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3.5 PathFinder vrs. 4th Edition

Postby TheGamer on Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:55 pm

Hello there, every body, just im some day i see this comic goblins and i liked and in this forums i see a littleinterestig topics so then i wish to add a true topic:

There is more a year that all D&D players play 3.5 and terms like powerplay and kicking the door was the game exiting and epic lvls and infinite advenures, and yes i know about the endless campiangs but there a change the much of players dont see coming: 4th edition, the new powers, options and easy way for noobs was a open way to new players but not every liked it, so then pathFinder was born and more options and new adventures as 3.5 create a line between the D&D players and Wizards ofthe coast is getting a little problem for supply the demand of both.
In fact i like both Editions and have chars in some campaings but the new books and magazines are a litte out of update.
So i wish know the issues of the players.

Post any good opnion and sorry i had little problem with english write =P
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