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Wayward Sons - Accepting Guest Comics!

Postby wizbenny on Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:07 pm

High-traffic Webcomic Wayward Sons at [url]WaywardSons.net[/url] is now opening up its weekend updates to other WEBCOMIC artists or artists with solid portfolios looking to gain some exposure. We currently average over 50K views daily and are growing rapidly.

We're a DAILY full color, full page comic with story pages Monday - Friday and the weekends we do our bio pages. But we're now opening the weekends as a means to cross-promote other talent and works.

So if this has interest, here's what we're looking for:

1) All artwork must be 72 dpi, 70% high quality minimum jpegs, 700 pixels wide, 1000 pixels high. Full color / finished work. File size SHOULD come in under 400k but that's not a cut-off. Usually our pages/updates are around 300k.

2) All artwork must somehow represent Wayward Sons. It can be our characters with your characters. Your characters wearing our characters' uniform. Or just our characters in your style.

3) Pin-ups are okay.

4) Multi-panel stories are okay

5) Overt nudity is NOT okay. Implied (cheesecake) nudity is okay as long as it's tasteful.

6) Cursing is NOT okay. @#%@# types of cursing are okay. "Crap, hell, damn" is about the worst language we use. We're all-access comics.

7) Multi-page stories ARE okay but please be aware that your story might want to be 2 pages at max or it would be interrupted by our updates Monday - Friday.

8) If you're wanting your story to be canonical and not just a "gag" then please contact me with your concept in advance. I will certainly be willing to work with you on them if that's something you'd like to try.

9) This is a NON-PAID "guest" strip. The compensation is ONLY to promote your work. We will include an in-depth description in that day's Livejournal and the Archive's DISQUS page linking (in perpetuity) back to your work.

10) If you don't have anything to plug, then we don't mind FAN artwork and that can be posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE (which you can find at http://www.facebook.com/thewaywardsons)

Feel free to email me at bpowell9@aol.com any questions!

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