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Postby catronics on Sat May 01, 2010 1:46 pm

Hello everyone
I'm a neophyte in the digital art world...Just joined Keenspot!
I need a good scanner, because the one I have (HP All-In-One Printer/Scanner/ Copier) is crap, I think. I have to totally clean up every drawing I scan. I don't know what I'm doing, obviously. Any advice? Can anyone recommend a good scanner?
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Re: Scanners

Postby Metruis on Sat May 01, 2010 11:32 pm

If you have to clean up every drawing you do, it could just be your scanner settings. I mean, I'm using an ancient scanner and it works just fine, and I've never had a problem scanning in with an All in One that I've used a handful of times. Pop into your scanner advanced settings. Scanning in grayscale will blur things, and scanning in black and white will... mess things up quite terribly. You want to be scanning in 300 dpi or higher, full platen. In the settings, though, there's one option that's "reduce dust and scratches" and that's generally what I see causing problems for people, that, and unsharp mask. The reduce dust and scratches on scanning filter really mucks with drawings, particularly lineart. Turn it off if it's on, and don't scan in 'black and white'.

And to be fair, most people have to clean up after scanning... there's flaws in paper and dust gets on the scanner bed, etc.

I have a Canon basic no frills scanner and it's served me well, though. If you need to get a new scanner, I'd go with a Canon one. But first fiddle with your scanner setting and see if maybe you don't have to replace it. 8)
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Re: Scanners

Postby carsonfire on Mon May 03, 2010 3:52 pm

That's one of the advantages of using traditional cartoonist supplies -- quality paper from Strathmore or Canson (the Fanboy series is nice), along with a dense ink, like Speedball Super Black. You use cheaper paper and cheaper pens, and you lose contrast and pick up more unwanted junk in your scan, even scanning at high contrast.

That's if you're drawing the old fashioned way, of course. If you're painting or going after some other technique, you have to do different things.

My current comic is line only, and I don't have to do much cleanup, if at all, after scanning. and it's an old scanner from the last century! :D

I scan at 1200 dpi bitmap document (b&w only, no grayscale), then convert it to grayscale at 25% the scanned size. Then I create another layer and add gradient fills. Then I flatten and reduce one more time at 18.75% to get the screen size.



Oh, also!!! Make sure you completely *erase* your pencil lines! I find a combination of kneaded and vinyl eraser is convenient. Sometimes you need to vinyl eraser to get marks out from where the pencil grooved into the paper.
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