She then promptly concludes that Ceilidh's strange behaviour is because Ceilidh is weirded out by Phoebe's new hair colour... Of course we know better. Still, Ceilidh's plan to cheer up Phoebe kind of backfires in the short run.

2:152 So Phoebe now definitely feels unhappy about her earlier choice of hair dye. And then, on top of it, Deirdre even pours salt in the open wound.

2:153 But Dee has issues herself, she can't yet bring herself to be honest about her relationship with Ryan. *Especially* not to Phoebe, which is justifyable, though.

2:154 Corroboration of what I wrote about 2:151.

2:155 Panel .3 was a real bombshell at the time. I, for one, do take Deedee's statement exactly at face value. She's got a little 'splainin to do to Ryan in .2, though. But in 2:155.4 she seems less willing to discuss Phoebe's problems with Ryan as she was in the past. Maybe she doesn't want Ryan's attention diverted from herself?

GAS by RevSam: Automatic translation, an endless source of fun and enjoyment. :)