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Thank You Josh.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2004 8:41 pm
by Gamerking
I may be a total wimp and be made fun of by guys for all of time for saying this but when I saw that notice up at Avalon, it almost brought me to tears. I remember two years ago, I came upon this site bored and upset and looking for something that would grab my attention. I read through the last 7 posts and fell in love with the comic. I read the whole thing in about 6 hours and was up till 4 am and it didnt bother me. For those last 2 years, I've checked every day for a new post and I didn't care if there was one there or not. I was just glad that something was there. I absolutely love what youve done and even though you didn't finish it, I'm thankful for everything that you did for us. It had a great run and it had some ups and downs but you are an excellent writer. Follow your passion and don't stop being a writer. Only make a comic when you feel like you have time to. 280 looks like it will be a great series. Don't let people make you feel bad, cause even though they made bad remarks toward you, they still came to see you. The ending sounded great. I know you wanted to put it into comic strips, but just seeing how it ended made me feel good inside. Thank you Josh and have a great life.

GWB :cry: