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Size and formatting questions

Postby Smoke-Z on Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:50 am

Okay, I have some size and formatting questions, and I figure that people here have already figured most of this stuff out. I'm clueless about the current web and readability standards.

I'm sketching my comics as 8 x 10 @ 300, which translates as to 2400 x 3000. It should become that again after I ink and re-scan it in.* I'm setting up for using SF Cartoonist Hand, not all caps, at 16pt. Then re-scale it down to 800 x 1000.

It's going to be in page format. I think Zap! is roughly equalivent to what I'll be going for, but in B&W.

Are those numbers right, or should I make a re-adjustment before I commit to anything?

* (I determined that I'm so clumsy with the wacom that it takes the most time to carve the lines out of my scribbles.)
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Re: Size and formatting questions

Postby Kisai on Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:08 am

My take on readability/legibility:

People mostly have 72dpi monitors. The exception being laptops capable of 1920x1200. Monitors that are 24" or larger run native at 1920x1200
(I have one of these ... HUBCFV/XAA )

So if someone is using a smaller high resolution monitor, like a 17" laptop at 1920x1200, reading comics at this resolution is really painful if the font is tiny.

If you need a reference point, the comic should be readable at 72dpi, even when printed.
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