Seven Years in Dog-Land is BACK!!!

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Seven Years in Dog-Land is BACK!!!

Postby JohnAvatar on Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:13 pm


I wish to RE-introduce my webcomic ‘Seven Years in Dog-Land’. It used to run on Smackjeeves and WCN...... but at last it's got its own site!

Here's a little synopsis:

When Alice runs away from home to look for her lost dog, little she knows that she may never return. She stumbles upon the kingdom of Dog-Land, an alternate world where dogs are the masters, and humans, their pets.

Under the crimson sky of this misshapen realm, the sprightly ten-year-old begins her true journey – of discovering what it truly means to be human – as she seeks a way back to our world.

Seven Years in Dog-Land is a literary fantasy set in a gritty and cruel kingdom of dogs. It is an exploration of humans’ relationship nature and the human condition itself.

That’s not the only thing that is new. In 2003 I published a children’s fantasy series ‘Anima: Age of the Robots’. 18 chapters of full colour action, animals VS robots! It looks quite dated now, but it’s all compiled and organized neatly in my new site for easy reading.
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