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Postby Sugar Princess on Sun Apr 09, 2000 10:16 am

Hello once again, whilst i'd taken a short vacation from my work and home, i'd been itching to come back and read all the comics i missed. Once i'd done that, i remembered this comic that i had found a little while ago. Two, maybe three weeks ago someone on this message board posted a reply with a link to a comic that i found fairly humourous, problem was, i don't remember what the comic was called, or who posted the url. The comic wasn't any elabarate detailed colored comic, with one story line that had to do with blowing up penguines and them coming back to life as miny penguines and two characters being tied to a stake that was to be burned. Of course the day that i found these comics was when i was late for work. So, before i had thought of adding it to my bookmarks or righting down the url, i accidently knocked the power bar off on my computer. Seeing as i was late, rather then restarting my computer and such, i said fuck it, and figured i'd check back later whilst i still had some recollection where i had found the comic. Of course i forgot and seeing as i delete my history log daily, lost any information i have as to where the sight would be. I was just curious if anyone knew what comic i was talking about and where i might be able to find it. Of course i don't remember who posted the link in the first place or which message board it was on, and short of going through 1000 messages looking for it, i'd like a little help.<P>For anyone who helps me in the disapearence of this comic will be a sex reward of, well, free sex...or peanut butter, your choice.<P>Chou Bella...
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Postby BoxJam on Tue Apr 11, 2000 6:24 am

Sug, I'm flattered.<P>It's <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>BoxJam's Doodle</A>.<P>My wife would be happier if I took the
peanut butter. And she can stare heat holes
through my head, so...<p>[This message has been edited by BoxJam (edited 04-11-2000).]
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