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Tales from the Menagerie: Fiction Magazine

Postby TheDancingFox on Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:15 am

I am currently in the process of producing a pulp fiction magazine, Tales from the Menagerie. Not yet underway, first issue planned to be released in September. I figured that such a comics forum is likely a breeding ground for authors and generally creative folks!

We will be printing mostly short fiction stories, intending to evoke the spirit of the old pulp magazines from earlier days. When we say pulp, we use it very generally, referring really to any genre fiction: Sci-fi, fantasy, noir, western, steampunk, whatever. Each issue of Tales from the Menagerie will also contain an installment of the serial comic, Aviary: The Adventures of Three Bullet Sign. At the moment, it will be sold in a .pdf format, and we will begin selling print copies once the magazine is established.

While I say mostly short fiction, we will really run nearly anything: we're interested in really unusual submissions. Stories are great, stories which we have to run in multiple issues (which is to say, stories which are over about a dozen pages) are also good especially if they have a good cliffhanger cut in the middle. Art is fantastic in many forms, for a story or stand alone or combined with flash fiction in the style of [url="http://www.keiththompsonart.com/pages/viraemia.html"]Keith Thompson[/url]. We're even open to things which would seem impossible to put in a magazine, we're experimenting. Music, for example. Because there will be some bonus content available to people who subscribe instead of just buying individual issues, there are places for such submissions.

We WILL be paying contributors if we choose to run your story! This is an opportunity to become an actual produced and paid author, on a small independent scale. (Also, when we pay you for your contribution, we are paying to run it, ONCE, not to buy any kind of rights to it. You retain all rights to your work whether we choose to run it or not, we just get to run it in one particular issue, and we will go over all the details with you personally regarding paying and the like before publishing.)

We have more information on the website here, including where to send us a story, and our guidelines for submissions. I expect there'll be some interested folks here.
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